At Live Beauty Health, this team personally reviews all of the products that are included in the posts, they provide an objective perspective on their experiences with the products and services being provided, and then they curate that feedback and include it in detailed posts across the seven main categories of posts, which are: skin care, oral care, hair care, hair treatment, hair styling, hair removal, and makeup. Our hope is that across these categories, we will be able to provide you detailed recommendations on what to use vs. not waste your time on. We sincerely hope you enjoy our work and we hope you will refer us to your friends and colleagues. One important to note to consider and remember, we do NOT take payments to recommend specific products at all, we would never recommend or rank a product highly which we do not personally endorse; this is an important disctinction from other product review websites, this is a personal passion of our team and we take great pride in what we produce.

Our aim is to close the gap between professional and affordable, giving our readers the best advice on how to get the beauty and health results they deserve, whilst still being affordable. Live Beauty Health is continually growing. We hope you enjoy our posts and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.