How To Clean Everything Within Your Makeup Bag


You are grabbing your lipstick from your makeup bag, and you notice that the lipstick case is somewhat dusty. That is a sure sign that the inside of your makeup bag isn’t clean. Then you begin thinking about the last time you cleaned your makeup bag. If you are unable to remember, the cleaning of your makeup bag is well overdue.

You have plenty of items to clean inside of your bag. It would help if you washed your lipstick case. Your eyeliner, your eyeshadow, your foundation, your blush, as well as those brushes, need cleaning as well. How can you possibly clean all of those items? Mostly all at once? Cleaning everything within your makeup bag, which includes the bag itself, is not difficult. The first thing to do is to dump your cosmetics onto a clean surface and begin the process. Start by cleaning the bag itself.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Makeup Bag Is Easy

When you look inside your makeup bag, you see not just dust, but there are spills, smudges, and other dirt from your makeup. Especially the brushes that are contaminating the lining of your bag since there is makeup on it. And the lipstick where the cap came off stained the lining of your makeup bag as well. It is no wonder it needs a thorough clean.

The best method for cleaning the inside of your makeup bag all depends on the bag’s material composition. If there is a cloth lining, then the safest way for cleaning it is to hand wash it with a light soap detergent. However, if your bag is sturdy, you can put it inside a mesh bag to keep Velcro lining and zippers protected to throw into the washing machine. Please set it to a gentle wash cycle, and then air dry the sack as the dryer’s heat will damage it.

If the lining is plastic or made with a material that is similar to plastic, then wipe it down with a waterproof makeup remover. Apply it to a cotton ball or a cotton pad and wipe it down. You can use a soft washcloth to remove the sticky makeup stains, and then give it one more wipe with another damp cloth to remove dust and extra dirt. Then wipe it well with a dry cloth, so no mold grows in the dark and enclosed crevices inside of the lining and inside of the bag itself. Make a habit of doing this once a week. The next thing to do is to examine your cosmetics and determine which ones are usable and which ones are not.

You Will Likely Have To Toss Out Some Of Your Makeup

There is a good chance that some of your makeup isn’t usable anymore. Look at the expiry or ‘best by’ dates and toss out the expired cosmetics. The rule of thumb is that all mascara and eyeliner is no longer usable by six months. Concealers, foundations, and creams are good for up to one year. All powder-based cosmetics such as eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, and highlighters expire from two to three years. Lip balm is good for one year, and lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip gloss can last from two to three years.

Therefore, if you are carrying around cosmetics that date back to 2016, it is time to chuck them. That expired makeup has plenty of bacteria and other unsightly microbes. However, don’t figure your usable makeup and brushes either. After you toss out the old stuff, you will want to take care of the usable cosmetics.

Organize Your Makeup

Organizing your makeup is extremely important. However, before you do that, you will want to wash down your usable makeup cases. You can even use waterproof makeup remover to add to a cotton ball for cleaning the makeup cases that have signs of spillage. Your lipstick cases, for instance, can have traces of spilled makeup on them. That is why you want to clean cosmetic cases. It would be best if you wiped down the covering to remove dust particles and other dirt.

The next step is to take a dry paper towel or cloth and wipe the cases off. As you wait for your makeup bag to dry up, you will want to begin organizing your makeup. Think about where in the bag you wish to place your makeup. You don’t want to toss them into the bag aimlessly. You will want to put your makeup in the pockets inside of the lining. Or, if your makeup bag does not include compartment pockets, then one of the best investments to make is a makeup organizer. It would be best if you had dividers that will separate your cosmetics. So you can put your lipstick in one pocket or area, then you can put your bronzer and blush in another place, then your concealer in another, and so on.

If you order the makeup organizer from Amazon or another online retailer that requires shipping, then you can put your makeup back into the bag. However, please note to yourself as soon as you receive the item’s shipment from taking your makeup out of the bag and organizing it then. And last but not least, let’s not forget about cleaning your makeup brushes.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag, then chances are you don’t know the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes. You must clean your brushes once a month because there is a build-up of bacteria and other unhealthy microbes breeding within the bristles. However, don’t clean your brushes more often than that. Frequent washing of your brushes will cause the bristles to disintegrate.

You also do not require a unique brush cleaning solution. Save your money, and you can use ordinary shampoo to clean the bristles instead. Just wash the bristles thoroughly with warm water and shampoo and take a clean cloth and absorb the water with it after rinsing. Pad dry them and allow the bristles to finish drying on their own by air-drying them. If the brushes are over three years old, you will want to throw them out and buy new ones.


Cleaning your makeup bag is one of those things you never think of doing because you become so busy with other things. However, the next time you are about to put on your makeup, ask yourself when the last time was you cleaned your bag. You will also want to think back to the last time you replaced your makeup. If you are unable to remember, then you know that you are likely using expired cosmetics.

That is when you know that time for cleaning out your makeup bag is overdue. The best thing to do is clean your makeup bag itself once a week, then replace your makeup at the recommended times, and wash your brushes‘ once a month. If you keep that habit up, then you will be in great shape!