Tattoo Artists Reveal Moments When They Have Had To Ask “Are you sure?!!” To Customer Tattoo Requests

Square Nipples

When you turn 18, it is a big deal. You are legally an adult, and why not find a way to celebrate? A tattoo artist shared how the young adult who just turned 18 waltzed into the shop, asking to have his nipples tattooed. That was not the odd request. His bizarre request entailed that he specifically did not want his nipples to appear round. He wanted them to have a square shape. That was one of the strangest requests that any tattoo artist received. However, that is not the craziest of all, as there are more stories to follow.

Miss Good Pushin’ And A Parrot

A tattoo of square nipples is one strange request. However, the following offer is even weirder. A tattoo artist said an elderly black woman came into the shop and had a bizarre tattoo request. She wanted to have the gangster statement ‘Miss Good Pushin’ inked across her private area. While the artist spent a lot of time explaining why that would not be possible, she agreed to have it written in her lower abdomen and gave the job to another artist in the shop.

And another time, she returned and requested a tattoo of a parrot on half of her face. She did want the parrot to take up half of her face since she wished to have the beak on the forehead. Then she wanted the parrot’s body down her cheek and then the chin to have the tail’s tattoo.

Marrying A Stripper

A tattoo artist revealed an older man who came into the shop on Valentine’s Day one year to have the name of a woman he wanted to marry. That is not an unusual story. However, that is never an advisable thing to do since relationships do not always last, and an inked name of your ex does mean there are plenty of regrets in the future. He did get the tattoo, but then he later found out that the woman he wanted to marry was a stripper. And then the man came back and requested the artist to cover up the tattoo.

Flames Encircling The Bottom

You have already gotten some stories about customers wanting tattoos in very private areas. Here is another one that an artist could not hesitate to share. There was a man who walked into a tattoo parlor and made one strange request. He wanted to have a ring of flames encircling his bottom. You have to wonder why.

Why would anyone want to have tattoos of fire surrounding the bum? This man did. And the crazy thing is that he did end getting what he requested. However, the artist who told the story was not the one who did it. It was another artist in the same shop who charged an insane amount of money for it. The man agreed to it, which meant he was desperate to have it done.

The Barcode Tattoo Just Won’t Scan

There are other insane stories of tattoo requests from Fail Blog, and one guy wanted to have a tattoo of a barcode. The artist told him that it is okay if he wanted to have a barcode tattooed but warned him that it would not work. The guy seemed to have understood that. However, after he tried to scan his smartphone with it, he was upset. Did he think that a tattoo of a barcode would do anything other than provide decoration? He did since he was quite angry after it did not work.

Thug Life Won’t Get You Into The Military

A friend of a tattoo artist shared on Cheezburger that he told a story about a strange request he got from a customer. A customer wanted to have a tattoo across his belly that spelled THUG LIFE, Tupac style. He wanted it also across his neck and other parts of the body. He did get the tattoos he wanted.

However, he found out that the guy wanted to serve in the military and did not make it. He was clueless as to why that was. Perhaps if he wanted to join the military, he should have thought about that before asking for that body art.

Gun Tattoos Will Cost You Future Jobs

One guy on Cheeseburger said that he was not an artist but cleaned at a tattoo parlor. He said one guy over there complained about how no one hired him. That was because he had several guns tattooed right above his eyebrows, and he was seriously wondering how that could be a problem. The tattoo artist had no issues with giving him that ink art. That only means they didn’t think to warn the customer of the possible consequences too.


What is something you learned from reading these crazy tattoo stories? If you want to get a tattoo, you will want to be quite mindful of the type you get. If you want a full ink job on your body, that is your choice as well. However, please beware of the fact that you could struggle when it comes to looking for work. Some workplaces are picky as far as who they hire, and if tattoos are a turnoff, they won’t hire anyone who has too much body art.

However, if you want a tattoo, the lesson is to make it tasteful, modest, and not to tattoo anyone’s name either. That will come with plenty of regrets.