The Newest Skin Health Craze: What is Skin Needling?

Men and women alike who struggle with their skin will try anything when it comes to skincare. Everyone is always looking for the next best solution to clean their pores, fix their oily skin, or reverse the aging process.

One of the most innovative treatments that has gained popularity recently is skin needling. Many people are using skin needling to treat their tricky skin and feel like themselves again.

Before you go booking your dermal needling appointment, though, it’s good to understand what this actually is. Here’s everything you need to know about skin needling.

What Is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a treatment that reinvigorates the face through the use of small, medical grade needles.

The needles go over the entire face, creating micro-channels as they move from one area to the other. These channels stimulate the skin at the lowest level. They trigger the production of collagen and elastin, which create a fresh look on the face.

Advanced skin needling techniques have many purposes, and they typically work best when patients get needling on a regular basis. Keep reading to find out more about what needling for face treatments can do for you.

What Are the Benefits of Needling?

Needling specialists are used to seeing all kinds of patients. Some people get face needling to detox the skin and give it a bit of a refresher, while others make these appointments to tighten the skin and improve its overall texture.

But, the main benefits of skin needling are:

1. Acne Treatment

Acne is a pesky thing to figure out, considering it occurs differently in everyone. A face can break out due to lack of moisture and care, too much sweat and dirt on the skin, stress, and even poor eating or sleeping habits. Acne can also be hormonal or hereditary in some cases.

But, skin needling has the power to fight all kinds of acne. From blackheads to breakouts that are beneath the surface of the skin, and even acne scarring, needling helps. It targets the acne from the inside out, bringing the behavior of the skin to a normal, calm state.

2. Wrinkle Reduction

Some people are more worried about the wrinkles on their face than the occasional breakout. Skin needling can help them, too.

When needles create the micro-channels mentioned above, they’re telling the skin to wake up. This produces more of the natural oils and nutrients the skin needs to stay young. The stimulation tightens the skin, which can combat existing wrinkles and offset the emergence of new ones.

3. Increased Confidence and Understanding of the Skin

This is arguably the biggest benefit of getting needling treatment for the skin. No matter what you’re struggling with, you deserve to look and feel your best. If your at-home skincare routine isn’t cutting it, it’s time to discover what a skin needling specialist can do for you.

Needling treatments aren’t just about helping the skin; they’re great resources for patients to learn more about their skin and how to maintain the look (and feel) they want. This boosts confidence and creates long-term success for patients to have clear, healthy skin.

Is This Skin Treatment Right for You?

As great as the benefits of skin needling are, it’s not for everyone. Do all the research you can about this dermal practice before going all-in. If anything, at least take the time to ask a dermal specialist all the questions you have before moving forward with the process.

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