Do Hair Straightening Brushes Work On Short Hair?


You have short hair, and you want to know what tools you can use for styling because there is less hair. That is an understandable concern considering that you fear you could inadvertently damage your hair if you use the wrong ones. Even short hair can become messy and tangled up, and have an appearance that is not neat. You want to use a hair straightening brush.

However, at the same time, you are unsure of one thing, so you don’t jump at it. Do hair straightening brushes work on short hair? Yes, you bet they do. But you must know about the pros and cons.

The Pros Of Using Hair Straightening Brushes On Short Hair

Like with anything in life, there are pros and cons in using hair straightening brushes on short hair. There are three advantages.

The Time It Takes To Straighten Is Fast

Your hair is short. Therefore, styling it in any form takes part when it would go to style long hair. It is not hard to imagine that designing your short hair will be quick to do. If you use the instrument in the morning, then that means you have more time to focus on other things to get ready for the day.

Your Hair Remains Healthy

Because you are spending less time straightening your short hair, you do not expose very much heat to it. The less heat in contact with your hair means that there is a lot less risk of damage. That is the case when it comes to short hair.

You Won’t Likely Hurt Yourself

Using a flat iron on short hair can be painful because those hot iron plates don’t feel pleasant against your scalp. That is not the case at all with a hair brush straightener. The odds of injuring yourself from placing a hot instrument by your scalp is low. That is even the case when the stands near your scalp are the focus. Knowing that pain is less likely to be an issue makes this a huge advantage.

However, there are some drawbacks to using a hair brush straightener on short hair as well. You want to be aware of them, and let’s go over the cons.

The Cons Of Using Hair Straightening Brushes On Short Hair

There are a few disadvantages of using the hair straightener on short hair. It is important to disclose what they are, so you know what you are facing if you have short hair and decide to use it.

You Don’t Have Many Styling Options

The fact of the matter is as long as your hair is short, you don’t have many styling options to try with it. When it comes to long hair, you have many styling options to try out because you can. The short hair limits what you can do with it. Therefore, you cannot realistically create a variety of styles with short hair.

The Hair Straightening Brush Is Not Easy To Use On Short Hair

If your hair is at the length of your shoulders, then using this tool with ease is possible. However, if your hair is quite short where your hair is at the height of your ear lobes, you will have difficulty using the instrument. Sectioning is tricky with short hair, which you do with a hair straightening brush to style it properly.

Now you are aware of the challenges of using a hair straightening brush; you can decide whether you want to use it. If you choose to go for it, there are essential steps to use it the right way.

The Steps To Take To Use A Hair Straightening Brush On Short Hair

The following steps are essential to take when you are about to use a hair straightening brush on short hair. They are:

1. Make Sure The Hair Is Dry Or Mildly Damp

Never use a hair straightening brush on soaking wet hair. If it is mildly damp, that is okay. However, if it is completely dry, that is ideal. If you just stepped out of the shower and didn’t want to blow dry your hair, blot your hair with a dry towel until it is mildly damp.

2. Brush Your Hair

The next step is to brush your hair so you can remove tangles and knots that formed during your shower. Even if you didn’t take a shower, brush your hair anyway as tangles can still develop. Working on your hair in a smooth and clean state is ideal.

3. Don’t Forget The Heat Protecting Spray

Adding heat to your hair will increase the odds of damage to the point that your hair becomes dry and brittle. That is why adding heat protection spray to your hair will protect it from damage from the heat emitted from the hair straightening brush.

4. Focus On Small Sections

When you brush your hair, brush your hair in small sections. The same applies when you are using the hair straightening brush as well. If you work on parts simultaneously, you don’t have to worry about styling your hair improperly. This process takes longer, but you know the saying, slow and steady wins the race.

5. Set The Hair Brush Straightener To The Right Temperature

You know that heat can ruin your hair. If your hair is thin and delicate, set the instrument at a lower heat temperature setting. If your hair is thicker, you can set it at a higher temperature. However, if you smell burning, then that means the temperature is at a high level. It can take trial and error to find out the right setting.


You have short hair. You are frustrated that you don’t have many hair styling options because the length of your hair does not allow that. However, not all hope is lost when it comes to styling short hair. That is why you can use a hair straightening brush for short hair. It can work on hair that is at the length of your ear lobes to shoulder-length hair.

Indeed, you won’t have as many styling options with using it for short hair as you would for long hair. However, you can work with it and find a style that you like.