Uneven Breasts: What Causes Them and How You Can Fix Them

Women deal with all types of body issues, including concern over the appearance of their breasts. While many women struggle with the size of their breasts, others face the issue of asymmetry. Having uneven breasts not only makes it hard to find proper-fitting bras but may also cause embarrassment or shame.

But asymmetrical breasts are actually more common than you may think. There are also solutions available if you want to fix the asymmetry. Read on to learn more about some of the causes of lopsided breasts and some options for fixing the asymmetry.

Basic Anatomy Is a Common Cause of Uneven Breasts

It may seem surprising, but breast asymmetry is often the result of basic anatomy. Think about it. Your hands, feet, and eyes likely aren’t exactly alike, so it would make sense that your breasts aren’t either.

Other anatomical differences may also affect breast size and shape. Skeletal abnormalities are often behind breast asymmetry. For example, studies have found correlations between scoliosis and breast asymmetry.

Hormone Changes Can Affect Breast Size and Shape

Another common cause behind uneven breasts is hormones. When you go through puberty, one breast may grow slower than the other. Injury to the breast area or serious illness during puberty may also stunt the growth of one or both breasts.

You also likely know that pregnancy and breastfeeding often affect breast shape. The physical changes to your body during these life stages can result in breast asymmetry. The hormone changes you experience during these stages can also cause uneven breasts.

Medical Issues That Cause Breast Asymmetry

Initial concern over uneven breasts is often related to fear of an underlying medical issue. It’s true that there are several medical issues that can cause breast asymmetry. But many of these issues are benign and treatable, so there’s no need to panic right away.

An infection–such as clogged ducts from breastfeeding–can affect your breast shape. Masses like cysts and abscesses can also cause asymmetrical breasts. In these cases, it’s important to see your doctor for a proper assessment, and if necessary, quick treatment as well.

Fix the Appearance of Lopsided Breasts Without Surgery

While breast asymmetry is a fine reason to seek cosmetic surgery, there are non-surgical options, too. The easiest method is to wear the right bra. You can wear lined bras to give the illusion of even breasts or use padding in the cup for your smaller breast.

Some women try exercising to change the appearance of their breasts. You do have muscle behind your breast tissue, and you can target this muscle to give your smaller breast a boost. There are also special massages you can do that may provide temporary breast changes.

Surgery to Correct Asymmetric Breasts

For women with severe asymmetry, surgery is a realistic option. You may also consider surgery if your self-confidence is especially affected by your breast asymmetry. Whatever your personal reason, know that cosmetic surgery to fix uneven or tuberous breasts is available and safe.

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