PerioMed Stannous Fluoride Rinse Review


The mouth is one of the most important organs of the body. It houses the tongue and teeth which are essential for regular physical functions. This is the reason why we have to take care of them, especially. One of the ways we take care of our mouths is by regularly using a mouth rinse. If your dentist has recommended a stannous fluoride rinse for you, then you are in luck because this review has been specially put together to show some of the excellent features and benefits of PerioMed stannous fluoride rinse. Check it out!

PerioMed Stannous Fluoride Rinse

Key Features

  • Contains 0.63% stannous fluoride

This mouth rinse utilizes stannous fluoride as its active ingredient. It is a special mineral that helps to protect your teeth from tooth decay, give you fresher breath by reducing odour-causing bacteria in your mouth, strengthen your cavities and enamel, whiten your teeth and reduce plaque buildup.

  • Provides antimicrobial activity for up to 8 hours

This mouth rinse has been uniquely formulated to eliminate any existing tooth-decaying or odour-causing bacteria for up to 8 hours. It also prevents new bacteria from forming and causing harm to your teeth. If you use it the night before bed, you are sure to wake up with a fresh breath and healthy gums.

  • Helps to manage dental problems

If you already have dental problems like hypersensitivity, tooth decaying and plaque bacteria, then you are in luck because this mouth rinse has been uniquely designed to help to treat these issues and prevent a repeated occurrence. The continued and consistent use of this product is sure to give whiter teeth and a healthier smile.

  • Contains xylitol

On its own, mouth rinse can be very bitter and hard to keep it in the mouth for an extended period. However, with xylitol, it becomes possible. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that doesn’t raise blood or sugar levels. This makes this mouth rinse suitable for people with diabetes and hyperglycemia. It also makes it safer for everyone in general.

  • Free from alcohol, dye, paraben and gluten

Harsh products like paraben, dye, alcohol and gluten are harmful to the body. They are not contained in this product

  • Ideal for morning and night use

This product can be used in the morning and night just before bed. It gives you a fresher breath and healthier smile during the day, and it helps to protect your teeth from bacteria and other harmful elements at night.

  • Utilizes a spearmint flavour

This mouth rinse has a pleasant spearmint flavour that allows people to hold it comfortably in their mouth.


Brand name: Elite Dental Products

Size: 10 ounces


  • Works perfectly for hypersensitivity and other teeth problems

The stannous fluoride in this mouth rinse helps to deal with a certain range of dental issues. If you happen to experience tooth sensitivity, bad breath or tooth decay, then using this product will go a long way in fixing these problems.

  • Suitable for people with diabetes and hyperglycemia

This mouth rinse utilizes xylitol. It doesn’t contain added sugar, and therefore, it is safe for everybody; including people with diabetes and people with hyperglycemia

  • Gives you cleaner and fresher breath

Using this product will leave you with a cleaner and fresher breather. It is ideal for both day and night use, and the antimicrobial activity lasts for up to 8 hours.

  • It has a pleasant taste

This mouth rinse has been used and approved by a wide range of customers, and most of them agree that this product has a pleasant taste. It utilizes a spearmint flavour that sits well with the taste buds. Be careful not to swallow

  • Lasts long

This product comes in a 10-ounce package, and you are expected to mix 1/8 ounce of the formula with 1 ounce of water. This product is sure to last you for an extended period.

  • The great quality product comes at an affordable price

Getting a good product at an affordable price is the goal of every consumer, and this product helps to achieve that. It works as promised and it comes at a very affordable price.


The taste might be a little sharp for older folks: Older folks might describe this product as too sweet. However, it is still used by aged customers

Might not be suitable for younger children: Swallowing this mouth rinse can have negative effects, and its pleasant taste can push children to swallow it. If you gave your child, you would need to monitor the process and ensure he or she doesn’t ingest it.


Using a mouth rinse has many advantages. It helps to take care of multiple dental issues and prevent new ones from happening. If your dentist recommended this product to you, then you are in luck because this review has provided with all the information regarding this mouth rinse and the benefits that come with using it. We advise that you buy this product as soon as you can and you will be glad you did. Enjoy!