Does At Home Keratin Treatment For Black Natural Hair Work?

What Is The Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are also known as the Brazilian keratin treatment is a simplified hair-straightening process, which is very good for natural black hair. These treatments lack the damaging chemicals that are in traditional hair relaxers. The harmful chemicals that conventional hair straighteners have are calcium or sodium hydroxide. Keratin treatments do not contain chemicals such as ammonium thioglycolate, which is in perm solutions.

The active ingredient that keeps the hair smooth is keratin, which is a protein in human hair. Therefore, the protein in human hair that treats damaged, curly, or frizzy hair will smooth it and keep it healthy. Keratin has strengthening properties as well, which is why it also helps keep hair in good health. Even though keratin technically does not straighten hair, it removes the frizziness, reduces curls, and fixes the weak areas. It is suitable for repairing hair damage and keeps the structure of the hair healthy. Therefore, once the hair has the keratin, it makes the hair appear straight. Bear in mind that the treatment does not entirely block out humidity. However, it does prevent frizz and helps keep the hair silky, soft, and shiny.

The other thing about keratin is that it is not abrasive like other hair treatments, which is why they damage hair. Keratin also gives the hair a healthy boost of protein that it needs to stay healthy. That is why this treatment is right for black hair that is dry naturally as well.

Why Is The Keratin Treatment Extremely Beneficial For Black Natural Hair?

When natural black hair goes through traditional straightening treatments, the hair becomes overprocessed. When overprocessing happens, that is when the naturally dry hair becomes brittle and more dehydrated. That is why overprocessing the hair damages it and causes it to break. Keratin treatments not only prevent breakage but restores its health because of the proteins it has. Additionally, keratin straightening is an acceptable option for those who prefer to transition from relaxed hair to the hair back to its natural state.

The keratin treatments give the hair a grace period until the relaxers are no longer active. In other words, this treatment is a good middle-ground for those who want to go from keeping their natural hair to having it straightened and relaxed. Besides, those with natural black hair want to keep the texture that it naturally has while having the ability to grow their hair as long as they choose.

If you grow your hair past your shoulders, there is a significant risk of the hair becoming out of control, hard to tame, and extremely kinky. Keratin treatments will allow you to do that as you can enjoy having relaxed, healthy, and smooth hair at the length of your choice.

How Do Keratin Treatments Work?

You are aware of how the keratin treatments remove the frizz and relax the curls and the hair in general. Imagine getting a keratin treatment at a salon, what happens is that the stylist will add the solutions to your hair. It occurs in similarity to hair color. Your hair will be blown dry, and then they keep it sealed with hot temperatures through a flat iron. That is how the solution is submerged into the hair cuticle so it can do its job.

Once the treatment is complete, your hair will be quite straight to the point that it does not have any volume. Don’t worry, however. That is normal after keratin treatments, as over time, your hair regains body. That is the most noticeable, especially after the first session. Perhaps the first session is shocking to you by how much the treatment can remove the volume in your hair. As you have more sessions, you expect that to happen.

However, keratin treatments at the salon are expensive and add up. That is why these treatments are available for performing at home.

Can At-Home Keratin Treatment For Black Natural Hair Work?

You know more than anyone else how exhausting it has to run to the hair salon every one to three months to go for keratin treatments. You plan for the treatment, and the next thing you know is that you have to cancel because a sudden situation came up. Or if you live in a cold climate and it is wintertime, a snowstorm that the weather announcer expects in the forecast will make you reschedule the date and time. In other words, it is highly inconvenient having to have your treatments at the salon even though you only go there several times a year.

Additionally, these keratin treatments at the salon are expensive, and they add up each time you go. The great news is that there are plenty of options that make it possible for you to do these treatments at home. Does an at-home keratin treatment for black, natural hair work? You bet it does. These treatments happen at the convenience of your own home, and they cost a fraction of what you’d spend at the salon.

Bear in mind that many of these at-home keratin treatments don’t last as too long. Not as they would at the salon. That does not matter. You don’t have to drive anywhere and spend so much time on the road. The best to do is to explore the different at-home keratin treatment products for black hair. You decide which one is the best for you, and give it a try. As long as you follow the instructions on the box, you’ll be pleased with the results. You’ll be happy with the convenience!


Those who have naturally black hair struggle with their hair being clearly out of control as the frizz and curls are difficult to tame. That is why they resort to ironing and pressing their hair, which damages hair‘ and dries it out in the long term. There is a much better, safer, and healthier solution. That is by utilizing keratin treatments.

Keratin treatments not only remove the frizz as it relaxes the hair. These treatments help with boosting the hair’s health and improves its appearance. These treatments are available at home, and they work. The at-home keratin treatments are convenient, inexpensive, and straightforward. They also work for natural back hair.