What Can You Use As An Alternative To Dry Shampoo?


Everyone has a bad hair day, which can happen when you are not home or in your office. However, if you have a bad hair day in your office, you cannot precisely jump into the shower and clean your hair. That may not do you any good anyway when it comes to having a bad hair day. Or, you may be camping for a week, and you cannot get a hold of a shower for some apparent reason, which means you will not be able to shampoo your hair until you get back home. That is a long time without showering and cleaning your hair.

Another scenario would be that you are ill for a while and cannot get up and shower and shampoo your hair. You may potentially be bedridden. Therefore, what can you do to keep your hair clean in all of the scenarios mentioned? Of course, you can always use dry shampoo. That is one of the best inventions for mankind. However, what if you cannot go to the store or have to wait a while to get the dry shampoo if you order it from Amazon – even with a prime account? The good news is there are alternatives you can use. What can you use as an alternative to dry shampoo? Let’s go over the list now.

A List Of Dry Shampoo Alternatives

There are so many excellent dry shampoo brands that you can buy as your local drugstore sells them, and once again, you can buy them from Amazon and other online retailers. However, if you don’t have dry shampoo at home, your office and have no way to get it quickly enough, the good news is that there are alternatives you can use instead. Some of these dry shampoo alternatives may sound odd to you, and if you don’t like the suggestion, you can always pass it along. However, you will surely like at least one dry shampoo alternative listed. Let’s go over the list now.

  • Hand sanitizer

Can you put hand sanitizer on your hair? Yes, that is because hand sanitizer has alcohol which can soak up the excess amount of oil in the hair. All you need to do is squeeze the bottle of hand sanitizer and take a glob of it to run through your hair, and rub it on your scalp.

  • Wet paper towel

You can clean your hair if you only have a paper towel. All you need to do is run it under running water and then blot your hair and scalp, which will absorb the excess oils and dirt. Carry some sheets of paper towel with you.

  • Baby powder

That is the apparent dry shampoo alternative to many people because it will also absorb the dirt and extra oils on your hair and scalp. Sprinkle some of it on your hand and then rub it in your hair and scalp well.

  • Mix cocoa powder with cornstarch

If you mix cornstarch and cocoa powder, you have your dry shampoo alternative. You need a contour brush and add the cornstarch to your hair, and rub it in. After that, add a little bit of cocoa powder, and then you will find that you have clean hair. Additionally, it smells great. However, this solution works best with dark hair.

  • Perfume

You may think that scent would only mask the smell of your dirty hair. However, fragrance does so much more than mask the oily hair smell. For example, alcohol in perfume will break the excess oil down on your scalp and hair. Therefore, you will want to spray a little perfume about two inches away from the roots of your hair and then comb or brush your hair.

  • Cheesecloth

Your grandmother probably used this hack to clean her hair, but you can use it too. All you need to do is wrap cheesecloth around your brush and brush your hair like you usually would. That will remove the oils and dirt and clean your hair.

  • Apple cider vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar as a dry shampoo alternative or an actual shampoo for oily hair. It will remove the dirt and oil, and all you need to do is take a teaspoon and mix it with five ounces of water. Then, pour it into a spray bottle, and you have your solution.

  • Baking soda and oatmeal

Here is another DIY dry shampoo alternative that you will love. You will need to take one cup of oatmeal and one cup of baking soda and mix the contents in a bowl. Apply the mixture onto your roots, and then you can rub it in, and it will clean your hair.

  • Cornmeal and salt

If you have light-colored hair, this solution can be a good one for cleaning your hair. You need to take one tablespoon of salt and one half of a cup of cornmeal and mix the contents in a bowl. Then, put the mixture on your hair and brush it well so you can remove the dirt, oil, and debris.


There are many reasons that you cannot clean your hair at a given time. Perhaps you are camping, or you are ill and bedridden, or you are working long hours in your office and have no way to get to a shower if you have dirty hair. Sometimes you do not have time to run out to a store to get dry shampoo. That is why there is some good news around this situation, and that is there are dry shampoo alternatives‘ that you can use.

You may not have access to all of the recommended dry shampoo alternatives listed if you are in the office, camping, or you don’t have them at home. However, if you are out, you likely have hand sanitizer. Also, chances are you have a paper towel regardless of where you are. Those are the items you need to clean your hair as they will help remove the oils, dirt, and debris from your hair—all you need to do is add to your creativity by trying these DIY dry shampoo alternative solutions.