Emu Oil For Hair Loss And Growth Ultimate Review


Emu oil comes from the large flightless Australian bird’s fats, which the Australian Aboriginals for thousands of years saw as the perfect healing agent for many ailments. That oil helps to heal skin conditions such as eczema, joint issues, digestive disorders, bites, burns, hair growth, and loss.

That fat contains Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 in addition to Vitamin A, D, E, F, and K2. In addition to that, it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-degenerative properties. The focus here is on what emu oil can do for both hair loss and hair growth. Emu oil can help when it comes to both of those issues significantly. Let’s talk about how emu oil helps prevent hair loss.

How Does Emu Oil Prevent Hair Loss From Happening?

Hair loss affects both men and women due to genetics, aging, and changes in hormones. Genetics plays a significant role, so you will see some men lose their hair as soon as they reach early adulthood, and others don’t lose their hair in their senior years. When it comes to women who suffer from hair loss, age can play a role but so do hormones. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS can experience hair loss or thinning hair at the very least since they have higher testosterone levels than usual.

However, hair loss, regardless of the reason, happens to be hair degradation. When it comes to aging, genetics, or hormonal reasons, a substance is known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT is what causes hair follicles to shorten their active phases or anagen cycles. That causes the hair to thin and fall out. Hair follicles remain alive but end up dormant, but eventually, they may not survive, and hair regrowth will not be possible.

However, the trick is to utilize emu oil when the hairs begin to thin out and fall. Don’t wait until all of your hair falls out. Emu oil can awaken the sleeping hair follicles and prevent more hair from falling out. Therefore, emu oil can help promote hair growth, as well. And let’s talk more about that a little further.

How Does Emu Oil Promote Hair Growth?

You are already aware of how many powerful vitamins and minerals emu oil provides, which provides so many benefits to your skin, hair, and body in general. You already know how emu oil can slow down and even prevent hair loss. Given that fact, emu oil also helps to promote and stimulate hair growth.

When you are in the anagen phase, your hair growth phase, your hair will grow. But if you want to have quicker hair growth with lush, thick hair, then emu oil can help promote your hair growth. Your scalp would be receiving the nutrients from emu oil, which will nourish your hair. And when that happens, you will have beautiful and healthy hair growing quite quickly.

Whether or not you want to use emu oil to promote hair growth or slow down or prevent hair loss, you need to know how to use the oil to reap its benefits.

How Do You Apply And Use Emu Oil?

You can use the emu oil in several ways regardless of whether or not you want to attain better hair growth or reduce the rate of hair loss. You can always purchase a bottle or a container of emu oil and follow the instructions given. But one powerful thing you can do is take the recommended amount of emu oil and add several drops of peppermint oil and mix them in your hands. Then apply the mixture onto your scalp and massage it well for several minutes.

Allow it to sit on your scalp for a half-hour to an hour, or the amount of time recommended. Then you can wash it with a high-quality and gentle shampoo. The frequency of doing so depends on what you want to attain if you wish to grow your hair or slow down hair loss and what the instructions say on the container.

And another way to use emu oil is by taking capsules. The capsules contain essential Omega fatty acids, which over time, will not only improve the density and strength of your hair but will prevent hair loss, and your nails will benefit as well. Taking emu oil by capsules will save you from doing the extra work by applying it to your scalp. However, the downside to taking emu oil by mouth is that it will take two to six months for the effects to show. You have to weigh your pros and cons by using emu oil to massage into your scalp or by taking it orally. Understandably, you will want to know about side effects.

Are There Any Noted Side Effects Of Using Emu Oil?

There are no known side effects of using emu oil, and allergies are quite rare. However, you should still perform a patch test before using it, whether topical or internal. Look for reactions over 24 hours, such as rashes, hives, and irritation of any kind. You may not have an allergy, but you could have a sensitivity to it.

You also do not want to mix emu oil with poisonous substances such as poison ivy. Remember that emu oil has enhancing qualities, and if you combine it with any toxic substance, it will amplify its effects, which you do not want to do.

It is also essential to only buy emu oil from reputable sources. Cheap emu oil will not provide the benefits you are looking for, and you could end up with skin irritation by using cheap versions if you use it for prolonged periods. Cheap emu oil contains other contaminants, and long-term use of those contaminants will cause skin problems.


Hair loss will happen as you age. It also happens due to hormonal reasons, and if you are also genetically included to lose your hair prematurely, you likely will. However, you can slow it down by using the right products, which can be challenging to find since hair loss products often contain toxins and other contaminants. That is why you want to use natural products to slow hair loss and promote hair growth, which is emu oil.

Emu oil is a natural substance from the fats of emus, a large Australian flightless bird. It contains many vitamins and essential Omega fatty acids that will properly nourish your scalp and hair follicles‘. That is why it is a great substance to help slow down and even prevent hair loss, and it also promotes and stimulates hair growth. Always get the best-quality emu oil from reputable sources so you can fully reap its benefits.