Top 5 Hair Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair

Are you weary of managing consistently dry and damaged hair?

Even the most luscious locks can become brittle and dry from exposure to the sun during warmer months.

It’s also possible to damage your hair through frequent heat and chemical treatments, such as bleaching and coloring.

Luckily, it is possible to repair and treat damaged hair, even if you feel that your locks are past the point of no return!

In this post, we’ll discuss the top five hair treatments for dry hair. Take advantage of these solutions today!

1. bHave Rescue Hair Treatment

If you’ve heard about hair-smoothing keratin treatments but feel as if your locks are simply too dry or damaged to withstand them, look no further than the bHave Rescue treatment.

While bHave is a keratin treatment, it does not involve any straightening. It is designed specifically to treat severely damaged and fried hair, with the intention of restoring every hair strand to a shining, healthy glory.

This treatment relies on bio-active keratin, a rare protein extract that functions just like your hair’s natural proteins. The in-salon therapy uses this protein in order to protect, penetrate, and replicate existing hair strands. In most cases, bio-active keratin can actually rebuild damaged hair!

Unlike other keratin treatments, the bHave rescue treatment actually penetrates hair shafts rather than superficially coating them. This means that you aren’t just applying a surface-level repair treatment.

This treatment is also naturally derived, as bio-active keratin is extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool.

If you are looking for a natural, long-lasting means of repairing your damaged head of hair, look no further than bHave. If you like the bHave mission, you may also wish to check out their other signature therapies, including their Keratin Smoothe and Aftercare therapies.

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2. Olaplex Hair Treatment

The Olaplex hair treatment is highly versatile and a go-to for many salon professionals. In fact, if you regularly get your hair colored, you may have already undergone a partial, if not full, treatment.

It’s possible to apply this treatment at home or at a salon, depending on your needs. Most colorists at salons will apply this treatment for intense coloring sessions, as Olaplex prevents the hair from sustaining damage from the inevitable onslaught of chemicals.

In fact, Olaplex can actually reforge bonds in hair that are destroyed during the coloring process, resulting in healthy, vibrant locks. In this sense, it is one of the most competitive “bonders” on the market, particularly for men and women who want to go baby, ice, or full blonde.

If a new cut and color are on the menu for you, ask your stylist about Olaplex. If you simply wish to repair hair that’s been damaged by heat exposure, use this three-part repair treatment at home.

Note that only Olaplex No.3 the Hair Protector is viable for home use. Olaplex No. 1 and No. 2 are the bonders professional stylists use.

3. Kerastase Fusio-Dose

There are multiple Kerastase treatments available for salon-goers, and for good reason. Kerastase is a trusted brand known for its incredible scents and ability to restore severely damaged hair.

These treatments are highly personalized, designed to meet the individual needs of every salon-goer. The treatment consists of five “boosters,” care formulas composed of minimal ingredients.

The best part about this hair treatment lies in how efficient it is. Salon-goers can, allegedly, transform their damaged hair in as few as five minutes when they stop by a provider.

The one thing to keep in mind about the Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment is that it is not designed to restore hair longterm. This treatment is ideal for quick, superficial repair–which can be an asset for hair that hasn’t been terribly damaged to begin with.

4. Inphenom Treatment

Rehydrate and restore dry, damaged hair with an Inphenom treatment. While it’s possible to do a partial treatment yourself at home, we recommend seeking out a five-step Inphenom treatment from your local salon.

The five-step conditioning process is designed specifically to unlock moisture inside individual hair strands. In most salons, the Inphenom treatment is incorporated into other conditioning treatments, particularly if you have signed up for coloring.

Specifically, the first step of the Inphenom treatment prepares the hair strands for remoisturizing. The second starts repairing every strand’s cortex, the innermost layer of hair. The following steps lock in moisture and repairing ingredients and restore the outer lipid layer of strands.

The result of any Inphenom treatment is comprehensive conditioning and hydrating. This treatment is ideal for water-starved hair and strands beyond repair from heat exposure.

5. Keratin Complex Vitalshot

Keratin’s repair technology is at its best with the Vitalshot, a hair restoration formula that works to strengthen your hair from the inside out.

Vitalshot essentially repairs bonds between your hair’s keratin molecules, restoring damage inside individual hair strands. The result is protected, reinforced hair strands.

Much like Inphenom, the Vitalshot treatment has several steps. The first opens the hair cuticle to invite in keratin proteins, which replace depleted areas in your hair shafts in the second step.

The third step seals the cuticle, locking in these vital keratin molecules.

It’s possible to implement a Vitalshot into any standard coloring treatment. It can also be used alone to repair shine and health in damaged locks.

Final Thoughts: Hair Treatments for Dry Hair

It’s far too easy to damage your hair, especially if you are accustomed to bleaching, straightening, or coloring your locks on a regular basis. It’s essential to treat your hair after any damage to promote healthy growth and prevent unhealthy locks.

For truly comprehensive, restorative hair care, try out bHave’s rescue therapy treatment. A quick fix is easily found with K?rastase’s Fusio-Dose treatment, while Olaplex is ideal for hair with a lot of coloring in its future.

Multiple-step treatments like the Keratin Complex Vitalshot and Inphenom treatment are perfect for hair that needs thorough, immersive repair.

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