Quick and Easy Hairstyles For Unwashed Hair


The ideal thing is to keep your hair washed and cleaned. However, you are not living in a perfect world, and ideals are just those ideals, especially for those who have to work long hours and sit in traffic to and from work. And then you grab something quickly on the go for dinner, and by the time the night comes to a close, you want to wind down and go to sleep. That is even more of an issue for mothers or daughters of aging parents looking after them.

Let’s not forget about the errands you have to run in between those working hours. There is not enough time to wash and style your hair unless you can square away time to do so. By the way, if you cannot wash your hair daily, that is not such a bad thing either. Frequent hair-washing leads to stripping away those essential oils. However, you might worry about your unwashed hair appearing messy and not being able to neaten it up. The good news is that you can style your hair unwashed, so there is no need to worry. Let’s go over several styles to utilize when dealing with your hair that you don’t have the time to wash.

Tuck And Roll

You want to invest in many hairbands when you utilize the tuck and roll style. Just put a hairband on top of your head to hide the grease and oil from not washing your hair. Then the hair on the bottom will stay neatened on the bottom. Not to mention, the bottom hair will be away from the hair on top hidden by the hairband. That also helps keep the bottom hair cleaner, so you won’t care if your bottom hair is visible. That trick is the easiest and quickest one to utilize as well.

Twisted Crown Braid

If you are looking for a hairstyle that provides more substance than placing a hairband over your hair, you can try the twisted crown braid. That is the half-up and half-down braided hair that has an ethereal appearance. That hairstyle is an easy one, and you can do it quickly.

It is so stylish that no one will even realize that your hair is greasy and unwashed, which you want to achieve when it comes to styling unwashed hair. If you have someone in your home that is good at braiding or is better than you are at it, allow them to style your hair.

Fishtail Braid

If you have an affinity for mermaids and have long hair, you may find the fishtail braid appealing. That hairstyle is also easy and quick. You need to take your hair and braid it as the braid goes down your back. You can also part your hair and create two fishtail braids that have the appearance of braided pigtails but with a mature characteristic.

Braided hair never reveals that your hair isn’t clean, so this is one of the best hairstyles for unwashed hair.

Top Knot Half Down Hairstyle

The popular top knot half down hairstyle is the rage as this style’s popularity only shines on Instagram. The hairdo is quite classy, and it is also easy to do. When you create the top knot with your hair, take a comb and grab a section of your hair. Create a straight line as you can that separates the hair section you use for the knot from the rest of the hair untouched.

Take that hair you use for the knot, twist it around, and then wrap the twisted hair into a bun or a knot. Take some bobby pins to keep the knot in place. There is your comfortable and popular hairstyle. The top knot half down hairstyle works very well when you use hair that isn’t completely clean.

The Twisted Low Bun

You can do a similar style to the one above. There are some significant vital differences. Split your hair into two sections side by side, but don’t create a visible part. When you use both areas of your hair, you will create two different ponytails. Do one at a time as you could not physically make two different ponytails simultaneously.

Grab one ponytail and twist it around at the back of your head. Pin it up towards the bottom part of the end of your head, at the nape of your neck. Do the same thing with the other ponytail. Please make sure both ponytails are twisted and pinned up side by side, so it provides that funnel-cake appearance.

Sleek Ponytail

When you want to go for the sleek ponytail hairstyle, you embrace the oil in your hair from it unwashed. You can create an elegant looking ponytail by using unwashed hair. There is a significant difference when you leave dirty hair down without any styling at all. However, when you put it all up into a ponytail and brush the ponytail neatly, it appears smooth, making it stylish and cool.

The sleek ponytail style only takes a few minutes to set up, and it is so easy to do. You want to make sure that you grab every strand of hair to use for your ponytail so that there are no loose strands and they are all tied up in the ponytail. That hairstyle works the best for long hair.

Slicked Back Hair

If your hair happens to be short and the sleek ponytail may not work for you, then there is another option for you. What you can do instead is to slick back your hair so it is not visible in the front but appears sleek and relaxed at the back. Brush and straighten your hair and keep it at the end of your head. Take a loose-hold pomade of your choice and slick the hair down by using that. That finishes the style. Do not brush your hair again after clicking it, as small lines will appear in your hair if you do.

A Simple Barrette Will Do

Sometimes all you need is an accessory to add to your unwashed hair. That brings the attention away from the hair itself and onto the addition instead. The barrette can bring some volume to your hair as well. Take your fingers and pull part of the back of your hair loosely. Then secure it with a stylish barrette. The eyes will be on your accessory instead of your hair, and no one will even realize your hair isn’t clean.


When you walk around with dirty hair, that makes you feel greasy, but it makes you feel uneasy. Unwashed hair could be a form of embarrassment for you because the extra oil and grease make your hair appear limp and merely dirty. You would wash your hair more often if you had the time to do it.

The good news is that you do not need to fret over having dirty hair, and you can utilize some simple and cool hairstyles‘ that will bring the attention away from the fact your hair isn’t clean. Those hairstyles are quick and easy for you to do as well. Since you don’t have the time to wash your hair as often as you would like, you also would not have the time to spend hours styling your hair.