How Long Does Toner Last In Your Hair?


If you were not in the beauty profession, you might not have known the purpose of toner. Toner may have been a big mystery to you. If you went to have your hair dyed, you might have wondered if it was necessary to use toner in your hair. You may have been irked at your hairstylist for charging you extra for adding toner. Another query you may have had was how often you should get toning.

However, the answer is not complicated. Toner is a semi-permanent hair dye that you or a hairstylist apply to your hair to modify the tone of the hair color or highlights. Therefore, it should not surprise you that applying toner takes more work for the hairdresser and you if you are DIY dying your hair. However, if you have your hair dyed professionally, that explains the extra cost for toner. So, let’s delve into the purpose of toner a little now.

What Is The Purpose Of Toner, And How Does It Work?

If you go to the salon to have your hair bleached or have highlights put in, the stylist will use a toner in conjunction with that. That helps to ensure that the final results are excellent. If you want to have your hair lightened, the stylist will use bleach to do that to the color level that you want. The level of color is indicated on a scale of one to ten as level one indicates the darkest color of hair possible. A level ten indicates the lightest color of hair, which would be a color close to white or what is known as “bleached blonde.”

Many people choose a level that is somewhere in between when they dye or highlight their hair. That level’s tone also involves the amount of warmth or brassiness of the hair color. That is why tones can be warm or golden, cool or ashy, or neutral. For example, if the stylist lightens the hair to level seven, they will need to use the toner to balance the golden tones that naturally happen in dark-colored hair. Therefore, they use the toner for tweaking the shade to something that you would find more desirable. Therefore, as you can see, without the toner, the results would not come out very nicely.

How To Apply Toner

After the stylist completes the double process service, they will apply the toner to the shampoo bowl. The stylist can apply it to different areas of the hair using foil. However, they tend to apply the toner all over the hair, and it takes around five to 20 minutes for processing. That all depends on the application method and type that the stylist utilizes. However, toner is not always necessary at the odd time, and your stylist will be the one to determine that. The essential thing to do is ask queries about the toner because you need to know what they are doing to your hair. That is, if they are bleaching it. You also will need to know if you plan to do a DIY dye session in the future.

If you also prefer to DIY it, some reputable sources and YouTube channels on DIY hair dying and using toner. Either way, you must know. It is your hair, and you need to know what is happening to it. The hairstylist finds the perfect toner for your hair color by relying on the color wheel to find the right tone. The toner they will choose is the opposite color that you want to remove. For instance, if you have too much orange in your hair to remove, they will use a blue toner. Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this and go over the query you are asking, which is “how long does toner last?”.

How Long Does Toner Last?

You need to know how long the toner lasts. On average, the toner will stay in your hair for four to eight weeks. Of course, that depends on how much work and care you put into your hair after dying or bleaching it. However, some toners can last longer, and all you need to do is ask your stylist. They will likely voluntarily tell you, but it is best to ask. Stylists can also reapply toner at the salon if necessary. The cost of reapplication of the toner depends on several factors. One is the amount of toner that the stylist needs to put in and the salon. The best thing to do is ask the stylist when you have your dying session if they offer any packages that include the reapplication of toner sessions.

Once again, you can use a toner at home as long as you understand the color wheel and theory well. If you don’t, then you could potentially damage your hair. Therefore, you must learn how to DIY bleach and tone your hair before doing so. If you fear you may ruin your hair, even if you educate yourself well, spending the money and relying on professionals to work with your hair is best.

You also need to use the best shampoo for your colored hair to avoid ruin and the work and money you put into it. Your stylist will recommend the best shampoos to use for your hair after the dye and bleach treatment. If you use the wrong shampoo, you will not enjoy your hair for very long.


You may not be familiar with the use of toner for your hair if you are not in the beauty profession. Additionally, if you had your hair colored or bleached at the salon and found that the stylist added extra charges for the toner, you would not take that well. That is why it is essential to understand the use and purpose of toner. It would be best if you had toner most of the time after bleaching or dying your hair or adding highlights to tone the shade to a desirable color. You also need to know how long the toner in your hair lasts so you can keep an eye on the color and the tone to see if you need maintenance.