How To Use Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth


You have heard of the popularity of jojoba oil since it is perfect for your skin and your nails as it nourishes both of them. Jojoba oil also has fantastic properties for keeping hair healthy, strong and can promote hair growth. It is not to mention that it is effortless to use and quite pleasant to use, as so many hair growth remedies are not overly appealing.

Promoting hair growth by using jojoba oil is a very inexpensive way to do so as well, as many hair growth remedies can be quite costly and are not always practical. Let’s now talk about the history of jojoba oil, why it is so good for your hair, and how to utilize it for hair growth.

How Did Jojoba Oil Become Popular For Skin, Nail, And Hair Care?

Jojoba oil is a waxy and oily substance that comes from seeds in the jojoba plant, a shrub grown in the desert regions of the southwestern United States such as Arizona and southern California as Mexico. The discovery of this oil influenced manufacturers, adding it to food and cosmetics starting from the 1970s. You may wonder if it is safe to eat; however, many foods contain it. The oil has plenty of vitamins and minerals that do not contain calories since it is not digestible such as fiber. However, jojoba oil is an excellent lubricant for the digestive tract, and it has excellent moisturizing properties for your skin, hair, and nails as well.

The vitamins that jojoba oil contains are B vitamins, Vitamin C, E, zinc, and copper. However, nowadays, you will see jojoba oil in many hair and skin care products more often than not. Jojoba oil is an excellent nourishing moisturizer that is only gaining more and more popularity over time because this substance is so good for your body in many ways.

Over time, there are new findings of how beneficial jojoba oil is for your hair.

How Does Jojoba Oil Benefit Your Hair?

Because jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer, many shampoos and conditioners contain this critical component to keep your hair nourished, moisturized, and healthy. This oil protects your hair from split ends, dehydration, as well as the hair from breaking. Therefore, it prevents your hair from being dry and brittle. In addition to that, it can be an excellent remedy for dandruff, and it also moisturizes the scalp quite well.

Therefore, because this oil is an excellent hair-strengthener, it also prevents you from experiencing hair loss. Instead, it not only helps to thicken your hair, but it also promotes hair growth. That is because the oil helps keep the hair follicles moisturized, which will prevent dehydration and hair loss.

How Does Jojoba Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Jojoba oil helps prevent breakage of the hair and hair thinning since it has so many nutrients that will help nourish your hair. That is why jojoba oil helps with hair growth in addition to strengthening hair. It also beautifies hair as it helps bring out a shiny, silky, and smooth appearance. Even though jojoba oil helps to stimulate hair growth based on these particular factors, it is not a solution when it comes to therapy for male or female pattern baldness or alopecia.

However, jojoba oil helps you attain thick, luscious, and healthy-looking hair pretty quickly, even that being the case. Let’s now talk about how you can apply jojoba oil to your scalp to help promote healthy hair and growth. You cannot go wrong with that at all. Let’s now talk about how you can use jojoba oil for hair growth.

How Do You Use Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth?

There are three main ways you can use jojoba oil for hair growth. They all are quite simple and straightforward. Let’s go over them now.

  1. 1. Add Jojoba Oil To Your Shampoo Or Conditioner

If you have a favorite shampoo or conditioner that you like to use, you can add three to five drops of jojoba oil into either of them before using them. You can wash your hair as you usually do. If you wash your hair every 48 hours like most people, then the effects of the jojoba oil will begin to add up quickly.

  1. 2. Apply Jojoba Oil Directly To Your Hair

You will want to heat the jojoba oil before using it by the stove or microwave. One half of a minute to heat it with the microwave is sufficient, and if you are heating it on the stove, don’t allow it to go beyond simmering. If your hair is long, then you will want to use two tablespoons of jojoba oil. If you have short hair, then you will want only to use one tablespoon. To promote hair growth even quicker, you can add about three drops of peppermint oil and mix it in. That is optional, however.

As soon as you begin the application, start applying right above, but not on the scalp. Then work your way down to the tips. Make sure you do this evenly and allow it to settle for 20 minutes before you wash it off. When you are ready to wash it off, go and use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to clean it out and rinse the oil away.

Do not apply the jojoba oil directly to the scalp, and do not use it to clogged pores. However, if you have an issue with dandruff or if your scalp becomes too dry, then only add about one to two drops of the oil directly to it.

  1. 3. Buy Shampoos Or Conditioners That Contain Jojoba Oil

If you want to make this extremely simple, then buy shampoos and conditioners containing jojoba oil. That saves you the bother to put it into it and apply it to your hair. There are plenty of products that contain it which you can easily use.

Are There Any Side Effects From Using Jojoba Oil?

The use of jojoba oil is safe and side effects are rare except for the occasional allergy or sensitivity to it, which is also uncommon. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use it topically without any problems. However, at the same time, the best thing to do is either do a patch test to see if you have a reaction to it or use minimal amounts initially. If you don’t end up with any reactions such as hives or rashes, then you can increase the amount that you use for your hair.


You don’t like how your hair falls out or thins, especially during the winter months. Or even if it is not winter and you are finding that your hair is not growing as much as you would like, it requires nourishing so that there is also stimulation of hair growth. The one substance that helps with that is jojoba oil.

The application of jojoba oil to your hair is so simple and very safe to use. Not only does jojoba oil promote hair growth, but it will make your hair stronger, silkier, and thicker, which is what you ultimately want.