What Are The After Care Steps For Permanent Eyeliner?

Introduction When you have to remove your eyeliner day after day, it can become a chore. That is one significant reason that many people love the idea of going for permanent eyeliner. That is also known as the eyeliner tattoo because the procedure involves a tattooing technique to apply ink across the lashes, which creates … Read more

How Long Should You Leave Toner In Hair?

Introduction You want to have that polished appearance after you dye your hair, or your stylist does. That is why you need to use a toner that will help you achieve that. The toner will not dramatically change your hair color, so you never have to worry about it ruining your hair – as long … Read more

Will Purple Shampoo Work On Brown Hair?

Introduction You are a natural brunette, or you dyed your hair brown. You also have had many hair treatments that endured a lot of heat. In addition to that, you also had many moments of swimming and spending time in the sun. The constant exposure to UV rays, the heat, and the chemicals from all … Read more