How to Get Heatless Curls Overnight

Many people get sober because they have to go through a lot before having the desired curls; a thermal application is one of them. Heat curls are not advisable because of the dangers they pose to the hair, such as hair damage, breakage, etc. With this problem, there is a need to provide an alternative which does not involve heat and would give the best curliness desired.

In this article, you will learn how to get heatless curls overnight without stress. You should understand that the longer the time spent, the better it is; thus, the reason why an overnight application is vital – it is the longest time to stay inactive. Besides, fun fact: it is not discriminatory on hair length, i.e., curls can form regardless of whether the hair is long, short or medium.

How can I curl my hair overnight without heat?

You may have been intrigued by a lot of curls online, and you wonder what methods they use. It would surprise you that many of them try out traditional methods, i.e., without heat to get it to preferred taste. Below are the top 6 ways to get heatless tight curls overnight.

Bantu Knots

One of the most natural ways to get curls is by making Bantu knots; they are simple to do and less time-consuming. This method works on all kinds of hair, whether dry or wet, and the effects are quite overwhelming. Before you make Bantu knots for wet hair, you must have gone through thorough washing and conditioning to relax the pressure from your hair. Then, make use of a hydrating oil and start to straighten out with a comb.

Finally, start making Bantu knots with a styling gel to enhance seamless coiling. The next morning, you can begin uncoiling in the opposite direction the knots were made; you should have curly hair by then. It is one of the best methods to make heatless curls for medium hair.

Pin Curls

In the same vein, you can work with damp hair to make heatless curls short hair using pin curls. Before you start, you should bear in mind that the larger the number of pins, the more perfect it will become. Start by washing and conditioning your hair as usual. Next, divide your hair into sections (could be into 2 or 4 or 8). Then, wrap each section at the middle and pin them down with a maximum of 2 pins. Leave overnight and wait till morning or a few days before you remove the pins. Try not to comb through with your fingers, so you don’t ruin it.


It is going to come as a surprise that you could make heatless curls with socks – not any sock, a clean one. This method works best for people with longer hair; thus, the need for something much longer to hold the hair in place. Moreover, they work best with dry hair. All you have to do is divide your hair into several parts, then wrap each with a sock. Make sure the clean sock reaches your scalp, so the curls form uniformly. Also, ensure to keep your hair protected through the night with a bonnet.

French Braids

When you want to try the French Braids method to get curls, you need to keep your hair hydrated, either on a wet or dry hair. Here, you won’t need to divide your hair into many sections; just two parts are enough. Form French braids with each part and then tie them off to make sure they are secure. In the morning, when you wake, use a dry shampoo to improve the quality of your hair. Peradventure, your hair feels frizzy, you should apply oil (hair) over the areas.

Three-Strand Twists

Also, the three-strand twists method is another simple way of getting heatless smooth curls. Ensure you wash and condition your hair because you must get started with that before anything else. You will need to wind three sections of your wet hair against each other to form a twist. There is no limit to the number of sections you can divide your hair into; what is essential is that you wind in threes until all the sections are exhausted. Apply oil on the twists when you are about to unwind them. A wide-mouth comb should be useful in untwisting at the roots.

Curl Formers

Here, you will need one or two pieces of equipment to get your curls formed. First, keep your hair wet by washing and conditioning; follow by dividing your hair into sections and wrapping three-inch of each section with a roller. Then, secure the ends of the three-inch sections with a strip. Keep the rollers in place till your hair becomes completely dry. You should have your curls out on removal.


To make heatless curls with a headband is one of the easier methods. What you have to do is keep your damp hair tidy, brushed and then apply hair products if you have to. Next, wear the elastic headband and twist the ends of your hair into it. Keep your hair in position for at least an hour before you unwind; the longer the headband, the sharper the curls. It is an ideal choice for full hair.

How do you get heatless waves overnight?

Are you also interested in getting heatless beach waves overnight? There are a few methods you could try out below, which are almost similar to those for curls.

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  • Use Sock
  • Try Pin Curls
  • A Twist-Out
  • Headband Method

With any of these methods, you can keep a fresh look this summer on the beach.

Does sleeping in a bun curl your hair?

Sleeping with a bun has a lot of benefits; undoubtedly, giving you curls and waves is one of them. Apart from that, it makes sure your hair doesn’t get messy through the night. However, make sure you dampen your hair before you set the buns in, so they could dry overnight.


Overall, several hacks exist that would provide what you want without having to go through any thermal application. Above is a few of them, and it is with the sincere hope that it gives you the desired style.