At-Home Laser Hair Removal For Face Hair


If you are sick and tired of spending so much money and time going to the salon for hair removal treatments, listen. If you are also tired of waxing and shaving and using other concoctions to remove your hair, then listen up. Firstly, I understand why you feel that way. It gets exhausting having to wax and shave all of the time.

Even though you can do all of that in the comfort of your own home, enough is enough. That is why you want to invest in the at-home laser removal for facial hair. That way, you will never have to worry about waxing, shaving, and going to the salon again for treatments. However, there are things you must know about at-home laser removal for facial hair as well.

One Benefit Of At-Home Laser Hair Removal Is That It Saves You Money

You know how expensive it is to go to the salon for a hair removal treatment after another. You are probably spending well over $100 per session. An at-home laser hair removal device will cost you around several hundreds of dollars. However, think about how much money you spend at the salon by going for one treatment after another. That is a lot of money spent. The overall savings you get from this one-time investment is most definitely worth making.

The additional benefit you get from removing your facial hair at home with a laser removal device is the convenience. You do not have to drive your car over to the salon every time. You can do your sessions in the comfort of your own home, anywhere you choose. The best place to do the job is in the bathroom, of course. However, that is entirely up to you. Between the fact that you are saving plenty of money on treatments as well as on fuel is an enticing reason to start with hair removal at home. However, before you get excited about this information, there are other things to know about what is involved.

How Hair Removal Devices Work

When you wax or shave, all you do is remove the hair strands. And with shaving, you are trimming the hair strands, which is why waxing is more effective than that. However, just because the hair strands disappear, the follicle is untouched. That is why your facial hair keeps growing back after waxing and shaving. It grows back even quicker after shaving than waxing.

However, when it comes to laser facial hair removal or hair removal on any other part of your body, the follicle is destroyed. The light beams kill the follicle, which is why, eventually, hair growth does stop. That is a significant advantage of at-home laser hair removal. However, one session will not remove hair follicles on your face. You will need anywhere from five to eight sessions for the hair to stop growing. You can do treatments every two weeks if no hair grows within that time frame. That would likely happen towards the end of your sessions. However, some stragglers show up even after which can use a zap.

Another essential thing to know is that if you wax away your facial hair, you want to wait a month before using a facial hair removal device. It would be best if you had stubs of hair present for it to work. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and energy. Not to mention, that could be painful.

Laser Hair Removal For Facial Hair Can Hurt

Does laser hair removal hurt? It can. That also depends on the setting where you set the device. If you keep the facial hair removal device setting low, then it won’t hurt too badly. However, at the same time, its effectiveness at a lower setting won’t be as strong. That is why to expect to have around eight sessions instead of five if you keep the setting low. If you decide to use a higher setting while you remove your facial hair with the device, that won’t be the case. Five sessions are all you need except a few straggler hairs showing up now and then on your face.

However, when you use your at-home hair removal for facial hair device at a higher setting, expect it to hurt. It feels like an electric zap on your face. The good news is that your skin becomes used to the sensation quickly and you become more or less desensitized to it. That is why you want to be very careful with removing the mustache in a sensitive area on the face. There are some devices where removing the mustache is safer, and there are others that are not safe. Either way, set it to the lowest setting if you want to get rid of your mustache. Before you get the facial laser hair removal device, note your skin and hair color.

Having Dark Skin And Fair Hair Is Not Ideal For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works best for those who are light-skinned that have dark hair. The reason for that is the laser focuses on anything that has a dark pigment for it to work, and it ignores anything with light pigments. That means if your skin is dark or has blonde hair, this is not the ideal form of hair removal.

However, there is some good news on that. Thanks to evolving technology, some devices can recognize the difference between dark skin and dark hair and light skin and light hair. You can expect more of that to happen in the future as well. For now, however, if you have dark hair and fair skin, you are still the perfect candidate for at-home-laser hair removal for facial hair. Don’t buy the first device you find either if you decide to stop waxing and use them to remove facial hair instead.

Talk To An Esthetician And Dermatologist Before Buying The Laser Hair Removal Device

If you have never had any laser hair removal treatment before, or have ever done so yourself, talk to a dermatologist and an esthetician. The dermatologist will tell you if your skin type is ideal for at-home laser hair removal for facial hair. If your skin has a darker complexion, your dermatologist will tell you it is not ideal to do it. However, they’ll let you know alternatives, or perhaps they’ll inform you of a specific type of laser hair removal treatment.

The esthetician can guide you on how to remove your facial hair with an at-home laser hair removal device. Regardless of what you learn and what you are told by professionals, start it off slowly. Use the lowest settings and do it for a short time until you become used to it and more experienced with it.


You are tired of shaving and waxing, and who can blame you? Shaving does not remove your facial hair as it just trims it, and that means it grows back quickly. Your hair disappears after waxing, but waxing does not destroy your hair follicles, which is what you want to happen. Hair grows back eventually after waxing, and that is the reason for it.

That is why you can consider using an at-home laser hair removal device for facial hair. This device helps remove facial hairs for good because they destroy hair follicles. Before buying one, visit your dermatologist and esthetician to talk to them about what you need to know before taking this huge step.