9 Awesome Ways to Relieve Pain Using Numbing Cream


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Anytime you experience pain, you want to do what you can to alleviate it. That is because let’s face it; pain is extremely unpleasant. That rings true even if the pain is mild. You also don’t relish the idea of going on pain medication unless you have to, such as after going for surgery. Pain medication can become quite addictive, which is why you heard about the opioid crisis on the news.

Fortunately, there is no need to resort to pain medication at all. That is because you can go for numbing cream. Numbing cream helps relieve pain, and there are other incredible uses for it. Let’s go over the nine awesome uses for numbing cream.

  1. 1. Numbing Cream With Body Piercing

You want to get those body piercings, but you are understandably worried about the pain you’ll experience after. You are right that pain is inevitable when it comes to body piercing. The piercings will sting you, and there is no way around that. However, there are ways to help reduce pain and to keep you as comfortable as you can. Numbing cream that contains prilocaine and lidocaine can help ease any discomfort that you feel.

After you get the piercings and apply the numbing cream, put an icepack on your affected skin for several minutes. That can help increase the effectiveness of the cream.

  1. 2. Shots Don’t Have To Hurt If You Use Numbing Cream

Do you have a fear of needles? If you do, you are not alone. That is because the idea of a needle piercing through your skin is not one to relish. That is why so many people, children, and adults are afraid of getting the shot when they go to the doctor. Fortunately, numbing cream will help ease the pain caused by a shot. What you want to do is apply some of the creams that contain both prilocaine and lidocaine an hour before you go to the doctor. This way, the pain from the shot will be a lot more manageable after the fact.

  1. 3. The Derma Roller Can Be Painful

If you want your skin to absorb the skincare products you use effectively, you will use a derma roller. The derma roller features small titanium needles to lightly puncture the skin to absorb better the products you use. Using this instrument is painful, and using a numbing cream for this can help reduce the discomfort.

Put the numbing cream on before using a derma roller, and it can be a basic one. This way, you can use it without having to dread the discomfort associated with the tool. Don’t give up on your derma roller as it features so many benefits as it is. Aside from this instrument helping your skin absorb the products, it is a great exfoliator and can help give your skin a youthful look.

  1. 4. Breastfeeding Would Be Easier To Do If It Was Not So Painful

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for both the mom and the baby, that is if the mom can do it. And if the mom can do it but dreads it because it is painful whenever the baby attempts to latch on, it is frustrating. There are numbing creams that breastfeeding moms can put on her nipples to help minimize the pain. However, the only numbing cream that the nursing mom will want to use the prescription one by the baby’s pediatrician.

There are chemicals and harmful ingredients in over-the-counter numbing cream, which won’t be good for the baby if ingested. If the mom sees a natural numbing cream advertised somewhere, she should talk to the pediatrician first before using it.

  1. 5. Ear Piercings Hurt

We already covered body piercing; however, ear piecing is somewhat different because the earlobe is cartilage. That is why it is harder to numb the lobe. However, it can happen successfully, and it is all about using the right type of numbing cream and doing it the right way.

Use lidocaine cream for numbing your earlobes for piercing and apply a thick layer of the cream on them a half-hour beforehand. Then take some plastic wrap and wrap the earlobes, so they fully absorb the cream for its maximum effect and wipe any excess cream right before the piercing begins.

  1. 6. Hemorrhoids Are Painful

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of hemorrhoids? Pain. Plenty of pain and soreness. Swollen veins in the rectal area are the culprit to hemorrhoids, and they itch, burn, and bulge. They are quite painful, and if this is your experience, you know how much you never want to experience the extreme discomfort from hemorrhoids again.

Your first idea is to grab an OTC hemorrhoid cream. However, even though they help end the hemorrhoids, they often lack the properties to bring relief. Therefore, if you are looking for hemorrhoid cream, look for the type that contains lidocaine. That is the numbing ingredient that not only brings pain relief but helps with the itching.

  1. 7. Laser Hair Removal May Sting

Laser hair removal is in the rage because it is effective and affordable. Not to mention, there are more and more people opting for the at-home option. That because it beats having to schlep to the salon, and it is cheaper as well. However, regardless of whether you have hair removal at home or the salon, the process can hurt. It only hurts without using the numbing cream.

Therefore, before you go for your hair removal sessions, whether you do it at home or go to the salon, apply the numbing cream an hour before you begin. Skip the caffeine as well because caffeine can reduce effectiveness as well.

  1. 8. Numbs The Effects Of Waxing

You have unwanted hair in different areas of your body, and waxing is the solution for its removal. However, no one relishes the idea of applying the piping hot wax to your skin, which is the location of the unwanted hair. Then you have to yank it out, which hurts even more. That is why the best solution to preventing the pain associated with waxing is by numbing the area first. Apply the numbing cream before the waxing and give it enough time for the cream to settle, whether you wax at home or the salon—no more pain.

  1. 9. Relief During Tattoos

If you have never gotten a tattoo before, you are probably nervous. You heard how painful it is, and you are correct about that. If you have gotten tattoos in the past and hate the pain, there is a solution. Whether you are getting your first or fifth tattoo, do yourself an enormous favor and grab yourself some numbing cream before you head to the parlor. Some artists don’t like numbing cream, but it is your body and your decision.

Grab the numbing cream that contains the ingredient epinephrine since that will keep the pain at bay. Apply the cream in the area of your skin where the tattoo artist will work. The experience of getting a tattoo won’t be so dreadful.


Any type of discomfort is dreadful to deal with, especially when it comes to pain. Many things you do, such as hair removal, waxing, getting a tattoo, and piercings, cause a significant pain level. The fortunate thing is that numbing cream is the solution to keep the pain at bay or, at the very worst, to a minimum. Without the worry of pain, there is less dread when it comes to doing anything that can cause pain.

That is why it’s quite essential to have numbing cream on hand that contains different ingredients to serve different purposes. Why struggle with pain when there is a solution for bringing it to an end?