How To Get Rid of Dark Knees Overnight & Fast


During the summer, it is too hot to wear long pants, so wearing shorts, skirts, and sundresses are the only option. However, there is a big problem with that because of my knees. And they become dark, which is embarrassing to show off. That in itself made me want to wear long pants no matter how hot it was outside.

However, luckily, that is not the case anymore. That is because I found out how to get rid of dark knees quite fast. If you look at your knees, you’ll see how dark they are. And there is nothing you can do to prevent them from going dark. However, lightening them up is easy and doable.

What Causes Dark Knees To Form?

There are several reasons for your knees going dark. The first reason your knees go dark is because of experiencing an injury in the knees, such as a fall or a car accident. When your skin heals, it leaves a dark appearance, and the name for this is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The darkness on your knees can appear patchy or can have a scar from a previous profound cut. However, that is the exception and not the rule for the cause of dark knees.

More often than not, dark knees are the result of a ‘condition’ known as photocontact dermatitis. What causes that? The first thing to ask yourself is what type of lotions and creams you put on your legs and knees. Do those lotions and creams have dyes and other chemicals that are irritating your skin on your knees? There is a good chance that it is. The reason your skin goes dark from this is that when your skin becomes itchy and red, it can react to light. When that happens, it becomes dark. The next time you put your lotion on your knees, observe what happens.

Other causes for dark knees result from dead skin accumulating on your knees, too much sun exposure, or hormonal imbalances. You have to remember that the skin on your knees lacks oil glands, which is why they become dry and dehydrated—the lack of moisturizer results in dirty and dry knees.

As you see, there are several causes for dark knees. The fortunate thing is that there are several natural methods to lighten them up, and they are quite easy to do. Let’s go over the first method to lighten up dark knees, which are by using a cucumber.

An Ordinary Cucumber Will Help Get Rid Of Dark Knees

That ordinary cucumber that you slice up and throw into your salads is a great natural tool for removing dark knees fast. Cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable, so the fruit is rich in both Vitamins A and C, which keeps the skin healthy and nourished. All you do is slice up a cucumber into thick pieces. Then go and rub them on your knees for 15 minutes. Finally, leave the cucumbers on your knees for five minutes, and then use cold water to rinse it off. You have to do this daily until your knees do lighten up.

If you don’t want to use an actual cucumber for this task, you can use cucumber juice mixed with lemon juice. Mix equal parts of both extracts and leave the mixture on your knees for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. That is just as effective as using a cucumber. The next mix to lighten dark knees is lemon and baking soda.

Lemon And Baking Soda Mixture To Lighten Dark Knees

Lemon is the ideal fruit for lightening your skin because it is extremely rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. That not only removes dark knees but also helps with skin regeneration and helps to brighten the complexion. Baking soda is a natural cleanser which cleanses the knees and lightens it as a result. This method of removing dark knees is straightforward.

All you need to do is take a lemon and cut it into two halves, then add one tablespoon of baking soda. Rub your knees with the lemon for one minute and allow the baking soda and natural lemon juice to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. Use warm water to wash it off and rinse and repeat every two days. It will not take long to attain your goal. Another great mixture to try out for lightening knees is sugar and olive oil.

Olive Oil And Sugar Mixture For Removing Dark Knees

If you don’t want to use cucumbers or lemons to lighten your knees, there is another option to try. That is using olive oil and sugar. Take equal amounts of olive oil and sugar and mix them quite well as it will create a paste-like substance. Apply the mixture to your knees and massage it for five minutes in a circular motion, and this mixture will work quickly. However, dark knees can appear soon again, so you want to do this weekly if you choose this method.

The beautiful thing about this mixture is that it can also cleanse your face and help improve complexion. Be careful as you rub the mixture into your skin on your face or knees. The sugar granules can easily irritate your skin. There is another method to try to lighten your knees. That is by using a potato.

A Potato Can Brighten Your Knees

This option is easy. Potatoes are excellent skin-lighteners because they contain lightening enzymes that are catecholase enzymes, Grate the potato, and take a cup and squeeze the potato juice you are using. Then add it to your knees and leave it for 15 minutes to settle in before rinsing it with water. Once the time is up, clean your skin, and add some moisturizer.

If you prefer using cut-up raw potato pieces instead, you can do that as well. Rub a potato slice on your knees for 15 minutes and then wash it off, and add the moisturizer after. There is one more method to try out for removing dark knees: using a milk and aloe vera mixture.

Milk And Aloe Vera For Lightening Knees

Aloe vera has properties that lighten and moisturize the skin as well as anti-microbial properties. Milk helps to lighten skin naturally, and when you use it together, it creates a potent skin-lightening mixture. Add equal amounts of milk as well as aloe vera gel together and mix it up. Apply it to your knees and allow it to stay overnight. The next morning, wash it off.

You are now questioning if these methods will remove dark knees overnight? Let’s talk about that now.

Can The Removal Of Dark Knees Happen Overnight?

You know these remedies can remove dark knees quickly, but it may or may not happen overnight. That depends on how dark your knees are. The darker your knees are, the more work and time it will take to lighten them. If they are slightly discolored, the knees might lighten overnight. However, there are no promises with that either.

One way on how to get rid of dark knees overnight and fast is by using bleaching cream. These creams are not 100 percent natural, so beware of that. If you decide to use a cream for lightening knees, don’t forget to moisturize right after as these creams can quickly dry out your skin. Observe how your skin reacts to the cream, which means you can develop a rash due to an allergic reaction or a skin sensitivity. If you do, then you cannot continue using it.

Even though natural methods to lighten your knees are the best, the results you receive take longer. Therefore, they are slower acting. That depends on whether or not you are in a hurry to have lighter knees.


Having dark knees is embarrassing during the summer or warmer months. It makes women quite self-conscious when it comes to wearing shorts, skirts, or sundresses. Even men that have dark knees don’t like to wear shorts for the same reason. Therefore, going out in public means having to wear long pants during the year’s hottest time. That is no way to live.

Fortunately, there are methods for removing dark knees quickly. Using natural methods for lightening knees work very well. However, they don’t provide the quickest results. If you want to remove dark knees fast and overnight, then a bleaching cream is your best bet. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin right after if you decide to go that route.