10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors in 2021

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AirExpect Makeup Vanity Mirror

DeWEISN Tri-fold Magnification Mirror

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

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Most times, when women talk about how to apply the perfect makeup, they often refer to things like training, learning makeup techniques online via YouTube or any other platform, buying the right beauty and skincare products, eating the right food and other things of the sort. While this is all well and good, it would all be for nothing if your make is misapplied due to lack of lighting during the process. When you are applying your makeup, you need natural light to see how well your face would look in the outdoors. Natural light also allows you to spot parts of your facial makeup that may be uneven with other parts of the face. However, the reality is that not most makeup processes are usually done indoors or in averagely lit environments. It is not possible to step outdoors every time you want to do your makeup.

Beauty product manufacturers have, over the years, recognized this problem, and they have created a solution to this problem. This solution is called lighted makeup mirrors. Lighted makeup mirrors are essentially mirrors that come with multiple adjustable LED lights. The light produced by these mirrors acts as a perfect substitute for natural light. When you want to apply your makeup, instead of doing it in front of a bathroom wall mirror and struggling to see parts of your face, you can simply get a lighted mirror, switch it on and enjoy the process from there. It is more comfortable, more convenient, and more rewarding. This review has been put together to give you a list of lighted mirrors that you can consider getting. Cheers

The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviewed

Below are the ten best-lighted makeup mirrors and their reviews.


AirExpect Makeup Vanity Mirror

Even though the products displayed on this review are not ranked, this particular one had to come first on our list. If you are looking to buy a lighted makeup mirror, then you should check out this vanity mirror manufactured by AirExpect. This mirror comes with seventy- two LED lights that can illuminate even the dimmest of rooms. It also comes with other amazing features such as a tri-fold design mechanism that allows you to see your face from multiple angles, a color temperature regulation system that will enable you to picture how your makeup will look under different weather conditions, the ability to switch between 3 color modes and adjust the brightness of your mirror, actual dust resistant and anti-scratch mirror, a dual power supply mode; 4AA batteries and USB cords and a ninety-degree rotation mechanism that allows you to adjust the mirror as you like. These are some of the fantastic things that you enjoy when you get this mirror. It is a unique and comprehensively designed mirror that is perfectly suited to meet your makeup lighting needs. Check it out now!

Key Features:

  • Seventy-two pieces of LED lights.
  • Adjustable color temperature mechanism; up to 3200k for a warmer glow and 6500k for a more relaxed one.
  • Triple color lighting mode; White, yellow, and white & yellow.
  • Adjustable brightness system.
  • Smart mirror and intelligent memory process.
  • Dual power supply mode; 4AA batteries (doesn’t come with the device) and USB cable (comes with the device).
  • Tri-fold and ninety-degree rotation design.
  • Three-panel magnification glass.


  • Brand name: AirExpect
  • Color: White
  • Dual power supply
  • The adjustable color temperature mechanism allows you to project and see how your makeup fits in different climates
  • Easily adjust your mirror brightness with the smart touch design
  • Dual power supply mode will enable you to finish your makeup in case of power failure
  • Three-panel magnification glass that allows you to view your face from multiple angles.
  • Dustproof and anti-scratch mirror surfaces make it long-lasting and durable
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Does not come with batteries


DeWEISN Tri-fold Magnification Mirror

Another makeup mirror you can consider getting is this tri-fold magnification mirror produced by DeWEISN. Apart from the incredible fact that this mirror comes with 21 LED lights, it also possesses a lot of amazing features such as a brightness adjusting mechanism, dual power supply modes, one hundred and eighty-degree swivel rotation feature and a tri-fold design system that allows you to see your face and makeup process from multiple angles, triple magnification mirror that will enable you to see tiny facial details, a bottom compartment that can hold various items like watches or makeup products and a one year warranty. Looking at all these fantastic things that this mirror offers, it is safe to say that it will serve your needs.

Key Features:

  • 21 pieces of LED lights
  • Touch sensor switch to adjust the brightness
  • Dual power supply mode; 4AA batteries (doesn’t come with the device) and USB cable (comes with the device).
  • Tri-fold design
  • Made from premium ABS material
  • 180-degree rotatable mirror
  • Base compartment for storage of other products
  • One-year warranty


  • Brand name: DeWEISN
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Size: 11 x 7.3 x 3.9
  • Makeup in a poorly lit environment without disturbing people around you.
  • Perfect for traveling due to its lightweight.
  • Dual power mode. Never get stranded even during a power outage.
  • 3x magnification glass that allows you to see even the tiniest details during your makeup process.
  • One-year quality warranty. Get your money back or get a new one in case of a defect.
  • Easily adjust brightness as you see fit
  • Cannot adjust color temperature automatically


Conair Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

Unlike the first two products on our reviews, this product is somewhat different. This tabletop mirror is a single lighted mirror that rotates in a 360-degree dimension, therefore, giving its users the ability to view their makeup process in an 8x reflection. It creates for a more personalized experience, and it is perfect for grooming and self-beautification. Also, you can easily adjust the brightness due to its unique design that allows you to switch from low to medium and then high. This product is manufactured by Conair, which means it is top-notch quality. This mirror is plugged in and is not battery operated; therefore, you have to be sure that there is stable electricity in your vicinity before you purchase it. However, considering all the facts, this lighted mirror is well suited to serve your needs. Check out its outlined features!

Key Features:

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Double-sided mirror
  • 8.5 diameter size
  • 30W luminous bulb
  • 3-way touch control


  • Brand name: Conair
  • Size: 7.5 x 17.38 x 11.25
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Adjust the brightness of your mirror with ease. Utilizing its 3-way touch sensor, you can change the brightness from low to medium and then high.
  • 360-degree rotation allows you to view your face thoroughly.
  • See clearly in the dark with its 30W incandescent bulb
  • Perfect for personal makeup and grooming
  • Too touch-sensitive
  • Only one mode of power supply


BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror

If there is one thing that you can immediately love about this lighted mirror, it is the fact that is was made with the best quality available. The mirror surface of this high definition glass is wholly designed with premium quality coating and ABS material, and you can be sure you are getting the best. In addition to this fantastic feature, this vanity mirror possesses three magnifying glass panels that help you to see even the tiniest details of your makeup. This makes it excellent for precision processes such as eyebrow drawing and the likes. Be sure that you can see everything going on with this 21 LED lighted mirror, and even during a power outage, the dual power system will keep your mirror alive long enough for you to finish what you are doing. Easily adjust the position of your mirror with its 180-degree rotation feature.

Key Features:

  • Made from ABS material and certified by FCC, ROHS, and CE.
  • Three magnifying glass panels
  • 21 pieces of LED lights
  • Dual power supply
  • Tri-fold system
  • 180-degree rotation system


  • Brand name: BESTOPE
  • Made from ABS material
  • Size: 12.7 x 8.3 x 3.6
  • Made with the best of quality. Designed with a premium quality coating so you can experience the best.
  • See even the tiniest details on your makeup with this lighted mirror. The 3x magnifying panel makes sure you see everything from every angle.
  • 21 led lights brighten up your face even in poorly lit environments
  • Dual power supply makes sure you never start your makeup and not finish due to power outage. 4AA batteries act as a backup source of electricity.
  • Easily adjust your mirror with its 180-degree feature.
  • It doesn’t come with batteries.


ALBOR Makeup Vanity Mirror

This is another beautiful product that deserves your attention. If you are looking for something stylish, high quality, and able to perform all the functions of a lighted mirror, then this ALBOR vanity mirror might be just what you are looking for. This tabletop mirror provides you with 12 LED bulbs that have a life span of over 50,000 hours and an aluminum frame with a skid-proof base, which makes it the perfect tabletop mirror. When you get this lighted mirror, you also get additional benefits like two beauty blender-like sponges and a little magnifying glass. Wonderful right! That is not all; however, this product also has smart control settings that allow you to adjust the brightness and also the color temperature of the device. 360-degree rotation also makes it hard to miss even the tiniest detail on your makeup.

Key Features:

  • Twelve pieces of LED bulbs. Can last over 50,000 years
  • Utilizes an Aluminum frame with a skid-proof base.
  • It comes with a bonus magnifying mirror and tow blender-like sponges.
  • Smart control turns the mirror on and off and also increases and reduces brightness.
  • Three levels of color temperature. Adjust as you like.
  • Plug in the wiring system.


  • Brand name: ALBOR
  • 12 LED bulbs
  • The smart touch feature allows you to control mirror functions such as switching it off and on and it, reducing or increasing brightness and regulating color temperature.
  • It comes with a bonus magnifying glass.
  • View your makeup from every angle with the 360-degree rotation feature of this mirror.
  • Place this tabletop mirror on your table without any fear of it slipping due to its skid-proof base.
  • See every part of your face thanks to the 12 long-lasting LED bulbs this mirror comes with.
  • Has only one source of power.


KOOLORBS Makeup Mirror

Another lighted mirror you can consider buying is this product manufactured by KOOLORBS. This mirror possesses all the attributes that a device like this is expected to have to be able to satisfy the needs of its user. Both mirror and frame material is made from ABS, which makes it of significantly better quality. It also utilizes 21 high quality LED lights that are easily switched on and off by a touch screen control. This control also regulates the brightness of the LED lights. See your face and makeup with the highest clarity due to its 3x modes magnifying glass. This product also utilizes a dual power supply system. It can run on both batteries and electricity. However, the mirror doesn’t store electricity, and it doesn’t come with the required 4AA batteries.

Key Features:

  • 21 pieces of high-quality LED lights
  • Made from ABS material
  • The dual power supply system
  • Three magnifying glass panels
  • Touch screen system control
  • 180-degree rotation


  • Brand name: KOOLORBS
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Size: 6.2 x 4.7 x 11
  • Easy control mirror functions with your touch screen switch
  • 21 high quality LED lights that illuminate your face even in poorly lit environments
  • Three magnifying glass panels that show even the tiniest details on your face.
  • Easily adjust the position of your mirror through its 180-degree rotation mechanism
  • Compact and travel-ready equipment
  • It doesn’t come with 4AA batteries.


MIRRORMORE Professional Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you are looking for a classy, but a more expensive lighted mirror, then you should consider checking out this 2020 manufactured product by MIRRORMORE. This product possesses impressive features that make it ideally suited to meet your needs. Though it might be expensive in comparison to other lighted mirrors, the production process, and what the product offers is undoubtedly worth the price. Check out the price and features of this product; it might just be what you are looking for.

Key Features:

  • Made of pearl nickel; a high-end corrosion-resistant metal
  • 28 built LED lights
  • Up to 1100 lux brightness
  • Can be used as a desk lamp
  • Double-sided mirror design
  • Possess a brightness adjustment mechanism
  • Allows for 360 rotation.
  • The dual power supply system


  • Brand name: MIRRORMORE
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • It was made with the best of materials. Leaves no fingerprint when you touch and has a smooth feel around the frame. It will serve you long.
  • 28 high quality LED lights to give you ultra-bright and natural-like views. The brightness is twice that of a regular lighted mirror, and it doesn’t harm your eyes
  • Serves as a desk lamp
  • Double-sided mirror design and advanced HD mirrors help you to see more clearly.
  • Control essential mirror functions such as brightness
  • It can be rotated in a 360-degree angle so that you can see every part of your face in any position you want.
  • The dual power supply allows you to keep using it even during a power outage.
  • Might be a little too expensive


Fancii Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

Check out this simple yet effective lighted mirror manufactured by Fancii. This mirror utilizes bright LED lights that recreate the natural light effect when applying your makeup. Easily control the brightness through its unique touch sensor and test out how your makeup will look in different climates. This 10x dual magnification mirror is appropriate for more specific parts of your makeup process. Check out the fantastic features of this mirror.

Key Features:

  • Ten dual magnification glass.
  • Energy-saving LED lights; shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of no use.
  • Dual powers supply system.
  • Five cosmetic compartment organizer.
  • 180-degree rotation capabilities.


  • Brand name: Fancii
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • The soft natural light shines brighter than other mirrors due to its energy-saving LED lights.
  • 10x dual magnification perfect for detailed makeup processes.
  • Energy-saving LED; automatically shuts off after 30 minutes without use.
  • It allows for a 180-degree rotation that makes it easier to view the face from different angles.
  • Store your makeup products in the base compartments.
  • Has an old model design.


Funtouch Large Lighted Makeup Mirror

This lighted mirror is described as significant for a reason. With a surface dimension of 14.56 x 8.97 inches, this oversized mirror acts as a special kind of magnifier that provides you with an HD view of your face during the makeup process. This mirror utilizes 35 LED lights that are capable of illuminating poorly lit environments. This product comes with other amazing features that are listed below.

Key Features:

  • Thirty-five pieces of bright LED lights.
  • Oversized magnifying mirror.
  • Detachable 10x magnifying makeup mirror.
  • Dual power supply system.
  • Allows for 360-degree rotation.
  • Base functions as a storage compartment.
  • Touch sensor controls mirror operations


  • Brand name: FUNTOUCH
  • Color: White
  • Size: 14.56 long x 8.97 wide.
  • Oversized mirror helps you to see all the angles of your face.
  • It comes with a 10x magnifying glass. This glass is appropriate for detailed makeup processes.
  • Dual power system makes sure you are never stranded during your makeup session
  • Store makeup products in the base compartment.
  • 360 rotating allows you to adjust your mirror as you wish.
  • It’s not suitable for traveling.


FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror

This mirror is described as a vanity for a reason. The features are somewhat more exotic than those of the previous products. For example, take a look at the fact that the FENCHILIN vanity mirror is designed for both tabletop and wall use. That is wonderful, right? It is also large size, so it provides you with a unique upper view so that you can see yourself ultra-clearly under its luminous LED bulbs. Three years quality warranty is also not a wrong reason to get this product. This is what sets this mirror apart from the rest. However, it can still perform all the essential functions of an ordinary lighted mirror. Check out the features below.

Key Features:

  • Large size mirror
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Three tone color settings
  • 12 pieces of LED bulb
  • Smart touch control for basic mirror functions


  • Detachable; for tabletop and wall placement
  • Brand name: FENCHILIN
  • Size: 19.68 x 15.74
  • Can be used both on the wall and on the tabletop
  • Very bright. Illuminates every part of the body part it covers for clearer imaging
  • Smart touch control. Remotely direct all functions of the mirror
  • Doesn’t use batteries

Buying Guide Questions

Applying makeup without adequate lighting can be quite tricky and will most likely result in a failed attempt. After reading this guide, we hope that you have seen a product you like and would want to get. If this is the case, then that is excellent. However, if you still need some information to help you make a well-informed purchase decision, we hope these questions and their answers can provide that for you. Cheers!

What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?

Natural sunlight is the best. However, you might not always have access to natural sunlight hence the need for an artificial solution. LED lights are perfect when it comes to applying makeup.

Is led lighting suitable for applying makeup?

Yes, LED light is suitable for applying makeup. Most lighted mirrors employ the use of LED lights.

Are lighted bathroom mirrors worth it?

It is better to get a tabletop compact mirror that can easily be traveled with. However, if you are used to using a lighted bathroom mirror, then go ahead.

What color light is best for makeup?

White, yellow, or a combination of both works perfectly fine.


Buying a lighted makeup mirror is a rewarding investment if you get the right one. This review has put together some of the best-lighted mirrors from reliable manufacturers around the world. However, it is your responsibility to look through all the features of these products, consider what is best for you and then make your purchase. When that is done, you can relax, knowing that you can fix your makeup without too much stress.

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