8 Reasons To Have Home Laser Hair Removal


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Do you dread each time your leg hairs or bikini line hairs are getting long? That is because the idea of shaving and waxing is not something to want. And even if you wax, which is more painful than shaving, your hair eventually grows back. Even though it is less frequently after you shave, that is why you will want to consider having home laser hair removal.

There are some key advantages when you go that route. What are the benefits of having home laser hair removal? Let’s talk about eight reasons why you want to start utilizing that method to remove hair.

  • 1. You Do Not Have To Worry About Hair Growing Back Very Often

One reason that anyone considers waxing and shaving dreadful is how the results only last for so long. Even though waxing provides longer-lasting results than shaving, hair grows back pretty fast regardless. That means you have to do the whole waxing or shaving process again soon after.

When it comes to home laser hair removal, you do not have to do the process frequently. When it comes to shaving, all you do is trim the hair away, and that means the hair grows back very quickly, which means you will have to shave again in a week or sooner. When you wax, you remove the hair, but the follicle is intact.

Therefore, the hair ends up growing back in a matter of weeks or a month. However, home laser hair removal destroyed the follicles and removes 70 to 90 percent of hair. That vastly reduces the frequency of how often to do the hair removal sessions. In 2008, the FDA approved laser hair removal technology, and it is quite appealing.

  • 2. Home Laser Hair Removal Works For All Hair And Skin Tones

At one time, if you did not have dark hair and fair skin, hair removal was difficult or downright impossible. However, thanks to Elos technology, you can do laser hair removal on any skin tone with any hair color. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your skin being too dark or your hair being too light when it comes to utilizing this method to remove hair.

Years ago, this would have been a considerable disadvantage for laser home removal, but fortunately, that is no longer the case.

  • 3. It Is Inexpensive

If you get your laser hair removal treatments at the salon, you would be spending a lot of money, making the process unappealing alone. However, the great news is that it is relatively cheap compared to the salon when it comes to at-home laser hair removal treatments. If you are spending between $100 to over $200 at the salon each time, you go for your laser hair removal treatments, the cost increases.

However, you never have to worry about spending more than $450 one time for an at-home laser hair removal device, and in the long run, it saves you so much money.

  • 4. The Convenience Of Doing The Treatments At Home Is Quite Appealing

When you have to make an appointment to go to the salon, you have to make sure you have nothing else scheduled for that day. You have to consider the possibility of waiting around when you get there if the staff is running behind. Then the rest of your day is affected. And, you also dread the idea of going to the salon when it is a cold, snowy, or rainy day. Who likes to drive in that type of weather?

At least when you are home doing the treatments, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You can do the sessions in your own home whenever you would like! And you don’t need to worry about showing your private areas to anyone as well, which is a bonus.

  • 5. There Won’t Be Any Need To Bleach Anymore

Many women end up having to bleach their facial hair as a last resort. The issue with bleaching is that it fails to give you that smooth surface free of hair, which is what laser hair removal provides. If you bleach your hair, the results don’t last for very long, either, and you also are faced with the terrible odor from the bleaching.

That is not something you face with laser hair removal. Not to mention, consistent bleaching is not suitable for your skin as it can cause dry skin and brittle hair. Constant bleaching will negatively impact the pigmentation of your skin. At-home laser hair removal is a much better option, don’t you think?

  • 6. You Never Have To Worry About Ingrown Hairs

When you shave or wax your hair, you can easily face ingrown hairs and skin irritation, which is embarrassing. That is one appealing feature of home laser home removal as you never have to worry about ingrown hairs again. And that means by not having to face ingrown hairs; it wonders your self-confidence and self-esteem.

And one common reason for dreading the shaving or waxing sessions is this reason. The idea of ingrown hairs caused by these methods is not a nice one to have.

  • 7. You No Longer Have To Be Self-Conscious If You Wear A Bikini

One of the reasons women are self-conscious about wearing a bikini at the beach is bikini line visibility. However, when they use laser hair removal for the bikini line, they can make it disappear so well that there are no issues with wearing a bikini. That also means there is no embarrassing underarm hair either that is visible. Women can enjoy their time on the beach without needing to be self-conscious.

  • 8. Men Can Use It As Well

Men who don’t want beards or facial hair can use at-home laser hair removal to give them that clean appearance. That means men that want to dress better and appear cleaner can use these unisex laser hair removal devices, and they will provide them with precisely what they want. Their goal is to appear tidy and neat, and these devices will make that happen for them.


The idea of shaving or waxing hair is a dreadful one, which is why it is easy to put off this is a task. However, at-home hair laser removal changes that issue for the better. Firstly, there is no need to run to the salon for laser hair removal treatments if they can do so in the comfort of their own homes.

And they can save a lot of money in the long run as well. Laser hair removal‘ provides so many other benefits over shaving and waxing that everyone may do it one day, especially since those who have fair hair or dark skin can now use it thanks to evolving technology.