About Us

Do you struggle to manage and style your hair despite trying different methods to work it the best way you can? Do you also struggle with maintaining a fair complexion even though you utilize tips that other beauty experts provided to you? There is good news. You no longer have to play any guessing games as far as skin care, hair care, and styling tips go. Live Beauty Health provides you all of the information you need about women’s beauty and how to best care for your hair, skin, and the best beauty products to support you. Even though this is a women’s beauty focused site, there are tips for men when it comes to caring for their skin and hair too. 

You will learn about the recommended beauty products, hair care products, hair styling tools., skincare products, and even teeth whitening products. The experts at Live Beauty Health will provide you with the highest-quality beauty products that they recommend. That takes any guesswork on your end away. 

In addition to that, Live Beauty Health features a knowledge base filled with informative and helpful articles about hair care, skincare, and beauty that the team of experts provides for you. 

Live Beauty Health’s experts consist of a beautician, hair salon artist, hairstylist, tattoo artist, cosmetic professional, dermatologist, the founder, and Chief Editor. 

We hope you find what you are looking for at Live Beauty Health!

Meet The Experts

Founder, And Chief Editor

Dr. Jessie Bartholomew 

Dr. Jessie Bartholomew was born and raised in London, England. She always struggled with acne as a teenager and developed other skin conditions after his acne cleared up. She had the desire to help people who had skin problems as she developed plenty of compassion and empathy towards those who struggled the way she did. She developed a desire to become a dermatologist, and since she was strong in the sciences, he had a good chance. 

She attended Queen Mary University in London and completed her Ph.D. in dermatology. She was also interested in web design, entrepreneurism, and blogging, which influenced Jessie to establish Live Beauty Health. She is also the Chief Editor and recruited the experts who contribute to the knowledge base with careful evaluation. Accuracy, quality, and expertise are what Jessie wanted to maintain on the site to provide the audience with the best quality education in skincare, haircare, and beauty.  

Today, Jessie lives in Manhattan, New York, with her husband, who owns a cafe, and her two daughters. She is a well-respected dermatologist and enjoys what she does. Her interests include listening to opera, watching British comedies, and sculpting. 

Kaitlin Marshall

Katilin Marshall was born and raised in beautiful Victoria, British Columba, Canada. She had a love for fashion and hair styling since she was a preteen. Katilin used to work on her friends’ nails and hair and makeup after school. That love for fashion never dwindled during her teen years, and Kaitlin ended up completing her diploma and the Beauty & Wellness program at the Academy of Excellence. She is a talented hair salon artist in San Francisco today, and she also contributes her expertise to Live Beauty Health. 

In 2015, Kaitlin moved to San Fransisco, where she got married to an accountant. Today, Kaitlin has two young sons and a dog. While Kaitlin is not working, she enjoys collecting recipes and has a love for learning new languages. She is currently learning Japanese as she already speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, and German. 

Kaitlin has plans to launch her beauty channel on YouTube one day. However, she needs to find the time to do that between working, parenting, and learning languages. 

Natalie Bainbridge

Natalie Bainbridge was born and raised in San Diego, California, and remained in her home town. Her mother was heavily into fashion but regretted working as a receptionist at a doctor’s office for many years. Over time, Natalie developed an interest in fashion and beauty as her mother influenced her. However, she did not want to make the same mistake that her mother makes, which was to go into a field that she did not like. That is why Natalie decided to become a beautician. When she applied at the Bellus Academy in her vicinity, she was excited to learn that her application to the cosmetology program was successful. 

Today, Natalie is a beautician and loves working in the beauty industry. She offers services providing cosmetology techniques regarding nails, makeup, haircare, and skincare. She also contributes excellent tips and information to the knowledge base at Live Beauty Health. 

Natalie enjoys living the single life as she lives with her cat and loves dining out, traveling, and playing the piano in her studio apartment. 

Jonathan Dean

Jonathan Dean grew up in Tampa, Florida, and had a father who was a barber. When Jonathan was in grade school, he stayed at the barbershop while his father was working. Jonathan watched his dad cut and style men’s hair. Since Jonathan did not know what he wanted to do growing up, he decided to follow his footsteps. That is why Jonathan decided to become a hairstylist as he styles the hair of men and women. 

Jonathan attended Sunstate Academy in Clearwater, Florida, and completed the hairstyling program. Today, Jonathan styles the hair of many professionals and enjoys his job. He also is a contributor to the knowledge base of Live Beauty Health. 

Jonathan lives in his studio apartment in Miami, and during his spare time, he paints as he listens to jazz. He is also a coffee connoisseur. Jonathan is currently writing a book about his interests in art. 

Rachel McCain

Rachel McCain grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and developed an interest in beauty once she formed a strong high school friendship. She decided she wanted to pursue a cosmetology career and completed her cosmetic training program at CPD Institute in Australia. 

Today, Rachel is a respected cosmetic professional in Australia as she currently lives in Sydney. She would share her tips about makeup, skincare, and beauty in various chatrooms and forums. In 2019, the dermatologist who is the Founder and Chief Editor of Live Beauty Health discovered Rachel on one of the platforms where she made contributions. He wanted Rachel to contribute to Live Beauty Health’s knowledge base, as she gladly accepted and was honored to have an opportunity. 

Rachel is married with two children in Sydney, Australia, and works as a cosmetic professional. She enjoys writing, baking, and spending time at the beach with her family. 

Tyler Nicholas

Tyler Nicholas was born in Kansas City, Missouri, by a single mother until his mother met his stepfather online and moved to the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyler was ten years old when that happened, and he got along with his stepfather quite well. One night, Tyler asked questions about a particular tattoo that his stepfather had, and since then, he became fascinated with body art. That inspired Tyler to become a tattoo artist as he attended Vashti Cosmetic School & Permanent Makeup School in Las Vegas to go for training. Tyler works as a reputable tattoo artist on the Las Vegas strip and contributes to Live Beauty Health’s tattoo care and art section of the knowledge base. 

Tyler is very close to his family plans to remain in Las Vegas, as he lives with his fiance and cat. When he is not working, Tyler enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and has plans to create a course in tattoo art.