Best Hacks To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight


Have you tried to look good all day by keeping your hair straight, only to come home at night, and be worried about how to maintain it? Are you stressed about how it would look the next morning if you go to bed without doing something? Here is an article on how to straighten your hair before bed. You will find helpful tips on how to do that, and you will be glad you did.

How do you keep your hair straight overnight?

On straightening hair before bed, a lot of women have had issues with it. However, there are some things you could to keep your hair straight overnight. Check out the following six hacks to maintain a smooth, styled hair all night.

1. Use a Straightening Serum and Premium-Quality Thermal Protectors

One of the things that cause straight hair to go wrong is heat. Moisture ruins the hair; however, with the use of premium-quality thermal protectors, you should be good. These are products that occur in various forms, but the most common one is a spray. You need to get a spray that is reliable to keep your hair healthy and pleasant. The silicone-based spray is a popular type that you should consider.

Also, a straightening serum works just in case you don’t want to go for a thermal protector. Ensure that you apply adequately before bed to keep your hair in good form.

2. Try Pinning Your Hair Before Bed

This method shouldn’t be new to you if you are used to packing your hair before bed. The need for a pin is to ensure that your hair is limited in movement. People with thick and curly hair should find it easy to do; all you just need to do is divide into sections and pin down. For instance, you could split into four parts and use an elastic hair tie or pin to hold it in place.

3. Use the Right Bed Cloths

Sometimes, you may not know, but the kind of bed cloth you use can influence the straightening hair before bed. Most importantly, the type of pillowcase matters if you are used to one. From various reviews and sources, silk and satin pillowcases are ideal at keeping straightened hair and not cotton. The reason is that it reduces friction between your pillow and hair.

For people who aren’t comfortable with pillows, your bed sheets should also be silk or satin.


4. Avoid Heat

As aforementioned, heat affects your straightened hair negatively; therefore, you need something to keep your air cool to prevent frizzing. The following should keep the heat off through the night.

  • Get a Spray

Heat protectant spray when spritz over your hair would prevent thermal damage. It would keep the quality of your hair intact.

  • Use a Ceramic or Tourmaline Straightener

Most top straightener brushes have inbuilt ceramic or tourmaline technology to prevent heat damage of the hair. Investing your money into one would be ideal. Check out this post about hair brush straighteners.

  • Avoid Setting Heat Temperatures at Maximum

When making use of an electric hair straightening brush, you should avoid setting the temperature at maximum. Make sure it is at optimum settings so that your hair won’t run at the risk of frizzing.

5. Avoid Moisture/Humidity

With heat, moisture can build up around your hair. It would be so uncomfortable when there is moisture on newly straightened hair; thus, what you should do is keep it cool. For instance, turn on your Air conditioner or Electric Fan while you sleep. You could keep it at the minimum, depending on how comfortable you want to be. Humidity is a challenge, and it could also be solved with an anti-humid spray.

6. Use a Head Scarf

Finally, you could wrap straight hair at night with a headscarf if you want to sleep without troubles. It would be worth it, especially if you are in a situation where a satin or silk pillowcase or bed cloth is unavailable. The covering of your hair with a light, silk headscarf would also help to prevent frizzing.

All of these ways above are effective, and you could choose to combine them or not.

Can you straighten your hair the night before?

There are several overnight hairstyles for straight hair that you can try out. The purpose of each of them is to make sure you are comfortable through the night. It works so much that you are in a great form even in the morning. Check out the following styles that work well below.

  • French Braid
  • Beach Waves
  • Maintenance Top Knot
  • Donut Bun Waves
  • The Perfect Straight Hair
  • The Multi-Bun
  • Loose Top Knot
  • Silk Pillowcase, and so on.

Choose what you think best suits you above, and sleep well to wake up nice in the morning.

How to keep weave straight overnight?

In the same vein, you could keep your weave straight overnight by using specific methods. However, you should understand that you will need a few things to maintain a good one. For instance, a dry oil to protect the hair from thermal damage, a satin bonnet or scarf to reduce friction between bed and hair. Also, large flat plastic clips can be used to pin it down, and a soft-bristle brush to straighten it out nicely.

Additionally, ensure you do not sleep with damp hair because it breeds bacteria and rancid smells, as well as avoid tying your hair too tight.


Keeping straight hair may seem like a lot of work because it requires utmost maintenance; however, you should keep your eye on how awesome you would look. Above is a list of tips that works effectively to maintain straight hair overnight. Although you may need supplies, they shouldn’t cost much. Hopefully, these hacks will work for you and keep you in a great form the next morning.