Hypoallergenic Makeup For Black Skin: Find A Solution That’s Right For You


One of the most challenging things to do is to find the best makeup for African American skin that does not cause burning, itching, and tingling. Especially if you develop dryness or hives, that right there shows that you have an allergy to the makeup, which is a common problem for black skin. That makes you want to give up on makeup altogether. However, what good would that do?

You want to look your best, and give up makeup is not the solution to this common problem that you face using makeup that causes allergic reactions. Even the makeup for sensitive skin can easily cause unpleasant reactions. The answer to this is to find hypoallergenic makeup.

How Do You Find Hypoallergenic Makeup For Black Skin?

There is one issue that African American customers who look for hypoallergenic makeup encounter. They don’t know what makes makeup non-allergy causing or not. That is because there are regulations on the claims that makeup manufacturers make about their products being hypoallergenic. Therefore, a manufacturer can quickly get away with claiming that their products are safe for those with extreme sensitivities and allergies when they are not. Customers who take their word as the gospel end up suffering in the end with allergic reactions on their skin, such as rashes, hives, and in rare cases, even blisters.

Therefore, it boils down to the customer having to do their research on finding legitimate hypoallergenic cosmetics. That takes a lot of research into the brand’s claim by making that determination. The things to look for in hypoallergenic cosmetics for black skin are:

  1. 1. The Makeup Must Not Contain Parabens And Other Additives

Parabens are an additive that many cosmetic manufacturers use in their products for the sake of allowing them to last longer. Those additives are notorious for causing the skin’s common reactions such as rashes, hives, and other irritations. There are plenty of makeup manufacturers that claim their products do not contain parabens, but you have to be the one to verify that. These companies add to their makeup products are benzoic acid, formaldehyde, which they add to embalming fluid, and kathon.

  1. 2. There Must Not Be A Presence Of Harsh Alcohol Content

Makeup contains alcohol, and there is no way to avoid that. However, there will not be a need to prevent that. The thing to watch out for is the presence of harsh alcohol in the makeup. Examples of alcoholic substances that will harm your skin are ethanol, methanol, isopropyl, and benzyl alcohol. The issue with that type of alcohol content is that it will dry your skin out too much. And black skin is already sensitive when it comes to dryness. If you notice that one of the makeup ingredients is a type of alcohol, the only way to know whether it is safe for your skin is if you do some additional research on it.

  1. 3. An Absence Of Fragrances

Is it essential for your makeup to contain fragrances? That is the purpose of perfume if you even want to wear it. Any makeup that contains fragrances of any type is not going to be hypoallergenic. Fragrances are synonymous with the product containing too many unnatural ingredients. That is why you want to avoid cosmetic products that contain any fragrances. That is another way of revealing that the product is full of allergy-causing additives. Some additives in makeup are not just allergy-inducing, but they are quite dangerous. They contain petroleum as well as certain oils and waxes. Therefore, you do want to stay away and only go for the unscented ones.

After reading that list, you may be thinking that there are not too many options for finding the solution regarding hypoallergenic makeup for black skin. However, don’t assume that. There is plenty of legitimate natural and vegan cosmetics that are cruelty-free that are hypoallergenic. The best thing to always do when it comes to finding the right type of makeup that will not cause your skin to react is to talk to your dermatologist to get some recommendations.

However, there is one manufacturer that provides hypoallergenic makeup for black skin. That is the real deal. And the name of this company is Black Opal.

How Many Black Opal Products Are Hypoallergenic?

The establishment of Black Opal was in 1994, and that company is the first to provide cosmetics specifically for customers who have black skin. Because Black Opal was the first company to create a makeup line for African American customers, they had no other competition, making them quite popular among the black community.

Not all of their makeup products are hypoallergenic, but some of them are. The Total Coverage Concealing Foundation, Even True Flawless Liquid Foundation, Color Splurge Stick Up, and Even True Brightening Under-Eye Concealer are hypoallergenic. Therefore, those are the products to start with when it comes to looking for allergy-free products.


The issue that African Americans have when it comes to looking for the right makeup that will not cause them to break out in rashes and hives is problematic. It is not easy finding hypoallergenic cosmetics that will not cause any allergic reaction to happen. And any manufacturer of cosmetics can make claims that their products are free of allergens and toxins. That is because there aren’t any regulations on the products.

However, the only thing that anyone can do when looking for hypoallergenic‘ makeup products is to remain educated and talk to their dermatologists about what to look for in makeup products that will not cause any allergic reaction. Doing your research always goes a long way, which is the only solution to anything, including finding the right hypoallergenic cosmetics for black skin.