LMX Topical Anesthetic Cream Review


There is one thing common to every living thing. We all recognize when it is happening to us regardless of our age, gender, genetics and everything else. This common factor is pain. When a human being is subjected to pain, he or she usually reacts extremely; depending on the level of pain. This was a problem for doctors because sometimes, they had to use painful methods on their patients to cure them of a different ailment. This was why scientists had to come up with anesthetic injections for surgical procedures and pain-causing treatments. Over the years, beauty care manufacturers have figured out how to incorporate this into the skincare process. Some people tend to be hairier than others. This might prompt them into opting for waxing or laser removal, and as we all know, both processes tend to cause the subject pain. Products like this then become useful because after applying them to the desired areas of the skin, you can easily wax with a significantly reduced amount of pain. If products like this are the only ones that work for you, you would be glad to know that there are ways you can enjoy your product and avoid the pain. One of the best ways is by using this LMX Topical Anesthetic cream LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream

This cream is an effective pain reliever, and, in this review, we are going to be showing you the excellent features of this product. Enjoy!

Key Features

Works as a pain reliever

This cream has been uniquely designed to give you temporary relief in case of an unexpected cut, scrape, burn, insect bite or any other minor skin abrasion. If you also happen to have painful skin irritation, this cream will help make it less uncomfortable.

Infused with 4% lidocaine

This product utilizes lidocaine as its active ingredient. Lidocaine helps to subdue the nerve cells in the skin. This means that when you apply this cream on your skin, you can carry things without feeling too much palm pain or play sports more comfortably.

Acts as an anesthetic

If you have a surgical skin procedure like piercing, waxing, tattoo removal and so on, you can use this cream before you begin the process so that you can minimize the pain. The semi loud screaming that happens after every waxing process doesn’t need to happen again.

Dermatologist recommended

This cream is also safe for every skin type because it has been tested and approved by dermatologists. You would also be happy to know that this product is recommended by the Baylor College Medicine’s Department of Dermatology. Even doctors use it for minor surgical procedures like blood drawing and IV-line insertion.

Uniquely designed formula

This formula is also designed to act fast. You begin to feel the effects right after you apply it. It will also serve you for a long period. However, you might need to reapply it later, depending on the level of pain.

For external use only

This might seem obvious, but we must reemphasize it. This product is not intended to be used in the mouth, around the eyes or inside the nose. The best move would be not to apply this product to any part of your face.


Brand name: LMX4

Weight: 15g


Numbs pain for advanced skin processes

If you have waxing or a laser removal process coming up, then you would be happy to have this product by your side. Although it might not take away the pain totally, it helps to reduce it.

Great quality product for an affordable price

Although this product solves a unique problem, it still comes at an affordable price.

Recommended by experts

If you have sensitive skin, then you would be glad to know that you can use this product without any fear of irritation, it has been approved by dermatologists.

Provides quick relief in case of a wound

If you happen to have a wound on the sports field during an important game or in your office on the day of an important presentation, then you would be glad to have this product because it will come in handy and help you finish your task stress-free.

Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula

This cream also absorbs fast into the body, and it is not greasy or oily. The effects can also be felt for a considerable period.


You might have to replace it continually. This product comes in a small size, and it might need to be reapplied multiple times.


You have seen the benefits that come with using this product. Even if you are not up for a surgical or skin procedure, this product will come in handy as a pain reliever. We would recommend that you add this to your skincare kit. You might need it one day.