What Is Microneedling And How Long Do The Effects Of It Last


You are tired of your skin not cooperating with you. You do what you can to get rid of the wrinkles, lines, and you do what you can to improve your complexion. And yet, you are finding that so many treatments are letting you down. You also do what you can to keep your pores as small as possible, and even that is a challenge. You tried various beauty treatments that you saw advertised on a 3 am infomercial, and you have also consulted with your dermatologist. Unfortunately, the results of any of those things are not making you happy. That is why you will want to look into microneedling. Microneedling can do wonders for your skin as it can help reverse antiaging and improve your complexion.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. The process helps fix many skin ailments such as wrinkles, lines, acne scars, acne, hyperpigmentation, loose skin, pore sizes, and more dermatological issues. If you have other blemishes, then this procedure will help your skin too. However, it is different from the treatments that you see advertised on infomercials and online.

The procedure works because the professional will take small needles and use them to create hundreds of tiny pokes with them on the first outer layer of skin on your face. Therefore, the professional causes tiny injuries with the needles deliberately so that your natural healing process begins. When your skin heals, it forces the creation of elastin and collagen. Therefore, the one thing that helps to reverse aging and to help fix scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues is the production of elastin and collagen. That is the purpose of this procedure.

Because this procedure is gentle and non-invasive, it causes virtually no bruising, a little bit of redness and swelling, and minimal discomfort. Microneedling is popular because it corrects skin issues without damaging your skin further. However, it is not a procedure that you can have once, and your skin will magically heal and restore a youthful appearance. You need to have the procedure scheduled regularly for it to have the desired effect.

Aside from the procedure helping to improve your skin tone, reverse aging, and get rid of the effects of acne scars or other blemishes, microneedling can decrease hair loss. That is because the forced production of elastin and collagen can stimulate growth.

Does Microneedling Hurt?

Microneedling is a minimally or even non-invasive procedure. Yes, you are being poked with needles repeatedly, but they only poke the outer layer of the skin on your face. Therefore, there will be slight pain and discomfort with it. The professional will apply some numbing cream before you begin the procedure and more after the fact. You may feel some tingling. The most common sensation that people said they had after the microneedling procedure was that it felt like a mild sunburn. Therefore, it is a little uncomfortable, but it is not agonizing by any means. You can begin to get some results quickly, and it can last for some time, but you do need to have repeated sessions to reap the benefits.

How Quickly Do You Expect To See Results After One Microneedling Session?

Not everyone has the same experience with microneedling. However, it is not uncommon to begin seeing the procedure’s benefits within a week of it. Unfortunately, that is not the experience that every microneedling client has had. Though, a large portion of clients reported that they saw improvements in their skin within one week of a microneedling session. You have to consider the skin type, level of skin damage, and how your skin responds to the treatment. If you don’t have extensive damage to your skin and your skin reacts well to it, you likely will see the benefits within a week. If there is a lot of wear and your skin is slow to respond to it, then you will not likely see the benefits within that timeframe.

How Long Do The Effects Of Microneedling Last?

The length of how long the effects of the procedure last on your skin type. It also depends on how well your skin responds to the treatment. However, after your first microneedling treatment, its effects will likely last anywhere from four to six weeks. Even if its impact in your case lasts longer than that, you have to remember that the results of microneedling do not last forever. It is not permanent. Therefore, you will have to keep taking treatments so you can maintain its effects.

Eventually, the professional will reach maximum results, and they will know when they do. Once that happens, you will need to schedule maintenance treatments which can be anywhere between six months to one year apart. If your skin does exceptionally well and requires little maintenance, it can go 18 months apart for maintenance treatments. However, that is the exception and not the rule.

Can You Do Microneedling At Home?

You can do microneedling at home. However, you have to know how to do the procedure correctly. Therefore, it is much better to rely on professionals to do the treatments. They know how to get into your skin the correct way to make the procedure effective. In addition, if you do it at home, you have a much higher risk of developing an infection, bleeding, bruising, and inflammation than you do if you relied on a professional to do the job. Even though microneedling is low-risk and low-cost, that applies to professionals doing the work. You are taking more risks by utilizing a DIY microneedling approach.


Many procedures and products can help reverse aging, remove acne, heal acne scars, improve pigmentation, and tighten loose skin. However, many products are not overly practical, and there are many risky and expensive procedures, such as light or laser therapies. That is why microneedling is one of the best procedures to improve your complexion‘ and help reverse aging. Additionally, microneedling is a low-risk and low-cost procedure that only causes minimal discomfort and side effects. However, the best thing you can do is rely on the professionals to do the job correctly instead of doing the treatment at home unless you have plenty of experience or training in microneedling.