How Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?


Keeping your blonde hair from going brassy takes work and dedication, which is why it is essential to know how to use purple shampoo the right way. Unfortunately, so many blondes struggle with this issue because they do not know how to use purple shampoo correctly and don’t always follow the directions on the bottle or the hairstylist’s recommendations. So, how can you make the effects of purple shampoo more effective? And, how can you use this shampoo on dry hair? That is one issue that so many face regarding the use of this shampoo. It is difficult enough to use purple shampoo correctly, but it is more of a challenge to use it correctly on dry hair.

Why would you use purple shampoo on dry hair anyway? Let’s talk more about that, and let’s talk about how long to leave the purple shampoo in dry hair a little later.

How Do You Use Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

Using purple shampoo on dry hair and getting the desired results takes work and patience. However, if you want it to work, then you have to accept this reality. What you need to do is to take a glop of the purple shampoo and begin to work it through your dry hair strands. Once you do that, then leave the product in for about five minutes to a half-hour. That is a large window, but it all depends on your hair’s health. Your hairstylist might give you a more accurate estimate of how long to leave the shampoo in your hair. After that, wash the hair out very well and apply a hair mask or conditioner right away.

The thing to always remember is that purple shampoo can dry your hair even more. Therefore, you must take care of your hair after the application of the shampoo immediately. Otherwise, you could ruin it, which is the last thing you will want to do. Therefore, before you begin to use purple shampoo on your dry hair, you will want to ensure that you get professional advice that you can use so you can keep your dry hair safe and prevent it from drying out further.

How Long Should You Really Leave The Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

The recommendation is to ask a hairstylist about the length of time to leave the purple shampoo in your hair. However, even your hairstylist may not know or think they know but could give you the wrong answer. Therefore, you will have to be the one to make that estimate, and the last thing you want to do is to ruin that. That is why the best thing to do is to start leaving the purple shampoo in your dry hair for shorter intervals initially. Therefore, that means to begin leaving it in for five minutes and see how that works. Remember to condition your hair immediately after washing the shampoo out, or use a hair mask.

If five minutes does not seem to be enough time, try it for ten minutes next time. You will find that sweet spot if you test it this way. Prepare yourself that this will take time and patience, so you do find that sweet spot for how long to leave the purple shampoo in dry hair. You will know by seeing whether the length of time you leave the purple shampoo in will cool down the brassiness of your hair. Also, prepare yourself that you will have to rinse your hair very well each time, so the shampoo does not have the opportunity to ruin your hair.

The reason that some people can go the shampoo in for a half-hour or even longer and others cannot without ruining it further boils down to the shape, condition, and porosity of the hair. That all depends on how quickly your hair will absorb the purple pigments to neutralize the brassy yellow strands. If your hair is porous, you will not need to leave the shampoo in for that long. On the other hand, if your hair is not overly porous, you will need to leave the shampoo in for longer.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

There are pros and cons to everything, and using purple shampoo on dry hair is another thing that you will find advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the benefits of using purple shampoo on dry hair include knowing that you are getting the full purple pigment penetration; it is easy to do and can save you money. In addition, you do not need to go to the salon each time you need treatment. Last but not least, the advantage of using this shampoo on dry hair is that it will help keep your hair a beautiful blonde.

However, now, let’s go over some of the disadvantages. As you know, purple shampoo can be drying, which will cause your hair to dry out further if you are not careful. It can be messy to use as well. And not only does the purple shampoo stain your hands and nails, but it can leave your hair tinted with purple hues if you use too much.

How Can You Remove Purple Hues From Your Hair?

If you use the correct amount of purple shampoo, your hair will not turn purple, and it will do its job. However, if you use too much, you can find that there will be strands of lavender on your hair which is not what you want (unless you like it, then you can disregard if that is the case). The good news is that there are easy methods to removing the purple shampoo stains from your hair. You can add some baking soda or a little bit of dish soap to your regular shampoo and then lather it up. You can also use clarifying shampoo as well to fix it. Ensure that you use plenty of hair conditioner after.


You may wonder if you can use purple shampoo on dry hair since that shampoo can dry your hair out even further. The short answer to that query is, yes, you can. However, you have to take some precautions not unintentionally to ruin your hair even further. That means to use a little bit of it and immediately wash your hair after. The length of time to leave the purple shampoo in your hair depends on trial and error on your part. You will have to evaluate how effective it is to leave the shampoo in your hair for a specific timeframe. If leaving the purple shampoo in your hair for five minutes is enough to remove brassiness‘, then that is the sweet spot for you.