5 Steps To Take To Protect Your Skin While Wearing Jewelry

Humans have worn jewelry for thousands of years. There are traditions regarding jewelry in every corner of this planet where people live.

Men and women wear jewelry. But there are a few consequences to wearing jewelry for some of us.

Sometimes wearing our favorite jewelry causes our skin to breakout, gives us unsightly skin abrasions, causes skin allergies, and turn our skin green. If your jewelry is causing you problems, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re sharing with you five steps you can take to protect your skin while wearing jewelry. Keep reading to learn our simple tips.

1. Keep the Area Dry When Wearing Jewelry

If you find you’re having trouble with your jewelry, there are a few things you should avoid doing. Don’t cook, swim, sleep, workout or apply your makeup while wearing jewelry.

Avoiding these fives activities while wearing jewelry should help you cut down on any skin rashes or allergies you’re experiencing.

Keeping your skin dry while wearing jewelry is the one you should be most concerned about. Bacteria can get trapped and start to wreak all types of havoc on your skin.

2. Do Your Homework Before Buying Your Jewelry

If you are finding that your jewelry is causing you all sorts of unpleasant problems, it may be because it’s not made from good materials.

Cheap jewelry may look good but it often contains a cheap metal nickel which irritates the skin. While many times affordable jewelry does contain a coating to help prevent the nickel from irritating your skin, it can wear off.

It’s often wiser to invest in a good piece of jewelry you can use for many years than buying costume jewelry you only plan to wear for one season.

3. Try Flat Back Screws to Find Earrings You Can Sleep in

Sometimes you just want to go to sleep without removing your earrings first. Unfortunately, most of the time, the back of the earring pokes into the back of your neck and it’s uncomfortable.

Find earrings with flat back screws are a great solution. They look great and they’re earrings you can sleep in and even shower while wearing without worrying they’ll fall off in the shower.

4. Help Alleviate Skin Allergies With These Methods

We’ve already discussed that bacteria can easily get trapped in your jewelry and cause problems. If left untreated, it can lead to some seriously uncomfortable skin allergies.

To alleviate this problem, take your good jewelry to a professional cleaner. It’s worth the expense and you’ll immediately notice how much happier your skin is.

If your jewelry isn’t of good quality, a professional cleaner can’t help. But some clear nail polish can.

Simply coat the nickel to help when jewelry turns skin green or you break out. Just be prepared for the fact that the nail polish will eventually rub off. When it does, reapply.

5. Consider Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Just because you wear jewelry doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to help save the environment. One way to do it is to buy fair-trade jewelry.

Most of us know about avoiding blood diamonds but there’s more you can do. Some jewelry companies now use recycled metals for their jewelry.

They also reuse antique materials and find ways to use less energy when producing their products.

You can do it, too. If you have jewelry you don’t wear, take it to a skilled jeweler to see if they can’t repurpose the jewelry to make something new for you.

Take Care of Yourself

Wearing jewelry is often used to make a statement to the world. It helps define who you are.

Taking care of yourself also defines who you are.