8 Tips On How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage


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If summer is around the corner or planning to go away to a tropical resort, you know what you need to do to stay healthy and safe from the heat. You know that drinking plenty of water is essential to keep hydrated. You also realize the importance of using sunscreen at least 15 SFP to block out the UV from the sun. And you also know to wear a hat to keep your face protected from the sun as well. But what about your hair? How can you keep your hair protected from sun damage? Let’s look at the eight easy tips to keep your hair safe from the UV rays causing sun damage.

  1. 1. Get A Haircut Before Summer Starts Or Before Your Tropical Trip

If you have long or short hair, you need a hair cut. The reason for that is the sun will hurt the ends of your hair, which will cause more damage and cause more splitting as a result. If your hair’s tips do not have the proper care, this can wreak havoc on the rest of your hair. The last thing you want is to end up with dry and brittle hair because you didn’t trim your hair. And you will want to make sure you have regular trims every two to four weeks during the summer so that the tips of your hair don’t split and dry up.

  1. 2. Only Use Hair Products Made For Color-Treated Hair

If your hair is color-treated, you will need to care for your hair even more during the hot months. When you mix the sun with chemical treatments, that can cause your color to fade. It can also cause dryness and damage to your hair. That is why you only want to use products for your hair that specially treat color-treated hair. If you plan to dye your hair during the summer, it is advisable to do so before the sun is at its peak. You will also want to avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight as well. That can cause your hair to bleach.

  1. 3. Use A Mild Shampoo If You Must Clean Your Hair Daily

Do not shampoo your hair daily, as that can cause some hair damage. However, if you need to rinse daily due to sweating due to the summer heat, you can give yourself a shower using lukewarm water without shampoo. Use shampoo every 48 hours. However, if you struggle with very oily and greasy hair and you will not feel clean if you do not use shampoo daily, only use a mild shampoo. Instead of focusing on your hair to clean, concentrate on cleaning your scalp instead. You can allow the shampoo to run through your hair as you rinse it off in the shower.

  1. 4. Always Use Conditioner

The sun UV rays can quickly dry and damage your hair as well as drying your scalp. It is essential to use conditioner during the summer so that your hair and scalp have moisture locked in. Not to mention a good conditioner will nourish your hair and decrease the chances of damage to it from the sun.

In addition to that, if you want to go swimming, you will want to apply a little bit of conditioner before going into the pool. It will help keep your hair protected from the chlorine and other chemicals affecting your hair.

  1. 5. Limit The Use Of Heated Hair Tools

It is ideal if you can avoid using tools such as blowdryers or flat-irons during the summer. However, that may not always be possible, especially if you are heading to an event that requires you to use them for your hair. Therefore, you will want to limit how often you use these tools strictly. And when you do use them, always use heat protectant beforehand. That will minimize any damage to your hair from the heat. You will also want to use them at night time when the sun is not out, and it is cooler outside.

However, there is no need to blowdry your hair if you have gone for a swim during the day. That is avoidable.

  1. 6. Wear A Hat

You don’t want to avoid the sun entirely because a little bit of sun is healthy for you. It contains Vitamin D that your body needs to stay healthy, and that is also what your hair needs. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in the hot sun, you need to wear a cap or a hat.

You want to make sure that there is no exposure to any of your hair, so you want to make sure your hat covers all of your hair. You will also want to use a conditioner to leave in that contains SPF.

  1. 7. Use A Comb With A Wide Tooth

Don’t use a regular hair brush to brush your hair during the summer. That can increase the chances of your hair breaking because of the force from the bristles. That is why, instead of using a brush, you will want to use a wide-tooth comb instead. This way, when you are combing your hair, a wide-tooth comb will gently neaten your hair and loosen up tangles and snags without causing too much strain and damage to your hair.

  1. 8. Treat Your Hair Overnight

Have you thought about treating your hair overnight during the summer? It is so easy to do. The only thing to do is to take conditioner to leave in your hair and apply it from the ends to the roots. Take a towel and wrap it around your hair to leave on overnight. You will then wake up having smooth and soft hair each morning. That will provide you with plenty of protection from the sun as well during the day.

However, you still want to make sure that you take precautions in the sun, such as wearing a hat and minimizing the frequency of using hot hair tools.


Who does not like a warm sunny day? It can help boost your mood and cheer you up. Besides, the sun contains Vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin that your body requires. However, the sun also emits harmful UV rays‘ that do not only damage your skin, but it damages your hair as well. Fortunately, the tips provided are extremely easy to follow and straightforward for protecting your hair from the sun, so there isn’t any damage. And it would be best if you were entirely consistent with using the tips.

Therefore, when you go out in the sun, always wear a hat or conditioner with SPF. Minimizing the use of hot hair tools, and keep a leave-in conditioner in your hair overnight to nourish your hair.