Everything You Need To Know About A Japanese Straight Perm


Many women with wavy or curly hair want to have their hair straightened don’t want to go for the Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment. They can try the Japanese straight perm for hair-straightening. In addition to that, these women with the hairstyle love how sleek and shiny it makes their hair. However, the issue with Japanese straight hair is that it can damage and ruin if an inexperienced stylist does the work.

Therefore, it is quite critical for those thinking of going for this hairstyle to understand the pros and cons. That will help you make that consideration of it being right for you or not. If it is not suitable for you, there are other ways to straighten your curly or wavy hair. Let’s first talk about what the Japanese straight perm style.

What Is The Japanese Straight Perm?

Japanese straight perm is a method of hair straightening that is long-lasting. The other term for this process is the thermal reconditioning process, which means that each of your hair strands becomes straightened by using glycolic acid-derivative for hair straightening. The solution wreaks havoc in the hair bond, which causes curly or wavy hair to straighten. After applying the solution, the next step is to blowdry and use a flat-iron for straightening each hair strand. The final touch is that there is an application of a neutralizer so that the hair remains straight for a long time.

The brief history of this style was that by the mid-1990s, hair perms became popular in Japan, motivating the Japanese stylists to use their perm approaches. After the era, North America adopted the Japanese straight perm, and the first salons to accept it was in Los Angeles and New York before other salons took it. Those who struggle with frizzy hair often have curly and wavy hair since that hair type becomes dehydrated quickly and wants to go for this hairstyle. Let’s now talk about the benefits of the Japanese straight perm.

What Are The Benefits Of The Japanese Straight Perm?

The main benefit is that you will enjoy straight hair for about six months. Even though the hair is not permanently straight despite it being called a ‘perm’, the straightening is long-lasting. The style lasts a lot longer than other straightening methods as well. In addition to that, this hairstyle makes hair maintenance very easy to do. You have to do minimal styling on your own and take care of washing and cleaning your hair several times a week.

You can also know that your hair will remain frizz-free during the time the perm is active, and your hair remains sleek and glossy, which will be why you receive many compliments. However, when it comes to pretty much everything in life, you have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s now talk about the disadvantages of Japanese straight perm, you must know.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Japanese Straight Perm?

Some risks come with the Japanese straight perm as it can cause your hair to become very dry and brittle. It can also cause breakages. However, there are reasons that you have naturally thin and brittle hair; you are not the right candidate. There is a lot of heat involved in the treatment, which can quickly destroy weak and thin hair. It can cause breakages as well as the hair to fall away.

In addition to that, you must go to a reputable salon. Speak to people who had the treatment about their experiences and whether or not they recommend the salon where they had the treatment. Look at online reviews and do any other research on the salon you plan on having the treatment. A good and experienced stylist that works at a reputable salon will give you the best perm as long as you have the right hair type. What is the right hair type for a Japanese straight perm? Let’s talk about that now.

What Makes Someone A Good Candidate For The Japanese Straight Perm?

If you don’t have thin, brittle, or damaged hair, you are the right candidate for having the Japanese straight perm treatment. You will want to have the treatment if your hair is too curly. If your hair has tight coils, you are the right candidate as well. However, know that you will requite touch-ups as your new hair grows.

If you are of African descent, then this treatment will not work too well due to the hair’s consistency. In addition to that, if you are pregnant or nursing, you are also not the right candidate because the treatment can easily cause hormonal imbalances.

However, you will want not to consider having the Japanese straight perm if you had your hair recently color-treated, which would be within six months. The thermal reconditioning will strain your hair profoundly, and due to the lack of protein build-up, you will damage the hair.

Similarly, if you have chemically-treated hair, you will also want to stay away from this treatment. The chemicals already weaken your hair from your previous treatment. The Japanese straight perm will add more chemicals to your hair and will cause more damage to it.

You also want not to make consideration for this procedure if you have highlighted hair. Technically, you can do it. However, it makes the process very difficult. Expect to endure a lot of time and energy for the stylist to set up a special preparation for rinsing, ironing, and drying each shade very well. That will make the treatment even more expensive as well.

How Do You Take Care Of Your Hair After The Japanese Straight Perm?

Learning about the aftercare for the Japanese straight perm is quite essential. You invested time and money in this process, and you want to make sure it pays. The first thing to do is to make sure your hair does not go near any moisture type for the three days after the treatment. That means you must not shower, and if you end up needing to run an errand in the middle of a rainy day, be sure to cover your head very well so that there is no exposure to any of your hair when you are outdoors. That also means avoiding the pool during that time.

You also want to avoid using accessories for hair stylings such as rubber bands, holders, and clips for the first three days. Don’t even tuck your hair behind your ears as it will cause the hair to be malformed.

After those three days pass, you can begin to wash your hair again but only get a special moisturizing shampoo that has no chemicals in it. However, stay away from the swimming pool for another two weeks because chlorine can cause damage. Avoid going for coloring or chemical treatments for two months after the treatment, which can easily lead to hair damage.

Only use styling products with SPF, so it protects your hair from the UV rays or keeps a hat on if you plan to stay outdoors for a while. You will also want to add conditioners with plenty of protein once a week as it will maintain that sleek appearance.


If you have curly or wavy hair, you quickly become so tired of the frizz‘. If you are looking for an alternative to Brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments for hair-straightening, consider the Japanese straight perm. The Japanese straight perm will provide your hair with that straight, sleek, and shiny appearance that you and everyone else around you will love.

As long as you do not have thin, brittle, color, or chemical-treated or damaged hair, you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are also not a candidate. To find the best salon to provide you with safe and high-quality treatment, do your research first and talk to stylists before committing.