Can You Use A Hair Brush Straightener On Wet Hair?


What is the purpose of using a straightener brush? The goal is to save you plenty of time. You are rushing every morning as it is. You hop into the shower to get cleaned off first thing in the morning. Then you eat a quick breakfast while your hair is still soaking wet. And the last thing to do in your morning routine is to use a hairbrush straightener. But should you do it? Can you use a hair brush straightener on wet hair? The answer is, not if your hair is soaking wet. However, if your hair is damp, you can use it.

Why Is It Not Ideal To Use A Hair Brush Straightener On Wet Hair That Is Soaking Wet?

Here is the thing. You are aware that heat expands. When your fingers are hot, they bloat, and you cannot remove your rings easily as a result. The same applies to what happens to your hair if you add heat to it when it is wet. When the water molecules become more substantial in your hair, that can ruin your hair shaft drastically. That can cause your hair to dry out, become fizzy, weaken, and to break.

However, you can use your hair brush straightener on damp hair as long as you are careful with how you do it. The advantage of that is when your hair is damp; there are fewer curls to straighten, which makes the job easier. If you use the straightener on damp hair, protecting your hair and using the brush the right way is the way to do it without increasing the risk of severe damage. The great news is that it saves you time in the morning by doing this as well.

What Are The Steps To Take To Safely Use A Hair Brush Straightener On Wet Hair?

Taking the proper precautions to straighten your damp hair is critical to increasing your hair’s chances of staying healthy and safe. However, since you are short on time in the morning, you can straighten your hair after coming out of a shower as long as your hair is damp and not too wet. When you shower your hair, take your time to properly shampoo your hair with high-quality shampoo and use a high-quality conditioner after to help keep it moisturized—removing debris and dirt from your hair is what to do. After completing your shower, let’s go over the steps to keep your hair safe before using a hair brush straightener.

Step One: Dry With A Towel

If you are in such a rush in the morning, you won’t have the time to dry your hair with a dryer. However, you know you cannot use thehair brush straightener on sopping wet hair. That means the best way to get your hair from sopping wet to damp is by taking a clean and dry towel and blotting your hair. Allow the towel to soak up the excess water so you can dry it up as much as possible. There is only so much water you can remove with the cloth, so getting your hair to the point of dampness is the ideal goal.

Step Two: Detangle Your Hair

If you think you can grab your hair brush straightener right after drying your hair, you are wrong. That is because your hair has tangles. Removing the tangles is a must before using the hair brush straightener to smooth it out. You can use a comb to detangle your hair, and you can use your fingers.

Don’t only use your fingers to detangle your hair as you can easily miss workout out the small tangles. Using a comb is the best thing to do, so you can remove all of the tangles and knots that your fingers can’t always detect. After detangling your hair, apply a heat protectant such as cream or a spray into your hair. That will protect your hair as you use the hair brush straightener to smooth out your hair.

Step Three: Begin To Gently Brush Your Hair

Your hair is no longer sopping wet, and your hair is smooth. The tangles are out. You are ready to use the hair brush straightener on your hair. Keep the setting at a low temperature because the higher heat will potentially damage your hair. As you begin to brush your hair, do so in a gentle way.

Tackle every section of your hair and do it evenly to reach your goal to smooth out and beautify your hair. Prepare yourself for going over each section several times because of it being damp. Do not rush the process because rushing it will only damage your hair. The point of not using your hair brush straightener on soaking wet hair is for the protection of your hair. However, as you work on your damp hair, your exercising caution is a must.

Another consideration to make is to wake up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than you usually would so you can give your hair the extra time and care it requires. Additionally, you won’t feel so rushed.


You are busy each morning, and you don’t have the time to blowdry your hair after a shower. Yet you want to straighten your hair, and you wonder if you can use a hair brush straightener on wet hair. The answer is yes, but it’s a bad idea. However, it is terrible to do that as a hair brush straightener on sopping wet hair after a shower damages‘ it.

The happy medium with this is to use the hair brush straightener on damp hair carefully. All you do is take a shower you intend to take. After finishing up cleaning and conditioning your hair thoroughly, you take a clean, dry towel and dry your hair as much as you can. Then detangle your hair and add a heat protectant to it before using the hair brush straightener. Once you use the hair brush straightener, use it carefully and slowly. Then you’ll have smooth and straight clean hair‘ first thing in the morning. You’ll feel and look fantastic.