Preparing For A Tattoo: Learn How To Get The Best Results


You chose to have a tattoo, and you are likely both nervous and excited at the same time. You are looking forward to the new body art that you will show off. However, you are dreading the pain that comes with the application of the tattoo. The healing period after the tattoo placement concerns as well. You will not know how you will cope with the pain, inflammation, and flaking.

Those are valid concerns that you have. That is why it is critical to prepare yourself for the tattoo as well as you can. That way, you can enjoy having the best results and have a smooth healing period after. Let’s go over critical steps to take so you have the best possible tattoo experience.

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is essential if your body is going through any type of exertion, as it is necessary to have plenty of water on any given day. However, since you know that your body will go through physical stress as you get the tattoo, you will want to make sure that you are well hydrated. That means to drink at least six glasses of water the day before, and you may want to go for twelve glasses of water if you can.

Don’t forget to drink up before you have the work done as well on that day. And on the days after the tattoo application, you will want to stay as hydrated as you can as well, so you heal quicker. Enough water in your system will help make the dry and flaking period as you recover a little more manageable as well.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

It is always a good idea to keep your skin moisturized, especially during the winter or colder months. However, on the days right before you have your tattoo, you will want to make sure that you keep moisturizing your skin regularly. The moisturizer also helps you absorb the ink even better as well.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about it fading except for the time during the healing period when to expect fading due to dead skin falling away. Moisturizing after the tattoo artist does the job for you is also necessary. You will want to invest in plenty of moisturizing creams when you heal as well since you will need plenty as your skin will dry out and cause itching.

Eat Healthy Foods And Eat Before Your Appointment

You will want to eat nutritious foods and limit process foods before your appointment. Take in the essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals so that your body is in tip-top shape to handle the stress it will undergo during the tattoo application. You need the energy to take it as well, which is why you will want to eat a hearty and nutritious meal before the appointment. Continue to eat healthily during your healing period to maximize your recovery and help make it as smooth as possible.

Foods such as berries, citrus fruits, leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish, and whole-grains are essential. Limit your intake of junk food such as candies, white flour, pastries, and potato chips. There are no nutrients from those foods that will help your healing in any way possible.

Have Tattoo Numbing Cream Handy

You need tattoo numbing cream since the pain can become intolerable during the process. However, the trick to utilize is to apply the cream one hour before you begin the procedure for it to take effect. The best thing to do is call the tattoo artist an hour and a half before your appointment to determine if they are on schedule.

If they are running behind and you will need to wait, find out for how long approximately. Then you will want to apply the cream at the right time. After you apply the cream in the entire area where you will have the work, use masking tape or saran wrap to place around the edges so it remains tight.

Shave The Area Of Where You Will Have The Tattoo

You do not want to go into the tattoo parlor with the area you plan to have the work done, appearing all hairy. Therefore, be sure to shave your area that will have the tattoo the night before. Don’t forget to use shaving cream, so you do not end up with those red bumps. If you cut yourself as you shave, then the tattoo artist won’t work on you. Be careful as you shave.

Sleep Well The Night Before Your Appointment

You know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. You want to make sure that you rest well so you can have the energy for the appointment. If you sleep well, you will feel rest and not struggling with fidgeting and twitching. If you cannot control your fidgeting, then the tattoo artist cannot work on you. Don’t go to any late-night concerts or consume caffeine or alcohol the night before you have your procedure. That will interfere with you getting a good night’s sleep.

Wear Old And Stretchy Clothing

There is a chance that the ink can ruin your clothing. Therefore, you will want to wear old clothing that you don’t care about getting dirty. You also want to wear stretchy, loose, and comfortable clothing. That way, the artist can roll it back as they do the work on you. If you donated your used and old clothing, then you can always buy it cheap at a thrift shop.


The idea of getting a tattoo is both nerve-wracking and exciting. There are easy steps to take to have the best tattoo experience. It boils down to the basics as you want to make sure you hydrate well, eat well, sleep well, and shave the area where you will have the tattoo.

Don’t forget to moisturize and numb your skin as well. You will want to continue to take the best care of yourself during the recovery process‘. Don’t forget to bring something to keep you entertained and occupied during the procedure since it will go on for a while. Therefore, charge your phone before you go.