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I think we can all agree that great hair is often the crowning part of any look?

If your having a bad hair day on your vacation then you won’t be feeling as amazing as you should be. Plus you will definitely be wanting to look your best in all those travel pics!

So when you are on the trip of a life time and want to look your best, you just need to make sure to pack your best dual voltage flat iron.

If your going somewhere hot then the weather might be more humid than usual, so your hair could well be in need of some extra attention.

Have you ever been abroad and about to style your hair when you find that your flat iron doesn’t work? Well I have and it was a bummer to say the least.

Why wasn’t it working? Duh, it didn’t even cross my mind before but it’s all to do with the different electricity supplies and each country can vary.

This is something that is so easy to forget, until you are about to go to that fabulous restaurant and your hair is a complete mess….error!

What you need to consider is the benefit of a dual voltage flat iron. It has been a life saver for me personally. The only problem is when I am away with the girls they all pinch it off me.

Quick Comparison 

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Plate Width


Editor Rating

HSI Professional Ceramic



Conair Ceramic 2"



Bebella Premium Pro 



Sedu Revolution 1"









Salona Professional 1"



6th Sense



Jose Eber



U9 Pro






What is a dual voltage flat iron?

Simply put, a dual voltage flat iron is a hair straightening iron which can be used all over the world. If you travel a lot or even if your just worried about having frizzy hair on your next holiday or weekend away then this could be your perfect solution.

Why are dual voltage flat irons used for International travel?

Think of this as your guide to the best travel flat iron on the market. Various countries use different voltages as part of their electricity supply.

If you use a hair brush straightener, hot air brush, regular straightener or travel iron in one of these countries you could be in trouble. It could cause the flat iron to short circuit or burn. Therefore to avoid this I recommend investing in a dual voltage flat iron.

Like with so many products, the range of choice out there can be overwhelming. You need a travel hair straightener that you can rely on. Thankfully I have reviewed the most popular irons available today to save you the time and hassle.

If you travel abroad for work or leisure then a travel flat iron is a must.

Keep reading to find the best one for you.

HSI Professional Ceramic

This is an awesome product. I found it super easy to use and most importantly, it gave really professional results. It’s a quick and efficient tool at a really affordable price.

This dual voltage flat iron has a long cord which can can be very handy, especially in those awkwardly laid out hotel rooms! 

There is an adjustable temperature gauge, which is great if you don’t need full heat to get your desired style. It’s a fabulous travel hair straightener.

Salona Professional 1" Titanium

The long slim plates on this travel flat iron work great to give a close finish.

It ensures you will have less of those irritating fly away hairs.

This tool has a great safety feature where it automatically turns off when not in use.

It’s useful if you rush out the door to get to dinner and can’t remember whether you left it on or not. Something I’m sure has happened to all of us at some point.

The variable temperature is great, but I found it didn’t glide just as smoothly as the other irons.

Bebella Premium Pro Professional 1.25"

What a bargain this item is for a dual voltage hair straightener, plus It’s totally purse friendly.

This is another styler where the temperature can be increased or decreased depending on your needs.That’s a bonus, especially if you are abroad and the humidity strikes.

 Frizzy unkempt hair certainly isn’t a good look. Cranking up the heat to the max will help you get that untameable mane under control.

Compared to the other items, it’s just not quite as good. It’s a bargain yes, but the quality and construction doesn’t match the other irons I tested.

Overall it’s a decent little straightener for those on a tight budget. Otherwise we recommend investing in something a little bit more expensive.

​Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2" Straightener 

If you are after a reasonably priced, good quality dual voltage hair straightener then I have found it.

The results from the Conair dual voltage hair straightener are incredibly impressive.

After using this straightener I found that my hair stayed in place for two whole days, even in the humidity!

This is a product that is fast and gives good results. The wide plates are great for long and thick hair as they speed up the whole process.

Let’s face it you want to be out enjoying your holiday as much as possible, not stuck in a hotel room sorting your hair.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline 1" Styling Iron 

An expensive choice for a travel flat iron, but what a great one. If you can afford this iron its definitely worth the splurge. This was a favourite for me. After using it my hair feels baby soft and undamaged.

The Sedu dual voltage flat iron is extremely gentle on the hair and heats up fast. It even works like a dream on extremely curly hair. This is undoubtedly a great choice.

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

This is the ultimate traveling straightening iron.

It’s less than eight inches in length so it will easily fit with the rest of your belongings.

It’s even small enough to fit into most purses so you can always have it with you for a quick touch-up.

But don’t let its size fool you.

Even if you have incredibly unruly hair, this mini straightening iron can handle the job.

I’ve actually used this straightening iron in the airport bathroom between flights. It kept my hair looking great as I traveled all day.

If you’re looking for a straightening iron that you can always have on you, this is it. Another benefit is that it is as light as a feather. It’s perfect to use as a travel hair straightener.

In terms of being an all rounder, this is the best dual voltage flat iron around.

Xtava Jet Set Travel Flat Iron

The Xtava was meant for travel. It of course straightens your hair but can also be made to define choppy layers or add stunning beach waves.

With ceramic coated plates, you’ll experience minimal heat damage, making it safe for fine, delicate and normal hair types.

I loved the design of this flat iron. It fit perfectly along the sides of my suitcase with its small and slim profile.​

The beautiful burgundy color is also a nice touch. I brought this flat iron on a business trip recently and loved that it came with clips to help me straighten all of my hair in a flash.

6 Sense Styling 2-In-1 Mini Hair Straightener

One of the most common complaints about flat irons designed with travel in mind is that they just aren’t as powerful as a flat iron used on a daily basis at home.

This isn’t the case with the 6 Sense. It delivers 1-pass power, letting you achieve straighter hair in less than half the time of subpar travel flat irons.

I never experienced pinching, snagging or pulling with this model.

I was also able to achieve stunning curls for a wedding that I had to travel across the country for.​

 This wasn’t a look I thought I could get without visiting a salon but I have the pictures to prove it.  

From a technical standpoint, I also loved the digital temperature display and just how slick and stylish the overall design of the product was. I will definitely be packing this flat iron for future trips.

Jose Eber - Wet & Dry Flat Iron Straightener

If you travel for business, you might be pressed for time some mornings.

Not having all of your products and tools with you can be a recipe for a hair disaster, unless you’re working with the Jose Eber straightener.

You don’t need to dry your hair before straightening it, which can save plenty of time in the morning.​

You’ll be looking great as you grab a quick breakfast in the hotel lobby and still have plenty of time to flag down a taxi and make it to your morning meeting in time.

Just be sure to lift your roots as you straighten. This will help give your look some volume and no one will know that you never turned on the blow-dryer that morning.

KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

If you thought it was impossible to find a salon quality titanium flat iron that didn’t break the bank, this model should prove you wrong.

This is a great flat iron for anyone with colored hair or hair that has beenover styled in recent years. It will help you achieve whatever look you’re after, both straight and curly, without adding to the damage or creating frizz. 

This flat iron also features a great traveling perk. The design features a lock switch on the side so that the iron won’t open up while traveling.

This means that you no longer have to wrap the cord around it, which can eventually end up damaging the cord anyway.

I loved how fast this flat iron heated up and couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt after using it each time. Bring this flat iron with you on your next vacation with the girls.

By the end of the trip, I guarantee all of your friends will have ordered one if you let them try it out. And your hair will always look amazing when you head out the hotel doors for a night of fun.

U9 Pro

Traveling to new countries means new weather conditions and frizz is a common side effect.

If you find that frizz is your biggest enemy on trips the U9 Pro is the perfect traveling dual voltage flat iron for you. The price is great, considering that the flat iron features tourmaline ceramic floating plates that emit negative ions for frizz-free results that you’ll love.

I personally loved the auto shut-off feature.​

When you’re out of your element, it’s easy to forget simple things, like turning off the flat iron. But you don’t need to worry about burning the hotel counter with this model.

Best Dual Voltage Flat Iron Conclusion 

For most ladies these days having a reliable travel flat iron is an essential piece of beauty toolkit. Having perfect hair means feeling much more attractive.

If you need a dual voltage hair straightener for Europe, the United States or further afield, then I hope to have pointed you in the right direction.

Now you can lay your hands on the best dual voltage flat iron today. Holiday hair disasters will be a thing of the past!

Hi, I’m Jessie. One of my biggest passions in life is beauty and cosmetics. I have also wanted to create a website where I could help readers with the way they look. Here you will find reviews on the best beauty products on the market. Plus I give advice and tips on how to look GORGEOUS x


  1. Thank you for all this information. I just bought the Salona 1″ titanium and I’m excited to take it on my next trip to Europe and try it out !
    You have many great models to choose from and I picked the one with the shut off feature.
    I hope it works !
    Thanks again


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