What About a Bob? 7 Cute Haircut Ideas

Whether it’s long or short, stylists are in agreement about one thing regarding the hot hairstyles of this year: it’s all about going bold.

Have you been thinking about a short haircut in time for summer? Go for it. The time is now.

Here are seven of the cutest, trendiest haircut ideas for short hair to inspire you.

1. Pixie Cut

Halle Berry made this one of the most popular haircuts in the 90s. However, Cardi B brought it back at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

The pixie cut went away for a while in the late 2000s but it’s back again and it looks fresher than ever. Opt for frosted tips or a bold color to make this cut stand out.

2. Chin-Length Bobs

Hailey Baldwin (er, Bieber) chopped her hair off in early 2019. The result? A super cute chin-length bob that perfectly frames her face.

Like Hailey, you can style this one straight or wavy. You can even color it or part it straight down the middle. It looks great pretty much any way you want.

3. Mismatched Lengths

If you want to go for a bob but also want to keep an edgy look, you can leave one side longer than the other.

A side part, a hair flip, and a bold color make this bob look one of the most popular haircuts of the year.

4. Slicked Back

Sleek, sexy and oh-so-divine. Those are just a few words you can use to describe the slicked back bob look.

To accomplish this look, you’ll want to add some strong gel or a hair gloss that can give your bob the shine it needs to stand out and stay back.

5. Voluminous Up-Do

Take a cue from Halsey and tease your bob out to give it volume. This, when paired with a unique color like pink or platinum blonde, can give you a playful yet elegant look.

Opting for an up-do by adding volume is a great way to also make yourself look like you have longer hair. Just in case you get tired of the short look for a day or two.

6. Rounded Bob with Bangs

Zendaya makes this look hot and so you can you. Use a flat-iron to add softly rounded edges to your bob and make sure you cut your bangs at just the right length to frame your face.

Learn more here about how to jump on the “baby fringes” trend of 2019. If you’re going to get your hair cut, it’s a great way to ensure you’re armed with the right look beforehand.

7. Choppy Layers

As we said, 2019 haircuts are bold. Nothing says bold better than choppy layers on top of an already short mop.

So, go ahead. Chop that short haircut into short little layers here and there. Pair it with some aviators and a moto jacket and you’ve got yourself a stunningly sexy look for night or day.

Getting a Haircut to Match Your Style

Bold is in. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style just to follow trends.

Stick with a haircut that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. If that’s a short, lopsided bob, then you go queen. If it’s something a bit more even and wavy, then rock it.

Need more style tips to complete your 2019 look?

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