10 Best Tattoo Numbing Sprays in 2021

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A tattoo is a kind of body modification where a design is made by puncturing the outer layer of the skin with a needle and injecting the ink, dyes, and pigments, either permanent or temporary, to change the pigment. Tattoos are grouped into three major categories. It could be decorative, that is, absent any specific or general meaning. It could be symbolic, that is, existing with a particular sense relevant to the wearer of such a tattoo. It could be pictorial and also used for identification and branding.

Realistically, getting a tattoo feels having a hot needle scraped across your skin (this is almost similar to what is happening). Although everyone experiences pain in different waves and degrees, Cosmopolitan.com thinks that you can expect for the tattoo pain to be worse on your ribs, feet, ankles, neck, backs of your knees, or insides of your elbows.

Fortunately, this guide deliberates on the ten best tattoo numbing spray currently available in the market. It is pertinent to note that not all numbing products should be used on tattoos, as some could end up ruining your ink. The products in this article were selected using distinctive and definite criteria, which were considered later below. Also, their respective pros and cons are emphasized. All of these have been done to ensure that you have an idea of a product before patronizing it.

Additionally, this buying guide should guide you through any situation you find in tattoos and the suitable ways of numbing its pain. Hopefully, through the help of this article, you will get to choose the appropriate tattoo numbing spray comfortably. Check out Best Home Laser Hair Removal Products For Men.


Below is a list of the best tattoo numbing sprays and their honest reviews. These sprays are available for all skin types and colors.



This product constitutes the apex of tattoo care and tattoo aftercare. A lot of products from H2Ocean is recommended and for a good reason. It is known to provide a petroleum-free, fragrance-free, and pain-free experience to anyone who uses it. Occasionally, excessive amounts of petroleum cause build up over your tattoo and prevent excess ink from draining with the result being a waterlogged tattoo with fuzzy edges.

It is worthy to note that with 5% lidocaine, this powerful numbing soap packs a punch. The effect lasts between thirty minutes to six hours, depending on your method of application and personal pain threshold. It is advisable to apply this spray ahead of time and wrap it with a plastic resin. You should allow your artist to peel the plastic wrap back during your tattoo session. Also, ask your artist to apply the foam as needed during the tattoo process.

Key Features:

  • It remains sterile and contains all-natural ingredients.
  • It does not clog pores.
  • It is a non-greasy formulation that keeps tattoo moisturized.
  • It feels fresh and silky.
  • Antimicrobial, Antifungal.


  • Brand name: Healing Ocean Sea Salt Derma Spray
  • Color: Blue
  • Ocean foam is the first all-natural skin moisturizing foam that is created for the tattoo community.
  • H2Oceans ocean foam acts as a natural liquid bandage that nourishes your tattoo while locking in color. This foam barrier restricts the penetration of airborne pathogens with its high-quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.
  • Ocean foam, used secondary to directions, minimizes scabbing, and enriches your skin with vitamins and minerals to soothe your skin and relieve your pain while creating the optimal healing environment for your new tattoo.
  • Although there are no known side effects, this product may not be suitable for certain persons due to existing allergies and skin conditions.
  • It is expensive.



From the top sunscreen brand comes Coppertone Tattoo Guard. At 50 SPF, it offers incredible protection for the better part of your day. Due to its hypoallergenic and photostable ingredients, it gives protection to all skin types. A tattoo-specific formula provides a layer of sunscreen that doesn’t ruin your tattoo or cover it in an ugly layer. All this, in a convenient spray form! I highly recommend it for people from all walks of life.

Key Features:

  • Spray for broader area coverage; Sprays at any angle.
  • It contains UVA and UVB sunscreen helps protect against UV rays that can fade or blur tattoos
  • Photostable, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested


  • Brand name: Coppertone Tattoo Guard Continuous Spray SPF 50
  • Color: White and Black
  • It is a moisturizing formula that helps to maintain the smooth appearance of tattooed skin.
  • UVA and UVB sunscreen help protect against UV rays that can fade or blur tattoos.
  • It is flammable and should not be used while smoking.
  • This product should not be used on damaged or broken skin.



The company that makes Numbify is located around Salem, Oregon, USA, and they specialize in a premium line of numbing skin products, including numbing cream, numbing gel, and or course numbing spray. Their products are designed with Lidocaine and also contain a lot of all-natural ingredients that are helpful to the skin. One of the advantages of using Numbify Spray is that it was created and tested with the assistance of tattoo artists and is intended to be safe and soothing on the skin. If you’re looking to get through your next tattoo appointment with bearable pain, you should check out this tattoo numbing spray from Numbify.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of a deep infiltrating formula that delivers 5% lidocaine in addition to utilizing great natural ingredients wherever possible for a healthier numbing experience.
  • Numb-ify has scoured the world and spent time perfecting what is believed by many to be the most effective numbing spray in the market.
  • Numb-ify 5% lidocaine, is compliant with the FDA stipulation for lidocaine strength.
  • It is a powerful pain-relieving formula manufactured for pain & itch relief necessary for the higher pain threshold of anorectal hemorrhoids.
  • It contains a relaxing tropical scent that is pleasant and preferred by many.


  • Brand name: Numb-ify
  • Color: Black
  • Natural ingredients
  • One of the things that you will like about Numbify Spray is that it contains many natural ingredients that assist in preparing the skin for the tattoo process.
  • Reasonably priced
  • One of the bad things about tattoo-numbing products is that they can be expensive. Numbify, however, is priced reasonably and is worthy of consideration if you’re on a tight budget.
  • The scent of this product may not be suitable for certain persons as it may cause irritation.
  • It is not to be used on broken or damaged skin.



This anti-inflammatory product opens up pores in the skin, but it also provides a 90% decrease in pain. Derma Numb avoids harsh chemicals by focusing on natural, herbal remedies such as aloe, yarrow, yucca root, and menthol. These mild agents will not ruin your tattoo color or shading but will work to sterilize and enliven skin cells. It does contain at least 4% lidocaine. Numb is applied like its competitors—adhere the gel to the skin’s surface and wrap in plastic wrap for an hour before your procedure.

Key Features:

  • Derma Numb uses the finest ingredients to provide the best option in topical anesthetic.
  • It is fortified with natural yarrow root and yucca glauca root which are the top numbing and healing agents.
  • It allows for skin cell rejuvenation.


  • Brand name: Derma Numb Tattoo Anesthetic Spray
  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Unlike some of the spray on this list, Derma Numb can be used on skin that is broken. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until the tattoo has started to apply. Feel free to reapply at your discretion during your procedure. You’ll experience at least two hours of numbness. So, for longer pieces, you will have to reapply throughout your tattoo session.
  • Explicitly developed as a tattoo anesthetic; there’s no need to worry about this spray affecting the color or quality of your tattoo.
  • Together with its needed effects, lidocaine topical (the active ingredient contained in Derma Numb) may cause some unwanted effects. Although these side effects are not likely to occur, check with your doctor immediately if any of the following occurs while taking Lidocaine topical.
  • Some rare side effects include.
  • Blistering, crusting, irritation, itching, or reddening of the skin
  • Cough
  • Cracked, dry, or scaly skin
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Hives or welts, itching, skin rash
  • Hoarseness
  • Irritation
  • Joint pain, stiffness, or swelling.



This incredible and highly effective numbing spray for tattoos is a product from the New Religion Tattoo. It is working excellently for users who seek pain relief during tattooing sessions and need the same for aftercare. The producer offers it with 4% of Lidocaine, which is its perfect concentration required for blocking the nerve signals of the skin and ensuring a painless session. Moreover, the quantity is all within the allowance of the FDA.

Key Features:

  • It contains a powerful numbing mist that regenerates healthy skin cells and provides soothing comfort during the tattoo experience.
  • Its primary ingredient is Emu oil which moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, and relieves muscle and joint.
  • It contains antioxidants and vitamins.


  • Brand name: New Religion Holy Water by Saint Marq
  • Color: Purple
  • The product promotes quality, health, and hygiene all at the same time. It is composed of natural ingredients mainly. It is made from 70% of the essential fatty acids and presents a unique combination of Omega-3, 6 and 9’s.
  • The ingredients and the properties of this numbing spray allow in reducing any possible inflammation, joint pain, and muscle pain.
  • Users might experience varying forms of side effects depending on their skin type and allergies.



The manufacturer has expertly formulated this spray to disinfect while giving excellent pain relief from skin-related procedures, including bites and bruises. This product absorbs quickly to soothe, desensitize, and relax the pain nerves of the skin, and it can be used as a before and after tattoo care. It comes with the perfect concentration of Lidocaine and works perfectly by blocking the nerve signals during a tattoo session. The tattoo-numbing spray is regulated under FDA laws, and all the pharmaceutical ingredients used by the manufacturer are all within the permitted safety levels. The spray is cruelty-free and hasn’t been used as an experiment on animals. Check out Best Electrocautery Machines.

Key Features:

  • It is perfect for derma rolling, microblading, and micro-needling.
  • It is used to reduce the discomfort and burning sensation caused by laser hair removal and waxing.


  • Brand name: Numbing Foam Topical Anesthetic- Tattoo Numbing Spray
  • Color: White and Blue
  • It serves as pain relief during and after tattoo sessions and also helps as a cleansing agent.
  • Where a user is not satisfied with this product, or it doesn’t function as advertised, the manufacturer offers a refund.
  • Users might experience varying forms of side effects depending on their skin type and allergies.



This liquid soap spray for numbing tattoo pain is impressively efficient in its performance. The manufacturer has formulated it to provide quick pain relief associated with skin procedures. Dr. Numb also had their fabulous numbing cream, which was quite a popular product. They innovated and came up with this incredible liquid soap spray, which is equally effective and causes no stickiness and uneasiness—the Lidocaine functions as expected by blocking the nerve signals within the body. Benzethonium Chloride compliments it in 0.24% quantity for the sake of disinfecting the skin microbes. The product has established its worth in numbing skin for all skin procedures. This fantastic product, then being a numbing spray, is also known for promoting hygiene. It is anti-infective and fights off bacteria and germs on the skin while ensuring that no skin infection is triggered.

Key Features:

  • It is suitable for piercing aftercare, microblading, and electrolysis.
  • It effectively prevents contamination and reduces swelling during skin procedures


  • Brand name: Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Foaming Soap
  • Color: White
  • This product possesses sufficient nerve blockers.
  • Works well on sensitive and easily irritated skin.
  • It guarantees a smooth sensation contrary to the stickiness and uneasiness associated with the cream.
  • It also serves as a skin disinfectant.
  • It is suitable for skin procedures other than tattooing.
  • It absorbs very well into the skin allowing the product to be useful for close to 4 hours.
  • There is no known side effect. However, one’s experience with this product might be affected by existing allergies and other skin problems. Therefore, it is necessary to read the components or visit a doctor before applying the spray.



For lovers of tattoo, this numbing spray from Ebanel Laboratories is a blessing. The manufacturer enhanced this product line by introducing the spray version of the product, which has proven to be more productive. The product provides effective pain relief for different tattooing sessions and delivers you from the horrible experiences of anorectal and local discomfort. The numbing spray is simple to use and works like magic before and after each tattoo session.

Liposomal aids in infiltrating the skin seamlessly and provides the anesthetic numbing materials. This also ensures the necessary numbing effect for killing the pain that works longer and faster. The 5% is the maximum allowable dose by FDA for any such non-prescription anesthetic.

Key Features:

  • It is secured with a child resistant cover.
  • It has no irritating scent.
  • It is non-addictive and contains no harsh chemicals


  • Brand name: Ebanel Numbing Anesthetic Spray
  • Color: White
  • Kills pain and numbs sensation faster than most numbing sprays.
  • Offers a stain-free solution to tattoo injuries and complications.
  • Stickiness and greasiness free.
  • It contains skin-beneficial ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Lecithin.
  • It lasts between 1 to 2 hours.
  • Users might experience varying forms of side effects depending on their skin type and allergies.



Think Hush Gel, but spray. When applied correctly and as needed, Hush tattoo-numbing spray anesthetizes the skin immediately on contact. Its effect lasts for about 30-40 minutes once the skin has been broken, making the tattoo session almost painless.

Hush’s proprietary blend of botanicals allows for less bruising and faster healing time. Interestingly, Hush Spray does not affect the tattoo color or design in any way.

Key Features:

  • • Focusing on many herbal agents, this product contains menthol, aloe, and chamomile for the soothing of irritated skin.


  • Brand Name: Hush Anesthetic Spray
  • Color: White
  • For lovers of tattoo who want a painless tattoo session, this numbing formula starts anesthetizing the skin 90 seconds after it’s applied on the surface. In sharp contrast to other skin numbing creams that can leave you feeling oily, HUSH Spray is refreshing and light on contact.
  • The numbing agents in HUSH Spray function for about 35 minutes after the skin has been broken. However, for a painless tattoo experience, the product can be reapplied throughout the session.
  • Unlike its competitors, Hush is valid on both broken and unbroken skin.
  • This product works to reduce skin inflammation during the tattoo process.
  • Users might experience varying forms of side effects depending on their skin type and allergies.



Produced by TAT Balm out of Oregon, Tattoo Numbing Spray is an FDA compliant product. Unlike other creams and gels in class, this item uses Lidocaine and Naturecaine for a more efficient result. The addition of Naturecaine not only decreases the swelling and bruising sometimes experienced during tattooing, but it also increases the recovery time. Its combination of numbing antiseptic and painkiller agents has also been reported to minimize the itching associated with tattoo healing and to speed up recovery time. It has also been known to firm the skin, making it easier to tattoo. This product can be applied before and during your session. It takes about ten minutes to get started and lasts at least two hours. Effectiveness, performance, and convenience trio of this tattoo-numbing spray altogether makes its unique selling point. It comes filled with Lidocaine, which is the necessary ingredient for soothing the skin and relieving it from pain. The manufacturer has given utmost consideration to the elements. All ingredients used here are natural, and there is no use of cheap and unhealthy chemicals. Consequently, the users get a deeply penetrating and a fast-acting formula, which ideally captures the numbing agents, wherever it is needed. The manufacturer has produced this sensational product with a soothing fragrance, which every user would enjoy.

Key Features:

  • It contains no chemical fillers and is formulated with the healthiest and simplest natural ingredients.


  • Brand name: TAT Balm Tattoo Numbing Spray
  • Color: Black
  • This product enhances the first bouquet of the natural healthy ingredients, making it among the most excellent products in the market.
  • It is fast acting and deep penetrating.
  • It is affordable, thus, a most viable option for the users.
  • Users might experience side effects of varying forms depending on existing allergies.
  • This product might not be a useful solution for those who are allergic or sensitive to strong fragrances. Check out Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras.

Buying Guide Questions

Have you found any tattoo-numbing spray you love and prefer? Are you uncertain about your decision? This question and answer section should settle all doubts you have with regards to tattoos and its numbing sprays. Interestingly, this will help you to understand the factors and key features to consider before purchasing a numbing spray.

How do you use numbing spray for tattoos?

1. Thoroughly Wash the Skin

Before administering any numbing product to the skin, it’s crucial to make sure the area is spotless.

2. Gloves

The aim here is to numb the location of your soon-to-be tattoo — not your fingers (unless you’re tattooing your fingers).

3. Apply Spray

When applying the numbing spray, it’s advisable to lay it on thick. If you’re getting a wide area done or you intend to shower again soon, I recommend purchasing a giant bottle (or multiple small bottles) to ensure you have enough.

4. Wrap it up

Once the spray is thoroughly and thickly applied, carefully wrap the area in plastic wrap. Body heat will help activate the product, opening the pores and improving absorption into the skin.

5. Remove Wrap

The manufacturer’s instructions are recommended to determine how long you should keep the product on the skin. Some persons decide to remove it at home and thoroughly wash them while others want to wear the wrap to the tattoo shop and have the artist take it out and clean the area for them. The latter option is the way to go if you plan on maximizing the duration of the numbing effect.

Can you use the numbing spray before a tattoo?

You may be wondering if using a numbing cream, gel, or spray for a tattoo will negatively affect the tattoo ink or the overall quality of the work. The opinion of many tattoo artists on numbing using creams/gels/sprays before getting a tattoo is that they don’t adversely affect ink or the quality of the tattoo.

How can I make my tattoo painless?

To reduce tattoo pain, follow these tips before and during your appointment:

  • Visit a licensed tattoo artist. An experienced artist usually takes less time to finish tattoos. Before your appointment, meet the artist to get a feel for their personality and the shop’s hygiene.
  • Choose a less sensitive body part. Talk to your artist about placement.
  • Get sufficient sleep because your body can handle pain better after a good night’s rest.
  • Do not take pain relievers for 24 hours before your session. Aspirins and Ibuprofens can thin your blood, which may make the tattooing process longer.

Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?

  • Ribcage
  • Head, face, and ears
  • Inside of thighs
  • Inside of upper arm/elbow
  • Feet/ankles and shins
  • Inside of wrists
  • Hands/fingers
  • Armpit
  • Nipples and breasts
  • Groin
  • Lips
  • Neck and spine
  • Stomach

More detail on the most hurtful regions to get tattoos can be found here.

What does tattooing feel like?

There are different sensations of pain, so just think of the difference between a bruise and a cut. Tattoo pain will usually be most severe during the first few minutes, after which your body should begin to adjust.

Do tattoos hurt more if you’re skinny?

Heavier people may have looser skin, which could also be more sensitive to tattoos. Conversely, people with deficient body fat might also feel more pain.


Numbing sprays have contributed significantly to making it simple and less painful to get tattoos. People with lesser tolerance for pain can use these products and have a successful tattoo without the usual discomforts that come with it. However, it is crucial to pick the right numbing spray because all are not made the same. With the help of this comprehensive article, you could make a choice bearing in mind that ingredients used in making the spray, as well as the pH levels in the spray, will determine whether or not a particular spray is suitable for you.

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