Top 10 Tips That Actually Work to Get Glowing Skin

Makeup experts always get asked for advice on how to get glowing skin. Every single one will reveal it begins way before that first layer of foundation.

Certain products exist that give you a dewy skin look, but wouldn’t you rather achieve gorgeous skin complexion on your own?

Good news! Transforming your dull, dry skin to beautiful, glowing skin can happen by making just a few changes to your daily routine.

Read on for some expert beauty tips to make your skin glow like you recently returned from vacation.

10 Best Tips for Glowing Skin

Follow these 10 tips from beauty professionals for a beautiful face and stunning skin over your whole body.

1. Always Remove Makeup Before Going to Bed

Whenever a makeup artist refers to the “golden rule,” they only mean one thing. Always remove makeup before you go to bed. Your skin needs time to breathe and repair itself overnight.

Leaving makeup on while sleeping impedes this process. It also causes blemishes and blackheads.

You do not need to buy a specific makeup remover to do this. A little olive oil on a facecloth or cotton pad will do the trick.

2. Protect Your Skin in the Sun

Everyone knows that they should apply sunscreen to their face anytime they go into the sun, but not everyone does. Choose makeup that contains sunscreen.

Or make the first step in your makeup routine applying a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF. 30 SPF works even better.

Sun exposure over your lifetime causes age spots, wrinkles, and other unwanted skin issues. Choose sunscreen labeled as “nonacnegenic” or “noncomedogenic” to avoid blocking pores. Be sure you put on sunscreen even on cloudy or cold, snowy days as well.

3. Food as Medicine

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “you are what you eat.” So it’s no surprise the food you eat directly correlates to the quality of your skin complexion. Try to choose healthy, whole foods rather than fast food or pre-packaged products.

Eat fresh veggies and fruits every day. Be sure you get sufficient vitamins and enough protein.

Vitamin C does wonders to make your skin glowy. A diet low in sugar and fat helps keep insulin levels down and promotes dewy skin.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise gets the blood pumping throughout your body and increases your circulation. This accelerates the body’s natural cleansing process and gives you glowing skin.

Go for a jog or a long run, stretch it out during a yoga class, or hop on a bicycle and explore your local area. Even a brisk walk around the block will get your blood pumping.

Do not forget to take care of your skin before and after a workout. Minimize oil production by applying a toner before hitting the pavement. Then exfoliate your skin when you return while still warm and flush. Afterward, apply coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, or another moisturizer.

5. Get Better Sleep

There’s a reason they call it “beauty sleep.” Sleeping gives your skin time to recover and repair itself after assaults from the elements all day. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to avoid your skin looking as tired as you feel.

Always wash your face before bed and apply moisturizer, even with oily skin. Honey works as both an anti-bacterial and moisturizer to prevent pimples and keep your skin soft.

People with dry skin should choose a mild soap or cleanser that does not contain alcohol. They should also avoid hot water, which dries out the skin even further.

6. Drink More Water

One of the easiest and best ways to get glowing skin is to simply drink more water. Try to drink at least 64 ounces of pure water every day. That does not include juice, coffee, or alcoholic beverages.

In fact, you should avoid alcohol completely for clear, gorgeous skin.

Also, you should eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables with high water content. A few examples include grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber.

You can also apply rose water to your face to reduce eye puffiness and maintain your skin’s natural PH balance. Just spritz on during the day, don’t drink it.

7. Be Mindful When Caring for Acne

When caring for acne, be mindful and pay attention to how you take care of your skin. Do not pop pimples! It only leads to greater redness, swelling, and can result in permanent scarring.

Choose a facial cleanser that contains beta hydroxyl acid or alpha hydroxyl acid. Once you finish you can apply a lotion with benzoyl peroxide for all-over breakouts.

If you only get pimples once in a while, pick up a product containing salicylic acid for spot treatments. Once you feel a pimple on the way, clean the area with an anti-bacterial astringent like rose water and put a cold green tea bag on the spot for 10 minutes.

8. Incorporate Essential Oils

Many people benefit from incorporating essential oils into their skincare routine even if beauty experts do not all agree. Some oils work better for certain skin types versus others. Take the time to learn what type of skin you have before investing in essential oils.

People with dry skin benefit the most from using oil. They provide moisture and reduce dryness overall. Choose an oleic acid as the carrier oil. Then pick an essential oil made from rosewood, evening primrose, or neroli for the most benefits.

People with oily skin should choose oils high in linoleic acid like rosehip, evening primrose, and grapeseed. They also can use astringent oils like cypress or grapefruit to reduce the excess oil.

9. Create a Skin Care Routine

Creating a daily skin care routine if you do not have one already should be a big priority. How can you hope to have a beautiful face and clear skin if you do not take care of it every day? Do some research and pay attention to what works best for you through trial and error.

Also, if you do take care of your skin daily that does not mean you cannot set aside time to pamper yourself further. A gentle facial massage works great to give you glowing skin. There are tons of recipes for home beauty treatments online, so don’t be afraid to try them out.

10. Form Healthy Habits

A healthy lifestyle leads to healthy skin. Spend some time practicing self-care beyond your beauty routine. Avoid stress as much as possible since it causes poor skin and breakouts.

Stress produces cortisol and other necessary hormones that make your skin oily when overproduced. Try breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga for managing stress.

Exercising your facial muscles daily is another healthy habit to form. Even five minutes a day will help make the skin firmer and less likely to wrinkle as you age. You can find tons of facial exercise examples online as well.

Beauty Experts Know How to Get Glowing Skin

These tips should give you a better understanding of the steps required to get beautiful, glowing skin.

Do you still not feel like a beauty expert? Are you desperate for more beauty tips and tricks to transform your skin complexion?

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