Using A Hair Straightening Brush On Black Hair: Everything You Need To Know


If you are of African descent, you know how difficult it is to work with your hair when straightening it. The temptation to use a flat iron is there when it comes to straightening black hair. However, that is not the best way to do it as sandwiching your hair in between two hot iron plates will cause a lot of damage. That is why using a straightener brush is much safer. However, before you pull out that hair straightening brush, you need to know what features to look for in the best type of hair straightening brush. Misuse of the straightener can cause a lot of damage to your hair as well.

What Are The Features To Look For In The Right Straightening Brush For Black Hair?

The first thing you must know is that when you use a hair straightening brush for black hair, the heat setting must be higher because the hair’s thickness requires more heat. If your hair is fine to normal, you can set your heat to a minimum setting. However, black hair is much thicker, which is why you must use more heat. You are aware of how damaging that can be, which is why it is critical to use a heat protectant before using it. Let’s now talk about the must-have features for the best hair straightening brush:

  1. 1. A Digital Temperature Display Setting

Since you know black hair requires more heat than thin to normal hair, you need a digital temperature display setting. This way, you will know which temperature to set your heat at, and you don’t want to put it too high or else that can cause damage. If you can see the temperature you set, it will keep your concerns at bay about using the wrong temperature to straighten your hair.

  1. 2. A Brush With Insulation

You need to have a brush with proper insulation, or else it will burn your hand. Even at a lower heat setting, then you would still need this feature. Cheaper hair straightening brushes don’t have proper heat insulation, which means you have to wear gloves. If you have a brush with the appropriate insulation where wearing gloves isn’t necessary, it is of better quality.

  1. 3. Tourmaline Technology

Most hot brushes do feature tourmaline technology, and it is necessary for straightening African American hair. There is an emission of only negative ions, and the technology helps to close off the cuticle of the hair, which causes the texture of the hair to become soft and smooth.

  1. 4. Ionic Technology

You want your hair brush straightener to have ionic technology. That is because the brush can dissolve your hair’s water molecules, resulting in shiny and frizz-free hair. That is a must-have feature of the hair brush straightener for black hair.

  1. 5. Ceramic Brush Technology

Ceramic brush technology is an essential feature when looking for the best hair brush straightener for African American hair. It assists in creating infrared heat where it heats the shaft of your hair from the inside, and then the heat moves to the exterior of the hair. That prevents you from using heat for prolonged periods, which means less exposure of the heat to your hair for straightening it.

  1. 6. Auto Shut-Off

You will want to purchase a hair straightening brush that automatically shuts off for a half-hour or to a full-hour of inactivity. That is a safety feature that any hair straightening brush owner requires. However, not all of these hair tools have this feature, which is a significant safety issue.

  1. 7. Proper Heat Settings

If you have a large variety of choices of heat settings that can save your hair from potential damage, that is a great feature to have for your hair straightening brush. You can then control how much heat you can use for straightening your hair. However, no matter what, you will want to add heat protectant to your hair even if you end up using a low heat setting.

  1. 8. Stiff Brush Bristles

You want there to be good penetration for your hair, which is why you want to have stiff bristles on the hair tool. If your hair is thick and curly, you want to have the hair straightening brush with bristles that are stiffer to penetrate the hair deeply. If the bristles are too flexible, you will not get the penetration you need, which means it will not straighten your hair as much as you would like.

You also want to make sure that whatever hair straightening brush you purchase that it comes with a decent warranty. If it is expensive, you will want to get a two-year warranty instead of the typical one-year option.


Straightening black hair is a difficult task. However, the good news is that hair straightening brushes‘ can straighten black hair quite well. It is a matter of finding the right type of brush, and you will want to look at the features of the brush that will make it a worthwhile investment. You want to make sure that the brush features a wide variety of temperature settings, stiff bristles, as well as the right type of technologies that make it ideal for straightening black hair. Now that you know what to look for in the perfect tool to straighten your hair, then it won’t take you long to find the right one.