Everything You Want to Know About Hair Extensions

Short hair, don’t care? While some women prefer staying short, others like the look of long luscious locks.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Yet studies have shown that men view women with longer hair as being healthy and possessing good genetics.

Regardless of what the opposite sex finds attractive, women care about how their hair looks and feels. If you don’t love your hair, try cutting, coloring, conditioning or adding volume and length. The best clip in hair extensions can instantly give you natural flowing tresses.

So if you’re considering a new look for your locks, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about hair extensions.

It’s Not Just About Length

When it comes to hair many think the longer, the better, but hair extensions aren’t only for adding length. They can also help to make your locks look fuller, shinier, and healthier.

Finding the perfect hairstyle is all about the right hair length and texture. A few extensions can completely change your look by adding dimension and volume.

Extension hair also works well for that in-between haircuts stage. When you’re trying to grow out your hair, but don’t want it to look flat or frizzy. It’s as temporary or permanent as you desire it to be.

You Can Color Match

As long as you’re going for 100% Remy or human hair (and you should be) you can dye your extensions any color you wish. It can match the exact color of your roots, or you can add in high or low lights.

It’s a safe way to experiment with color, without dying or bleaching your real hair. You can even go trendy and try a few fun and bold pieces of color for a night out. Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid, and Rita Ora have all rocked rainbow colored hair.

There’s More Than One Method for Adding Extensions

Depending on your desired look and level of maintenance, there are a few different alternatives for applying extensions to your hair.


Clip-in extensions offer the most flexibility and are quick and easy at adding length to your mane. They are simple to put in and take out but can be more noticeable and uncomfortable than other options.


Still a low-maintenance option, tape extensions are damage-free and safe for your hair. They allow for easy installation and take about an hour to put in, depending on how much hair you’re getting. After about 2 months, extensions should be removed and retaped, due to hair growth.


Keratin involves professional skill as the extensions are heated and fused into your existing hair. The process takes some time, but the overall look is very natural. After about 4 months, the bonds need to be redone to ensure hair growth isn’t causing any breakage to your real hair.

Hand-Tied vs. Machine Weft

These options are for very fine hair, as they are undetectable. Hand-tied is more flexible and fits closer to your head for a natural look. Machine weft is a bit thicker and can shed easier.

It’s Going to Cost You

A full head of quality extensions can be quite an investment. The initial trip to your salon plus the upkeep can set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you have a sensitive budget, select an option that involves less maintenance.

There are plenty of YouTube videos to teach you how to put in hair extensions. But if going any route other than clip-in, it’s best to enlist a stylist to help. They can tell you how much hair you need to purchase and help place extensions the correct way.

Price of extensions varies depending on the quality and amount of hair you wish to add. There are cheap hair extensions on the market, made of a more basic quality and material.

Style as Usual

When using 100% Remy or real hair, you can dry, iron, curl, scrunch and style as normal.

Hair extensions help you achieve your perfect hairstyle by offering a variety of types and textures. The idea is to match your own hair’s density, thickness, and texture as close as possible.

The wash and go style may not work well with hair extensions (not to mention how humidity handles different hair types). Depending on the texture of your extensions, they most likely will take longer to dry than your real hair. So you will want to curl, straighten or style to blend the textures together.

To speed up the styling process, invest in a great brand of styling wand, such as Nume. Here are a few curling wand options that will get you supermodel status hair.

How to Care for Your Extensions

To prolong the life of your extensions, treat them as you would your real hair. Prevent knots and avoid tangles with a conditioning spray. You will also want to brush with a professional extension brush.

Try not to sleep with wet hair. Blow dry your roots/extensions bonds before bed, or sleep with hair in a loose braid. Adding a natural oil to the ends of your hair extensions will keep them soft.

Do your best to stretch the time between hair washes, shampooing about 3 times per week. Dry shampoo will help your look last. Also avoid using products with sulfates, as they can break down the extension’s glue bonds.

The best clip in extensions can help enhance your hairstyle, but you still need to properly care for your hair. To get a look you love, check out these super hair pieces, and apply an Argan oil to keep hair looking silky and fresh.

The Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Healthy Hair

Long, short, straight, curly…we all want healthy hair. The best clip in hair extensions can give you natural looking length and volume. But the secret to celebrity-esque hair is caring for what mother nature gave you: your own hair.

So take a hair vitamin, use a sulfate free shampoo, and get a conditioning treatment. Here’s a DIY caramel hair treatment that will leave your locks shiny and moisturized.

There are many fun and feminine ways to update your style and get the look you’ve always desired.