Kalonji Oil Benefits (Black Seeds) For Hair Loss & Regrowth


Hair loss is normal and expected to happen. It is normal to shed 50 to 100 hair strands daily. You also shed more hair during the winter than you do in the summer because dry winter air causes hair loss. However, when your hair loss is extreme, and you are just losing too much hair, that can be quite distressing.

You’d get to the point of looking for potions and cures for hair loss that are not natural and can cause more damage as a result. Fortunately, there is a natural and safe way to stop hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. The thing that will help with this is kalonji oil or black seeds.

What Is Kalonji Oil And How Does It Help With Hair Growth And Restoration?

Black seeds come from the flower, which is called Nigella sativa. This flower is only native to the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Eastern Europe. They are also known as black cumin, black caraway, and black onion seeds. The alternative term used for the seeds is Kalonji.

Black seeds are Ayurvedic remedies, and Ayurveda treated ailments with them for thousands of years, including asthma, arthritis, intestinal worms, allergies, headaches, and diabetes. They are a natural weight loss supplement as well. Nowadays, oil from black seeds treats cosmetic issues that involve hair care and skin care. That is because the oil contains an antioxidant that reduces skin inflammation called thymoquinone.

Thymoquinone helps fighting diseases of the skin caused by fungi and bacteria. How does it help with hair care, however? That is because the antioxidant has alkaloids, saponins, as well as proteins for stimulating hair growth. It also slows down the aging of hair cells, which causes the hair to thin. Additionally, it prevents the falling of hair resulting from hair follicle inflammation.

Kalonji oil helps regulate the cycle of hair growth to keep it in balance, keeping the follicles stimulated. In addition to that, the oil is quite nourishing, which helps it maintain its shine and keeps the scalp moisturized.

If you take a look at natural shampoos and oils for hair and homemade hair care products, you’ll see that black seed oil is a listed ingredient. It helps to improve the hair texture and helps to put a halt to hair loss because of how rich in nutrients it is for the hair. The black seed oil also contains an antihistamine called nigellone, which helps to promote hair growth.

Nigellone is for patients that have conditions that cause hair loss such as alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia. It is a natural source to help with hair growth, and that means patients who have either condition do not have to worry about taking medication. Nigellone works very well for hair growth.

However, hair growth and preventing hair loss are not the only benefits that kalonji oil provides. It can also offer other benefits to your hair, which are fantastic bonuses.

How Else Can Kalonji Oil Help With Hair?

Kalonji oil isn’t only useful for preventing hair from falling out and for stimulating hair growth. The black seed oil has other uses as well. One of the most popular methods for kalonji oil is to help prevent greying. The oil not only helps to prevent hair from turning grey, but it reverses the hair color if it does. Black seeds contain linoleic acid, and that prevents the pigment cells in the follicles from depletion. The black seed oil helps people with vitiligo, which is an autoimmune condition that causes loss of pigmentation of parts of skin over time.

Another benefit of kalonji oil is that it helps to keep hair appropriately conditioned. The way it works is that it helps to normalize the sebum production in the scalp. Sebum is the oil that is naturally produced in the scalp as well as on the pores. Hair that is greasy means that there is a production of too much sebum, and a dry scalp results in not enough oil production. Black seed oil balances the sebum production so that the hair is not overly greasy and, at the same time, is not dry.

One last benefit that kalonji oil has on your hair is protecting your hair from free radicals. The oil contains properties that can help neutralize free radicals, which means it keeps the damage to a minimum. If this isn’t enough to convince you to give the oil a try, I don’t know what would do the trick.

Now, let’s talk about using kalonji oil to provide your hair and scalp the best benefits.

How To Use Kalonji Oil For Your Hair To Prevent Baldness And To Stimulate Growth

Using kalonji oil is very easy to do as there are not many steps required to work. You want to do this two to three times a week. All you need per session is two tablespoons of black seed oil and at least an hour to spare.

Step One: Put The Oil In Your Hands And Massage Your Scalp And Hair

The first thing to do is to take two tablespoons of black seed oil and pour it into your hands’ palms. Then begin to massage the oil into your scalp. The areas of your scalp that has the most hair loss should be the focus. Massaging the oil into your scalp is essential for helping to stimulate your hair follicles for promoting growth.

Step Two: Cover Your Scalp And Hair

Don’t just massage the oil into your scalp. Cover your hair as well, which includes the roots. That means to cover your entire hair with the black seed oil, so each hair strand and each area of your scalp receives the nutrients from the oil for it to do its job correctly.

Step Three: Leave The Oil In Your Hair Up To 30 To 60 Minutes

After massaging your entire hair with the oil, allow it to settle in for 30 to 60 minutes. If your hair is short, then all you need for the oil to set in is a half-hour. If your hair is long, then keep it in for an hour. Once the time is up, then go and wash it off with your shampoo of choice. That is all you need to do.


Losing strands of hair is normal. Especially during the winter because of the dryness in the air. However, if there is a loss of too many strands of hair, that isn’t easy to handle. There are plenty of products on the market for hair growth and preventing hair loss. However, you don’t know which products are trustworthy and safe, even if they are supposedly organic.

That is why the best solution for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth is black seed oil. Black seed oil or kalonji oil has other fantastic properties and benefits and is the best solution for any hair condition.