How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

Underarm excess sweating, additionally called axillary hyperhidrosis, is a medicinal condition where there’s dripping of sweat on the armpits together with a persistent odor. Even the most powerful deodorants won’t normally take care of the odor. Extreme underarm sweating can be by itself or can come with another kind of hyperhidrosis, that can also incorporate excessive sweating within other sections of the body.

If you’re worried that your unnecessary armpit sweating is destroying your social life or can jeopardize other spheres of your life, you would want to see your physician to rule out any other underlying issue that may be breeding the unreasonable underarm sweating and how to bring it to a stop. You can find out more depending on the kind of excessive sweating you’re encountering. But, for now, here’re a few ways to keep this issue in check.


This is a piece of equipment that uses electricity but is otherwise totally natural. Basically, you have two wet sponges placed under the arms and the electrodes connected to each and a very low electric current is passed.

The sensation is not supposed to be painful – it is said to have a “tingling” feeling. After a 20 minute session, your sweat ducts are blocked for up to 2 weeks.


Clinical Antiperspirant

You may be used to trying roll-ons from your store that just does not do the job. Well did you know that your doctor can prescribe you a medical grade, much stronger roll-on?

It can be used on the underarms but also on other places on the body if you have secondary excessive perspiration.



There are two types of drugs prescribed for excessive perspiration. Please bear in mind that these drugs were not originally intended to cure excessive perspiration but have been discovered to have these secondary effects.

The first is antidepressants. If you find that your sweating bouts come on when you are anxious or excited then these drugs will help. Bear in mind that they will significantly affect your mood too.

Anticholinergic drugs are used to slow down all of the body’s secretions. So as well as your sweat, they will also stop your tears and other important bodily secretions. They will make it hard for your body to cool down so headaches, high temperature and dry mouth are very common.


Stop stressing out, relax people

Life is all about pleasure. Both stress and anxiety are made up thoughts which come from your minds. Clear your mind, focus on the good things and quit sweating the small stuff. Yes, I know you have bills and deadlines and a jerk of a boss. You cannot control him, only your thoughts. The happier and freer you feel, the less underarm hyperhidrosis you will have to deal with.


Botulinum Toxin

This is highly effective for the underarms. About 12 shots are placed under each arm and you will not sweat there for about 6 months. Apart from the pain of the shots, the main disadvantage is the cost. This treatment is far more expensive than any other (except surgery) and will cost you somewhere in the region of $5,000.

It’s always a good thing to keep in mind that you need to be committed and dedicated to trying to solve this problem. Always try to find out more from various sources to have a good understanding of all of your options is an excellent way to decide what action you need to take. Learning how to stop excessive underarm sweating as promptly as possible can be done as long as you are willing to try and experiment with different solutions, products and methods that work.