10 Best Hypoallergenic Soaps for Sensitive Skin in 2021

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Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar: Best Overall Soap

Southern Natural Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Mud and Charcoal Soap: Best Long-lasting Effect

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar: Best Dermatologist Recommendation

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You should count your many blessings if you don’t have to worry about the kind of soap to use because they all work great on you. On the other hand, people with sensitive skin have many problems to deal with when it comes to the choice of soap. While the issues vary from one person to another, it is almost challenging to know what kind of soap to use to make the skin better.

It has been discovered that hypoallergenic soaps are great for sensitive skin; you only need to figure out what works best for you. There is a wide variety of them, classified into liquid body wash and beauty bar soaps; their benefits determine whether you should choose them or not.

The 10 Best Hypoallergenic Soaps for Sensitive Skin

This guide is a review of the 10 best hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin, with their description, key features, specifications, pros, and cons. Also, there is a guide questions’ section to help you make the right choice after considering the factors and features needed through the answers. In your best interest, we do hope you find what works for your skin problems and improves your look considerably.


Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar: Best Overall Soap

Cetaphil is a well-respected product manufactured by Galderma Laboratories, which is a beneficiary of the Dermatology Foundation; thus, you can only expect the best from their hypoallergenic soap. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is an ideal choice for all kinds of skin, whether sensitive or not, because of the skin-friendly ingredients. It is an excellent choice for everyone, adults, and kids.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar, as it is called as a gentle action on the skin and it maintains a non-irritating status. Also, it is fragrance-free, even though it has a masking fragrance so that you won’t get further irritated by the smell. When applying this hypoallergenic soap, make sure your skin is wet and use your hands with water.

Key Features:

  • Fragrance-free
  • Non-irritating
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • Stearic Acid
  • Sodium Tallowate
  • Water
  • Sodium Cocoate


  • Brand name: Cetaphil
  • Size: 4.5 Oz.
  • Pack of 1 Bar Soap
  • The best soap for skin problems
  • Suitable to use by everyone
  • Highly recommended by Dermatologists
  • Gentle ingredients without skin irritants
  • Even though it is fragrance-free, the masking one may be upsetting to some people
  • There is a potential for the skin to break out


Southern Natural Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Mud and Charcoal Soap: Best Long-lasting Effect

Do you want long-lasting effects on your skin? Southern Natural Activated Charcoal Bar Soap is a hypoallergenic soap you should try out. It works best for people with dry cracked fingers and dry sensitive skin, as reported in customer reviews. This bar of soap is a handmade type that took a cold process method to make it what it is, i.e., effective. Within 6 to 8 weeks, the soap guarantees a better and more comfortable skin.

Southern Natural Activated Charcoal Bar Soap contains a lot of natural ingredients such as dead sea mineral mud for improving skin health, and natural oils for moisturizing. Other ingredients include Goat’s milk to provide the skin with proteins and vitamins, essential oils for fresh skin. It is an excellent choice for men, women, and teens.

Key Features:

  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Natural Oils – Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil
  • Goat’s Milk
  • Peppermint, Rosemary & Eucalyptus Essential Oil


  • Brand name:
  • Size: 4 Oz.
  • 3 Bars of Soap
  • One of the best natural soaps for sensitive skin
  • Contains a lot of natural ingredients to make the skin fresh
  • Gives a long-lasting effect under a few weeks of consistent use
  • Provides detoxifying benefits
  • Bars are quite small


Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar: Best Dermatologist Recommendation

If you meet a Dermatologist today and ask him/her to recommend a hypoallergenic soap for sensitive skin, Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar would be top of his options. The reason why it is highly recommended is because of its long-lasting action and potential to get rid of significant skin problems excessively. The soap formula makes it a fantastic choice to enhance a smooth, nourished skin for kids and adult. As well, it is fragrance-free

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is a better alternative for people who are used to shea butter and lavender soaps because it also contains nourishing nutrients. This soap can be used mostly by women as a gentle face cleanser because it can improve your looks.

Key Features:

  • Unscented Formula
  • Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate
  • Stearic Acid
  • Lauric Acid
  • Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate
  • Water (Aqua)
  • #1 Dermatologist Recommended


  • Brand name: Dove
  • Size: 3.75 Oz.
  • 10 Bars of Soap
  • The most recommended soap for all kinds of skin problems
  • Replenishes the skin with significant nutrients
  • Delivers intense hydration to all skin types
  • Contains a few chemical ingredients


SheaMoisture African Black Soap: Best Natural Soap

Do you want to go all African on your skin? Make your skin better and fresh with SheaMoisture African Black Soap, which is the best natural soap for sensitive skin in this review. It gives a soothing relief with the mix of Aloe Vera and Oats as an ingredient. Every other organic ingredient present has the responsibility to clean dirt off the skin, making it smooth and soft.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap can act as the perfect moisturizer with the raw shea butter present. Also, your skin will feel refreshed, having combined palm ash and Tamarind in the ingredient. Without a doubt, you will restore your skin balance and gain control over acne on your face because of its antibacterial content.

Key Features:

  • A mix of Aloe and Oats
  • Raw Shea Butter
  • Palm Ash and Tamarind
  • Vitamin E


  • Brand name: SheaMoisture
  • Size: 8 fl. Oz.
  • 4 Bars of Soap
  • An organic soap good for your body
  • Smoothens and Refreshes your skin excessively
  • Great smell
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Dries out the skin


Puracy Natural Body Wash: Best for Infants

Do you need an excellent liquid body wash for your infants? Puracy Natural Body Wash is an ideal choice as it is the BUMP Award winner of the best shampoo for babies. This cleanser is plant-based, following all the natural ingredients available. It is vegan and creates gentle foam in water; thus, it leaves the skin soft, smooth, and clean.

Puracy Natural Body Wash has a balanced pH, so you are reminded that you are safe and free from irritation. It works on adults to get rid of skin issues like eczema, cradle cap, and so on. This cruelty-free soap helps to improve a healthy living by hydrating, nourishing, and purifying the skin. It is indeed good value for money when it comes to baby hypoallergenic cleansers.

Key Features:

  • Citrus and Sea Salt
  • Sun-ripened Citrus
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Parabens-free
  • Balanced pH


  • Brand name: Puracy
  • Size: 16 Oz.
  • Pack of 2
  • Rid of harsh chemicals that could cause skin damage
  • Vegan, i.e., plant-based
  • Restores balance and purifies the skin
  • An excellent choice for eczema, sensitive skin and cradle cap
  • Dries skin out in some cases


Dial Basics Bar Soap Hypoallergenic: Best Simple Soap

There are times when you don’t need strong ingredient soaps to convince you on efficacy, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Dial Basics Bar Soap is the best simple hypoallergenic soap that delivers what you want without prejudice. This glycerin-formulated soap has been tested by dermatologists and proven to be an effect on several skin issues, including acne and eczema.

Dial Basics Bar Soap allows you to wrap yourself in a soft lather that gently works on your skin for improvement. It could also act as a moisturizer to make sure you are comfortable with how you look. The clean-rinsing formula is also an added feature that makes it worthy of the price it is sold on the market.

Key Features:

  • Glycerin Formulated
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Soft Lather
  • Clean Rinsing Formula


  • Brand name: Dial
  • Size: 3.2 Oz.
  • 3 Bars of Soap
  • The Best simple soap for sensitive skin
  • Good quantity
  • Tested by Dermatologists and proven 100% effective
  • Delivers a soft, smooth skin
  • The fragrance is too much


Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bar: Best Deodorant Soap

The first thing that would attract you to this hypoallergenic soap for sensitive skin is its pleasant smell, even when it is fragrance-free. Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bar contains natural ingredients which are responsible for its extraordinarily beautiful scent, as well as silky smooth skin. It is a suitable choice to wash off germs and bacteria, aside from applying sensitive skin as recommended by Dermatologists.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bar has a lot of ingredients that replenish the skin, such as Virgin coconut oil, raw shea butter, and Moroccan Argan Oil. Also, it is paraben-free and does not contain other harsh chemicals that would irritate the skin. Overall, it is one of the most reliable soaps to maintain skin moisture.

Key Features:

  • Natural fragrances
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Paraben-free
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Raw shea butter
  • Moroccan argan oil


  • Brand name: Tom’s of Maine
  • Size: 5 Oz.
  • 6 Bars of Soap
  • Gives a mild and creamy feel on the skin
  • Replenishes skin nutrients
  • Smells pleasant even without fragrance, color, etc.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Not properly packaged


Lavender Goats Milk Soap Bar: Best for Eczema

While Lavender Goats Milk Soap Bar works on all skin types, it is the best soap for sensitive skin with acne, eczema, and psoriasis. This paraben-free bar of soap has synthetic fragrances to make sure it smells fresh to whoever is going to be making use of it. Moreover, it combines several natural ingredients to deliver supple, soft, smooth skin for a long time.

Lavender Goats Milk Soap Bar can brighten and hydrate the skin excessively, as well as provide vitamins for healthy living. Also, it reduces the buildup of pore-clogging dead cells that makes the skin less attractive. Further, it enhances a glowing complexion and provides gentle exfoliation with the help of the Oats added.

Key Features:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Goats Milk
  • Shea Butter
  • Sulfate-free
  • Synthetic Fragrances


  • Brand name: The Yellow Bird
  • Size: 4.5 Oz.
  • 1 Bar of Soap
  • The best soap for sensitive skin with acne
  • Works on all skin types
  • Has a soothing and relieving effect
  • Exquisite fragrance
  • Tends to fall apart in the first few weeks


L’Occitane Extra-Gentle Vegetable Based Soap: Best Intense Hydration

The French also have traditional recipes to make their hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin, and L’Occitane Extra-Gentle Vegetable Based Soap is evidence of that. This bar of soap forms a foamy lather that gives a gentle cleansing to your skin, making it soft and pleasant. Fortunately, you will feel refreshed after making use of this vegetable-based soap because of the natural ingredients it possesses.

L’Occitane Extra-Gentle Vegetable Based Soap is suitable for everyday use if you consider its appropriate size. Also, it delivers a scent of the sparkling lemony fragrance of Verbena, which can last the whole day. Overall, it is a soap that nourishes your skin and reduces itchy sensation.

Key Features:

  • Aqua
  • Sodium Palmate
  • Glycerin
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Shea Butter


  • Brand name: L’Occitaine
  • Size: 8.8 Oz.
  • 1 Bar of Soap
  • Smells beautiful
  • Nourishes the skin and reduces sensitive skin issues like itching
  • Excellent moisturizer for everyday use
  • Sticky substances are left behind


CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash: Best for Dry Skin

Are you having issues with dry skin, and it puts you in discomfort? CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash is the best soap for dry and itchy skin, as accepted by National Eczema Association. It contains a gentle formula which makes it suitable to use on the skin. Also, the paraben-free and sulfate-free liquid wash has a top-notch moisturizing effect.

There are 3 unique ceramides in this body wash that are protective in function; they repair the skin barrier. As expected, it has a foamy lather that refreshes the skin excessively. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash is an ideal choice for normal to dry skin.

Key Features:

  • Parabens-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • 3 Essential Ceramides
  • Fragrance-free


  • Brand name: CeraVe
  • Size: 10 fl. Oz.
  • 1 Pack of Bodywash
  • The best soap for dry and itchy skin
  • Refreshes and soothes the skin
  • Easy to use
  • Protective and Restoring properties
  • Feels thick

Buying Guide Questions

Find answers to some of your questions as regard hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin below. The objective of having them is to make sure you choose what is worth your money and works perfectly for you.

What Is the Best Soap for Sensitive Skin or Eczema?

Eczema is a terrible skin condition that has affected millions of people all around the world; it comes with annoying itchiness and skin irritation. Several things could cause the appearance of eczema on the face, and when that happens, you need a hypoallergenic soap to get to make it better. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a soap/cleanser for eczema.

Avoid soaps with surfactants

Cleansers with abrasives are unadvisable

A soap with a balanced pH formula is recommended

By the time you take out all of these, you would be left with a few options to use to solve your skin issue. In this review, the best soap for Eczema is Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar; the next runner-up is Dove Beauty Bar Soap.

What Is the Best Bar Soap for The Face?

The face is the first part of the body anyone who approaches you look forward to; you could easily judge their reactions from their looks. Staying confident about how your face looks is bliss, but what do you do when you are not?

Several soaps have been designed to make your skin better, most importantly, your face. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin problems you have; the soap would get rid of them and make you look pleasant. Based on popular reviews, Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is the best bar soap for the face because of its top-level performance.

What Is the Best Deodorant Soap for Sensitive Skin?

There are a lot of things you want to look forward to in a soap, especially those for sensitive skin. First, you would be interested in how effective it would be, and how it quickly it would solve your problems. Next, you may want to look at the features it possesses, for instance, whether it is fragrance or fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin. Other things should follow as you wish, such as quantity, size, brand, etc.

Peradventure, you are looking for the best deodorant soap for sensitive skin, you could try out Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bar. The deodorizing benefits of this hypoallergenic soap are beyond extraordinary. Hence, it is a right choice.

What Is the Best Hypoallergenic Soap for Babies?

Just as adults need soaps to improve their looks, so do babies. Considering a baby’s soft-textured face, you would agree that their skins are sensitive; thus, you shouldn’t treat with soaps having harsh chemicals or abrasives. Fortunately, there is a list of hypoallergenic soaps that you could use on babies from the review above. For instance, Lavender Goats Milk Soap Bars is the most preferred choice; it is followed by Aspen Kay Naturals, SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter, and Baby Dove Bar. Each of these soaps works exclusively to make sure the skin is protected and maintained exquisitely.

What Soap Do Dermatologists Recommend?

Dermatologists recommend soaps as they see fit, i.e., based on the condition you are suffering from. You shouldn’t decide that since a bar of soap is excellent at treating acne, it should also be useful for eczema, except it has been described that it does. Also, some soaps are multi-action, i.e., they are helpful hypoallergenic soaps for all sensitive skin issues. Often, Dermatologists recommend Dove products because of its exclusive quality and maximum performance. In this review, the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is highly recommended.

What to Use If You Are Allergic to Soap?

In a bid to treat sensitive skin with soaps, you may develop allergies to them, which would put you in discomfort. Most allergies come with dry and itchy sensations; however, there are things you could do if you are allergic to soap.

Avoid scratching your skin when they itch because it only becomes worse when you do. A way of doing that is keeping your nails short.

Apply petroleum jelly to the sensitive body parts overnight.

Wash the area with lukewarm water in the morning, and not hot water because it could give a burning sensation.

Avoid putting on clothes that will irritate the skin.

When you do all of these, you wouldn’t need a bar of soap to treat some of your sensitive skin problems.


Not many people are lucky to have skin that can cope with almost any soap without irritations. It is for that reason that hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin were designed to give better skin and improve appearance. Several kinds of them are incredible; however, the list above shows the extraordinary ones known. While each of our top picks of hypoallergenic soaps for sensitive skin has its significance, they all fix the issue nicely. Check your preferred choices with the buying guide questions, and see what is worth your money.

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