10 Step At Home Laser Hair Removal Preparation Guide

1. No plucking or waxing

Up to 3- 4 weeks prior to your home Laser or IPL  treatment, you must not plucking or waxing any body hair.

By doing this you will disrupted your hair follicles. This could potentially effect the success of your treatment. Using depilatory creams is also not advised. You can however shave because you are cutting the hair during its growth stage.   

2. Avoid Tanning

During and prior to your treatment you must avoid any form of tanning, including

sun beds, outdoor tanning and tanning lotions. Laser and IPL treatments are less

effective for permanent hair reduction when your skin is darker.

3. No bleaching

Do not bleach your hair prior to your Laser or IPL treatment. Laser hair removal devices work by  locating the melanin within your hair follicles. The darker the hair the more effective the treatment will be.

4. Shave before

It is advised that you shave the treatment area one or two nights before. This will enable the Laser or IPL device to penetrate the hair follicle at the right stage of growth. Also, longer hairs tend to hurt more when they are zapped by your laser device.

5. Clean the treatment area

Before you use your laser or IPL device, make sure that you must clean the treatment area with an antiseptic wipe to remove any deodorants, lotions or cosmetics.  This is important because If the area isn’t fully clean then you could potentially burn yourself.

6. Apply topical cream before

Apply a moderately thick layer of topical numbing cream to your skin about 30 – 40 minutes before you start your laser treatment. This will reduce the pain level  during the treatment. Topical cream will also help stop any skin damage, burning or irritation.

7. Wear the right clothing

During your treatment, It is important to wear loose-fitting clothing. This will ensure that you stay comfortable during your treatment. Wearing tight clothing may irritated the skin if it is sensitive after your treatment.

8. Wear protective eyeware

Make sure you invest in a good pay of protective eyewear. The laser light emitted by your device during a treatment is very powerful. If you don’t take the right precautions to protect your eyes then you could cause long term damagegg.

9. Apply topical cream after

After using your IPL or Laser hair removal device, ensure that you apply topical

cream to the treatment area. It is really important to cool the treatment area after

using your laser or IPL device to protect skin tissue surrounding the hair follicle.

10. Protect from  the sun

I know it is very tempting to show your legs off if it is sunny. You must be careful though and apply plenty of sun cream when you go out. Any Exposure to UVA or UVB rays can reduce the effectiveness of your treatment. You don’t want all that hard work to go out of the window.

At home laser hair removal preparation conclusion

Although it is cheaper to buy a laser hair removal device instead of going to a salon. To protect your investment you must do every you can to get the best out of your device. You must following these 10 steps every time you do a treatment. By doing this you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed with long term hair removal.

Laser hair removal does have certain risks, so make sure you do your research and follow the advice that you are given. If you there is a tip that I have not mentioned then please share it by added a comment below. You are one step closer to beautiful smooth skin all year round!!