Clothing Trends That You Can’t Miss

Wondering what to wear when yoga pants aren’t appropriate for the occasion? While some offices say yoga pants are okay for work attire these days, don’t be fooled into thinking yoga pants can go anywhere, anytime.

Fashion trends continue to change. Yet, you want to stand out, to be comfortable, to be sure you are on trend.

Or maybe you don’t know where to start to get out of the yoga pants and into any of the latest fashion trends.

Wherever your fashion sense is, let’s take a look at some can’t-miss 2018 clothing trends.

Get Colorful

Color makes a bold statement this year. But it’s not all about solids.


Fashion trends boast a “color of the year” every year. For 2018, Pantone declares it the year of Ultra-Violet.

But before you run out and buy a closet full of deep purple, the fashion world translates Ultra-Violet into a more muted Lavender as the “it” color this year.

And you don’t have to drape yourself head to toe in lavender to be on-trend. Choose a statement top and pair it with a pair of black pants for an outfit that is either work or evening appropriate.

Even less of a fan of lavender? A pair of earrings or bracelet is a subtle nod to our color of the year.


Since lavender is a flower, you’re in luck when it comes to adding it to your wardrobe.

Florals are back.

You can rock floral prints to your taste this year. Go big and bright with a full ’60s-inspired floral dresses. Or choose small prints on a kimono worn over a top paired with jeans.

Art Prints

Going a creative step further with your clothing, art prints command attention.

This latest trend includes anything from high-end pop art designs made into leggings or dresses, to designing your own custom shirts.

Wearing art is definitely 2018.

The Darker the Better for Denim

From day to night, deep dark blue denim is one of the most popular of the latest fashion trends.

Denim can be dressed up or down. But you’ll want to pass over any lighter washes when you shop for your next pair of jeans.

But don’t limit yourself to jeans when it comes to denim. We see structured denim dresses as a top trend in 2018.

On the Fringe

Love it or hate it, fringe is back and bolder than ever.

Jackets and Skirts

If you love more fringe, fashion has you covered this year.

Add a staple fringed skirt to your wardrobe and you can wear it several ways. The longer the fringe, the more options you have to mix it up.

  • As long as your important parts are covered, wear your fringed skirt as-is!
  • Need a more coverage? Wear the fringed skirt over leggings or a solid skirt of a different color and material to dress it up or down.

Jackets with fringed sleeves or along the bottom adds a touch of fringe to any outfit. A blazer dresses up for work, or a larger coat shows off your fringe-fashion know-how while out in the world.


If you want to get in on the fringe trend but you’re not ready to go all-in with an outfit, start with a fringed bag.

Purses and small backpacks support the fringe trend with both fashion and functionality. Accessorize any outfit with a colorful fringed purse.

Checks, Not Plaid

There’s some debate on this topic. But checked prints seem to win over plaid this year.

In fact, some say checks are the dominating pattern of the season.

We see this look primarily with blazers and pants–everything from casual pants to dressier trousers. But skirts are also getting in on this trend.

But don’t toss out your plaid skirts just yet. Not everyone agrees that plaids should be put away.

For now, pair a check-pattern skirt with a solid color top and you’ll join the latest trends and turn a few heads with your outfit.

“Buck”le the Shoe Trend

To top off any great outfit, you need a fabulous pair of shoes!

This season’s hot shoe is the buckle shoe. And, believe it or not, these shoes pair well with just about any outfit.

Yes! It’s another retro style making a return as one of the latest fashion trends, and we love it!

Buckles on boots, flats, and heels give you the option to complete outfits for work or play with these hot shoes.

And Makeup to Boot!

Of course, your makeup must be on-point to finish any of these amazing fashion trends.

There’s no need to match everything about your outfit to your makeup for the day or evening. Start by highlighting a color in your outfit and choose a lip or eyeshadow color that matches.

It doesn’t have to be an exact match. Choosing a shade of lip color slightly lighter or darker than the outfit color you want to accent will pull the entire outfit together.

However, if you want your outfit to be the star of the show, choose a muted makeup look. A nude lip with a muted eyeshadow and cheek color works well to show off your new floral top as the hero of your fashion day.

Pack it Up

If you’ve paid attention online, you’ve seen a few celebrities wearing them: fanny packs

As one of the most ridiculed fashion trends in recent history, the fanny pack makes a surprising return to fashion.

The fanny pack hit many runways this year so we must admit, they deserve mention as a current fashion trend.

Loving (Most) Clothing Trends!

Thinking over some of the more awful fashion trends from the past, we love most of what we see for clothing trends.

Ok. We struggle with understanding the return of the fanny pack.

But the great thing about fashion is choosing what works for you. Leave out what doesn’t rock your fashion sense.

Celebrate 2018 fashion! Grab your favorite fringed jeans, a floral top, and know you are modeling the trends of the season.