10 Best Botox for Hair Products in 2021

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Majestic Hair Botox: Best Overall Botox

Inoar Professional BotoHair Kit: Best Hair Filler

Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox System: Best Formulation

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Botox for hair is a treatment that gives you frizz-free hair, making you look attractive and better. Investing in Botox could save you a lot of money, especially when you consistently spend on hair products, only to get bad results. With Botox for hair, the results are long-lasting, and you can always have a look you desire. In the same vein, it has anti-ageing properties, so that you can still retain your youthful, natural look without problems.

Taking your first step at Botox Hair treatment, you need to find the best products available that will be suitable to use. These products shouldn’t only be based on brand popularity, but also features and pros. This guide explicitly reviews the best 10 Botox for hair products that are useful and convenient; each of them with its features, specification, pros and cons.

Furthermore, it provides you with factors and features to consider when choosing a product to use from the list; check the buying guide questions’ section for that. With all of that put into consideration, you should end up with the best Botox for hair product available on the market for your hair care.

The 10 Best Botox for Hair Products Reviewed


Majestic Hair Botox: Best Overall Botox

For your advanced hair repair, Majestic Hair Botox is a perfect choice to use. This product has a top-notch effect on your hair, especially if there are damaged and broken fibers. It contains active ingredients, which are both repair and straightening formulas for an excellent performance. Also, it is a formaldehyde-free botox for hair product; hence, it is cruelty-free.

Majestic Hair Botox does not contain fumes, which means it is easy to use without any adverse effects. Some of the ingredients of this Botox product include caviar oil and collagen complex for restoration and moisturizing functions, respectively. Others include Vitamin E for smooth texture while Vitamin B5 enriches the hair for growth. More importantly, this product has a unique capability that supersedes other types available on the market – the ability to repair split ends.

Key Features:

  • No Fumes
  • Caviar Oil & Collagen Complex
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B5


  • Brand name: Majestic Keratin
  • Size: 4 Oz.
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Safe and easy to use on the hair
  • Outstanding restoration and Moisturizing effects
  • Provides the hair with essential nutrients for shine and growth
  • The best botox to repair hair with split ends
  • Smells nice
  • Needs you to use gloves


Inoar Professional BotoHair Kit: Best Hair Filler

Are you in need of a good Botox for hair kit? Inoar Professional BotoHair Kit is an excellent option to go for since there are 3 powerful products available. In this kit, there is the hair botox shampoo, the collagen treatment and reconstructor balm; each of them plays vital roles in hair care. While their functions are different, their ingredients are somewhat active for the enrichment of your natural hair.

With Inoar Professional BotoHair Kit, there are limitless possibilities with its use. For instance, they make sure hair volume is reduced to an optimum percentage and eliminates frizzy hair. Also, it makes sure there is a perfect realignment of tresses that will still retain the composition of your natural hair. Importantly, this product contains a unique blend of proteins and glossing agent for shine and softness.

Key Features:

  • Glossing agents
  • Kit with 3 products
  • Unique Blend of Proteins
  • Professional Design


  • Brand name: Inoar
  • Size: 33.8 Oz.
  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo + Collagen Treatment + Reconstructor Balm
  • Retains your natural hair but gives it a top-notch appearance
  • Makes the hair more defined and frizz-free
  • Contains several active agents to replenish Keratin
  • Contains formaldehyde


Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox System: Best Formulation

Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox System gives a correctional effect to your natural hair, with its powerful formulation, which works best for damaged hair. This product has a high conc. of Keratin – a substance responsible for revitalization and restoration of hair to a more natural state. The result of the use of this botox treatment is a soft, smooth hair that can last you for months.

Also, Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox System is different from most botox for hair products available on the market; it is administered using 10 Ampules. Each ampule of this product contains 20 ml. of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for hair growth. It makes sure it works on areas that are lacking protein. Generally, it restores hair within the shaft and gives the hair a healthy life.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Integrated Chemicals
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals


  • Brand name: Kashmir Keratin Systems
  • Size: 20 ml per Ampules
  • Keratin High-Conc.
  • An advanced chemical formula for treatment
  • Replenishes lost protein and Keratin in the hair
  • Makes hair soft and breathable
  • Not limited in quantity
  • A smoothing treatment with active ingredients that protects the hair from UV rays
  • Not cruelty-free, as it contains formaldehyde


Nutree Professional Blonde Botox Expert: Best Anti-Brass Botox

A Brazilian hair botox that allows you to treat brassy hair and at the same time, provides smoothing treatment for you is Nutree Professional Blonde Botox Expert. This product is quite the catch, as it can repair damaged hair as well as promote deep hydration, for a good, healthy hair. Based on the quality of this product, the effect lasts for nothing less than 2 months.

Nutree Professional Blonde Botox Expert will keep your hair frizz-free and nourished, with the active, unique ingredients present. For instance, Marine Collagen for treatment, Glutamic Acid and Almond oil to enhance shine and softness. As for blondes, it promotes long-lasting color-balance, shine, hydration, and strength. Often, it is highly advisable to use for weak, damaged, and fine hair.

Key Features:

  • 2+ Month Result
  • Marine Collagen
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Almond Oil


  • Brand name: Nutree
  • Size: 33.8 Oz.
  • Toner with Hair Smoothing Treatment
  • Acts as a perfect toner for brassy orange hair
  • Gives an ideal smoothing treatment
  • Keeps the hair hydrated and shiny all-day
  • Enhances hair strength and keeps it nourished
  • Ultimate protection against hair damage
  • Not listed


Expert Hair BotoExpert Professional Volume Reducer: Best Volume Control

Expert Hair BotoExpert Professional Volume Reducer is an exclusive product when you need to control hair volume to an optimal state. The working performance of this product is based on the active, essential ingredients it possesses, such as argan oil, olive and macadamia oil. In this review, it is the only Botox hair at home product with the largest quantity; hence, it can be used satisfactorily.

This thermo-active compound, Expert Hair BotoExpert Professional Volume Reducer is rich in vitamins and proteins for therapeutic functions. It is specially formulated for blondes so that their hair can stay smooth and pleasing. On how to use this Botox, make sure you wash hair with shampoo first and leave to dry; then, apply for 15 to 25 minutes and wash off afterwards.

Key Features:

  • Thermo-active Compound
  • 4x Argan Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Rich in Vitamins and Proteins


  • Brand name: Expert Hair
  • Size: 1 Kg.
  • Volume Reducer Treatment
  • Contains vibrant nutrients for hair growth
  • Keeps the hair straight, silky and frizz-free
  • Maintains your natural-looking hair
  • Easy to use on damaged hair
  • Bad packaging


Tahe Magic Botox Effect: Best Active Amount

One of the smallest but most useful Botox for hair products that you will come across is the Tahe Magic Botox Effect. This product works exceedingly well, regardless of its limited quantity. All it does is within its entire framework/side, and reviews have attested to the fact that it works.

Tahe Magic Botox Effect may be small, but it contains active ingredients which are useful for the enrichment of your hair. For instance, the argan oil is an independent source of nutrients and minerals, suitable for growth. Also, it contains another natural formula for seamless collagen production. Indeed, it is a small but effective smoothing treatment.

Key Features:

  • Argan Oil
  • Natural Collagen


  • Brand name: Tahe Magic
  • Size: 10 ml
  • Small Magic Botox
  • Gets rid of frizzy hair
  • Enhances breathability and revitalizes the hair
  • Easy to apply and put under control
  • Perfect repair for damaged hair
  • Limited quantity, so it doesn’t last long like other Botox treatment
  • Quite selective in performance, especially when it comes to damaged hair


Soft Liss Keratina Botox Gel: Best for Shine

Do you need extra shine, more than any you have ever seen? Soft Liss Keratina Botox Gel is all that you need to add to your hair for that max effect. This product is valid, and a lot of people can testify to its working potential. It works as both Sterilizing and Botox Gel Shampoo; with the duo, the hair becomes healthier and nicer.

Soft Liss Keratina Botox Gel is an excellent choice for volume reduction and softening effect of your hair. It works nicely on damaged hair so that you don’t have to worry about spending more money on treatment. There are different application plans for this product, but each of them has proven more useful than Keratin hair treatment. It is indeed, one of the best smoothing treatments with easy use.

Key Features:

  • 30%-40% Over Keratin Application
  • 2 Preliminary Tests


  • Brand name: Soft Liss
  • Size: 16 Oz.
  • Sterilizing and Botox GEL Shampoo
  • Made from one of the top remarkable brands in the hair industry
  • Removes volume, ultimately
  • Adds shine to the best of its abilities
  • Keeps the hair hydrated and
  • The smell could trigger people with allergies


Koko Keratin Botox Hair Treatment: Best for Collagen Production

Just in case you need a Botox hair product that will produce optimum amount collagen needed by the hair for growth, Koko Keratin Botox Hair Treatment is a useful one in that aspect. It has infused in its formula, collagen with proteins which will be suitable to use on the hair. On several occasions, different stylists in salons recommend this product because of its active working potential in getting rid of many hair issues.

Koko Keratin Botox Hair Treatment is also an excellent choice to treat dry and damaged hair excessively so that you don’t have to worry about your looks anymore. With the product, your hair will become elastic, vibrant, frizz-free and a lot better than it used to in the past.

Key Features:

  • Collagen Proteins
  • Natural Formula


  • Brand name: KOKO KERATIN
  • Size: 33.8 Oz.
  • Brazilian Hair Smoothing Treatment with Collagen
  • Increases hair vibrancy
  • Keeps the hair soft, flexible and frizz-free
  • Repairs damaged and dry hair
  • Enhances easy styling
  • The smell may not be that lovely


BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment: Best Treatment Kit

Are you thinking about spending your money wisely on the best hair treatment kit for botox? BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment is worth spending your money on if you consider the entire package. It comes with 4 different products, which are useful in treating your hair to maximum satisfaction; they include a clarifying shampoo, a Smartconditioner, a BotoSmart, and a Smartshampoo.

The various products in BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment have their respective functions, but in all ramifications, they work to make the hair healthier. Interestingly, they contain active ingredients that make sure it works on all hair types. Also, they fill the hair with lost nutrients, so you don’t have to worry about your weakened, dry or damaged hair. It is worth the money as it forms a moisture barrier in the treatment process, which is not something easy to find.

Key Features:

  • Formaldehyde Formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Kit with 4 Products


  • Brand name: Infinito Colors
  • Size: 16 Oz. + 4 Oz.
  • Hair Treatment Kit
  • Treats dry and damaged hair well
  • Keeps the hair intact, retaining your natural look
  • Not too expensive
  • Replaces all lost hair nutrients
  • Gives a shiny, frizz-free result
  • Contains formaldehyde


Brazilian Keratin Research: Best Alternative Product

Finally, you may want to consider another exciting product that works as both Botox and Keratin treatment – Brazilian Keratin Research. This product is made with an improved formula to improve the quality of your hair to the maximum. For instance, the argan oil is an essential source of nutrient; the coconut oil maintains its lustrous shine and vibrance. What you would also love about this product is that it has fragrance, which means it smells pleasant on application.

Brazilian Keratin Research, however, requires extra pieces of equipment when in use for treatment; thus, you should check out a tool kit before use.

Key Features:

  • Argan Oil
  • Improved Formula
  • Fragrance
  • Coconut Oils
  • Proteins and Amino Acids


  • Brand name: Keratin Research
  • Size: 10 Oz.
  • Moisture Binding Treatment
  • Retains moisture; hence, a suitable choice for dry hair
  • Maintains a shiny, healthy hair
  • Gives the hair more strength
  • Releases fumes that may irritate the eyes

Buying Guide Questions

If there is anything you are willing to know about hair Botox, this section seems like the perfect place to do. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, as regards the use of Hair Botox products and treatment, generally. Also, the answers are clear in providing insights into the process.

How long does hair Botox last?

When you visit a trusted salon for a hair Botox treatment, you will be briefed about a lot of things; some of them provide information leaflets on what the process entails. Also, you may find a list of the top products used, and you will be recommended to a type that best suits your hair. Depending on the product, you will be told how long the effect is going to last so that you can have an idea of how effective it will be.

On most cases, hair Botox treatment lasts between 2 to 4 months; the result depends on the person’s hair and the product’s quality. Besides, if you use a sulfate-free shampoo, the effect should last longer.

Does hair Botox straighten hair?

There are a lot of things hair Botox will do for you, but straightening your hair is not one of them. If you want to straighten your hair, then you should consider opting-in for Keratin treatment. One of the things hair Botox does is to relax and smoothen the curls so that you have a good, healthy-looking hair. Besides, most popular products do not contain Botulinum Toxin, which is an active ingredient in straightening one’s hair. However, they contain Vitamins and Antioxidants for the enrichment of bad or damaged hair.

Is hair Botox good for hair? Does Botox ruin your hair?

Hair Botox is an effective treatment to make the quality and texture of your hair even more appealing. It costs quite a lot having this treatment done; however, the final result is commendable. Using hair Botox products is a risk, mainly if you depend on your discretion to know what works best; this article review should be a solution to your problem. With any of the best 10 hair Botox product, you should have your hair in good form, without it being ruined in any way; however, the side effects may be minimal.

What is the disadvantage of hair Botox?

Hair Botox treatment comes with risks and consequences; thus, stylists often recommend that it should be done only two or three times a year. If you are wondering why it is consequential to follow through with the recommendation, it is because hair breakage, dullness and thinning could result from consistent use.

When Botox products are applied or injected into the scalp, a lot of people develop skin irritation and allergies. Another good deal number of people also have their hair drying out from its application. Nevertheless, the disadvantages are not as many as compared to their benefits.

Is Botox better than Keratin?

On hair botox vs. Keratin, a lot of sites have tried to provide answers on how both treatments supersede each other. However, the significant answer, as to whether Hair Botox is better than Keratin lies in the hair result you desire. Firstly, you need to have a clear insight into what you want to see during any hair treatment; then, a decision will be made on what would be suitable for you.

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that will improve the quality of your hair from a damaged state to a healthier one. On the other hand, Keratin will keep your hair silky, smooth and straightened. Therefore, arguments are based on these results.

Can I wash my hair after hair Botox?

Yes, Post-Hair Botox treatment requires to wash your hair. You should wash your hair at least 48 hours, and at most, 72 hours, after treatment. The essence of doing this post-treatment is to ensure deep conditioning and maximum absorption. However, you need to know that the time you spend washing your hair will reduce after the initial washing stage is over. Between 2 to 4 months after hair Botox treatment, you should avoid washing consistently, so the result can stay longer.


You may not know how to choose Botox for hair products, but this review guide will teach you how to because it has provided you with relevant information. Above is a list of the 10 best Botox for hair products, with their features and specialty; choose what is suitable to use. Thereon, you will start to look attractive with your hair repaired and vibrant.

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