At-Home Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair: Everything You Need To Know


You have curly hair that often becomes frizzy, which results from it drying out quickly. However, it brings you down, and you would do anything to attain smooth and sleek hair. That is why you would look into using keratin treatments, which you can do either at the salon or at home. The at-home option is far more convenient because you can do the keratin treatments at your own home.

It works by injecting keratin into hair follicles, which will smooth, straighten, and nourish hair. This protein is natural, which is in hair and nails regardless. It is much safer than formaldehyde, which most stylists no longer use for hair straightening.

The one appealing thing about keratin treatments is that it keeps hair straight from about three to five months. That is a preferred straightening hair treatment for those who have curly hair as well.

Are At-Home Keratin Treatments Good For Curly Hair?

Keratin treatments are a fantastic method to straighten curly hair and is a much safer option than using other strategies that involve formaldehyde. Those who have curly hair rely on keratin treatments to provide them with a sleek, shiny, and smooth finish that will last for months. Keratin treatments are excellent for taming flyaway hair and frizzy hair as it brings the nourishment to the hair that keeps it smooth and healthy.

However, it is highly essential that when you do keratin treatments at-home, that you do them correctly. If you add too much heat as you do the treatments, it can cause irreversible damage to the hair.

How Do Keratin Treatments Work?

You are probably wondering how the keratin treatments work, whether they are at-home treatments, or you go to the salon and hire a stylist to do it for you. The first thing you need to know before delving into how keratin treatments work is how you ended up with curly hair in the first place. It all boils down to genetics. Your genetics determine how many disulfide bonds are in your hair, responsible for creating spirals that make it curly. And when you have curly hair, your hair has plenty of these disulfide bonds. You have a lot more of them than someone who does not have curly hair.

Therefore, the purpose of those keratin treatments is to disrupt the disulfide bonds by breaking them down, eliminating the curls. Therefore, that is what ends up straightening the hair. Therefore, whenever you have the keratin treatments on your curly hair, you can expect your hair to endure three different phases.

The three phases that your hair undergoes is the relaxing phase, the neutralizing phase, and the conditioning phase. When your hair is in the comfortable phase, the proteins are working its way through the hair. They are breaking the hair down but not to the point where it causes damage to the strands. When the next phase occurs, which is the neutralizing phase, this involves the restoration of the pH balance, so the hair is not too delicate and reduces the risk of any damage. The last stage is a conditioning, which provides the right nourishment and care to your newly straight hair. Let’s now talk about how to do keratin treatments at home because it is relatively easy.

How Do You Do Keratin Treatments At Home?

When you do a keratin treatment at home, it is quite simple. There are steps to follow, so you do it correctly.

  1. 1. Take A Shower And Use Keratin Shampoo To Clean Your Hair

When you are preparing for the keratin treatment, you want to have the right type of shampoo on hand containing keratin. Therefore, take a shower and rinse your hair well. If your hair is very curly, then you will want to wash your hair once more with the shampoo. Rinse your hair well, and do not use conditioner.

  1. 2. Apply The Treatment In Your Hair And Massage It Well And Leave It In For A Half-Hour

Once you complete your shower, then towel-dry your hair but allow it to stay somewhat damp, so your hair has enough moisture. That way, your hair can absorb the treatment properly. Begin applying the treatment at your hair strands tips and stop coating your hair once you are one-inch from your scalp.

Take a wide-tooth comb and start combing your hair to remove tangles. Once you finish with that, allow the treatment to stay in your hair for a half-hour.

  1. 3. Rinse, Blowdry, And Iron Your Hair

After that half-hour is up, then you will want to rinse your hair out thoroughly. If you don’t rinse it well, you may face struggles with dandruff. Therefore, you don’t want to face that struggle, so you will want to make sure your hair has no treatment after completion. Then you want to blowdry your hair while you are brushing it. After you dry your hair completely:

  • Separate your hair into different sections.
  • Begin to iron each of those sections, which will lock the keratin in your hair.
  • Don’t forget to add heat protectant to your hair before using the flat iron.
  1. 4. Don’t Rewash Your Hair For Another 48 Hours

At this point, you completed your treatment. Now, you will want to keep your hair dry by not washing your hair for 48 hours. Allow the treatment to work itself in your hair during this time, and that also means if you happen to head out when it is raining, you must cover your head with a waterproof hood and make sure all of your hair is in the cover.

  1. 5. Wash Your Hair With Shampoo And Conditioner

After 48 hours, you will want to wash your hair well with shampoo and conditioner. You want to use once again shampoo and conditioner that supports your keratin-treated hair. Follow the instructions on the shampoo and conditioner bottles; however, it is not wise to wash your hair more frequently than 48 hours after a keratin treatment.


You have very curly hair that often becomes messy and frizzy‘, and you are tired of managing it every time. That is why you are looking at hair-straightening options. One thing that you find appealing is that there are keratin treatments for straightening curly hair. Keratin is a natural protein in hair and nails, and the idea of adding something natural to your hair appeals to you for obvious reasons.

However, you don’t relish the idea of running to the salon to have these treatments every few months. Not to mention, they are expensive. The great news is that is why at-home keratin treatments are an option for you to avoid that. You can straighten your hair in the convenience of your own home.