How To Do Ghana Braids- Easy Step By Step Instructions


Ghana braids are trendy, and that is nothing all that new. That is an appealing hairstyle; however, there are benefits of these braids, making them even more attractive than they already are. They have a protective aspect to them, and they aren’t challenging to do once you get the hang of them.

In this post, you’ll learn how to do Ghana braids in addition to maintaining them. You’ll also find out how to help your hair recover after removing the braids, which you’d be considering. Let’s go over easy step by step instructions on how to do Ghana braids.

First Step: Part Your Hair

Make the decision where you want to divide your hair. Do you want to part your hair on the side or down the middle? Once you know what you want to do, then make the part. Then create sections, and you can create as many as you’d like. The purpose of these hair sections is that they will become braids. You’ll have some remaining hair, and what you want to do with that is to put them into a bobby pin. This particular step will not take very long to do unless you end up choosing to create many sections.

Second Step: Divide A Small Section Of Your Hair Extension Into Three

You have your hair sections set up. The next step is to grab a small part of the extension of one of your hair sections. Then you will divide it into three parts. Have you ever braided a doll’s hair? Or do you have a daughter whose hair you’ve braided? Did you ever braid your pigtails when you were younger? That is no different. As you divide the section of hair into three parts, you’ll begin to take one layer of hair and fold it over the other part, which means the braiding is about to begin.

Third Step: Begin Braiding

That is the step where you are finally braiding as you start from the top of the scalp. Braid with the extension layer of hair that is thin until you complete from two to three rows. Then you can take the extension away and keep braiding the natural hair. Remember always to keep your hands tight as you are weaving, so the braids don’t loosen up, which only adds more work and frustration to your braiding job. The closer you keep your hands, the quicker the job will be due to not having braids becoming loose.

Fourth Step: Keep Adding Extensions If Needed

Your goal is to create a straight line. That means if adding extensions is the only way to make that happen, then keep doing it. Then remove the extensions when you no longer require them. There is no rule as far as this goes as you want to keep adding and taking them away as you are doing the work. Straight is the way to go and always remember that.

Fifth Step: Finish Up The Braid

The braid is complete, and how do you finish it up? Finish the braid with what is in style, which is the standard cornrow. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the braids that you are doing. It is that simple to do.

Sixth Step: Keep The Braids Neat And Clean

After you completed the braids, you’ll find that there are strands of hair that are stay that can cause the image to be chaotic somewhat. There is an easy solution to that which is cutting away any stray strands of hair. That neatens up the appearance drastically.

That is it. Doing Ghana braids is that easy to do. Your next question is how long they last. Ghana braids last approximately two weeks. Then you want to maintain the braids carefully.

How Do You Properly Maintain Ghana Braids?

Maintaining the braids while they are in is easy. There is a small process to do two times each week. The first thing to do is to fill up a spray bottle and spray water between your cornrows without missing any of them. Make sure the water lands on your scalp to maintain moisture. After that, rinse and repeat with a natural oil product. Complete the process by using a spray that is rejuvenating to keep the braids appearing healthy. You can also cut away any part of the braids that look to be loosening, which happens at the bottom, most of the time.

Be careful when you sleep as well, so your braids stay intact. Use a silk pillowcase or bonnet to place over your head to keep the braids in place. Once the two weeks are up, you want to remove them; the Ghana braids will get out of control.

However, be very careful as you remove the braids, so there is no damage. Listed below are instructions on how to remove the Ghana Braids carefully.

How Do You Remove Ghana Braids After The Two Weeks Are Up?

The time is up for you to remove the braids, and before you yank them out, which is the last thing you want to do, follow these instructions. The first thing to do is to take the bottom and to take a pair of scissors. Begin cutting the extensions at the bottom to undo the braid. Once that is complete, begin gently unbraiding your hair and doing it slowly. As you unbraid the hair, get rid of the extension.

The next step is after unbraiding your hair is to massage your scalp for relaxation purposes. Then you want to get rid of loose and shredded hair that you’ll see after removing the braids. That is because some of your hair fell naturally, and when that happened, the braids trapped those strands. Expect the possibility of finding a lot of loose strands as well, and when you do see it, don’t worry about it.

The other thing to expect is that you have dried hair after the braid. The solution to moisten and liven it back up is through the use of hot oil. You can do a hot oil treatment of your choice. One example of a nice one is to mix jojoba oil, olive oil. And almond oil together. Heat it for a short time in the microwave and then gently put it into your hair. After the application, clip your hair and then put a covering on your head. Allow the oil to sit into your hair for a good ten to 20 minutes, or longer. After the time is up, take a shower and use clarifying shampoo to rinse it out.

The final step of this process is to use a deep conditioner. You can do it yourself or take a trip to the salon if you are not comfortable. If you decide to do a deep condition on your own, don’t forget to use a hair-steamer at home. Otherwise, it won’t be effective. After the removal process, you’ll enjoy your soft and healthy hair.


Do you like the appearance of Ghana braids, but are you unsure how to set them up? Then it is easy to do at home as running to the salon is not necessary to make those braids come to life. If you are unsure of how to do Ghana braids, this article lists the step by step instructions you require to turn this dream into a reality. As long as you follow the instructions, you can enjoy the new style, and your braids can become a conversation piece among your friends and family. They will ask you how you did the braids, and you can refer them to this article.