Look Beautiful on Your Big Day: 7 Wedding Beauty Tips You Should Try Out

It’s true what they say: your wedding day goes by in such a rush that you barely notice the details.

When you look back on your lifelong photos in the weeks after the big day, though, you want to look your best.

Feeling confident and beautiful on your special day starts with careful planning. You can start now with these vital wedding beauty tips.

Wedding Beauty Tips for a Picture-Perfect Day

Wedding day beauty takes more than waking up on the big day and going about your daily routine. To look your best for your new spouse, your guests, and the camera, start with these wedding beauty tips.

1. Make an Early Wish List

You need to start planning your beauty checklist at least a few months in advance. Take some time to sit down and make a wish list. Think about everything you want to refresh about your appearance before the wedding.

When you have this list, put it in order based on when you need to start each task. For instance, if you want to lose weight, you should start as soon as possible. Plan to reach your goal weight a few weeks before the big day so you have time to get your dress altered.

The next step is to set dates for when to start each stage of your beauty regimen. Tasks like teeth whitening can take time to work if you use a DIY kit. If you opt for professional whitening, it can take time to get an appointment with your dentist.

2. Don’t Procrastinate on Waxing

No one wants unwanted hair on their wedding day. At first, it seems like you should wait to wax until the day before your wedding so the hair hasn’t started to grow back.

The problem with that is that you never know how red and swollen your skin will get after a wax. This applies whether you’re waxing your eyebrows, upper lip, legs, or anywhere else. To be safe, wax at least three days before your special day.

3. Do a Dry Run

Every DIY bride and wedding planner knows that you can’t leave anything up to chance. That’s why it’s so important to do a trial session for your bridal hair and makeup.

A few weeks before your wedding, have your hairdresser give you the updo you want for the big day. The same applies for your makeup whether you’re hiring a makeup artist or doing your own makeup.

This lets you make any changes and ensure that everything will look perfect on the big day. Make sure your trial run is a few weeks ahead of time so you can make tweaks and do another trial if necessary.

To make the process more efficient, be specific about what you want from the start. Bring in pictures of the updos and makeup styles you like. When you’re happy with the trial run, take plenty of photos your stylists can review on your wedding day.

4. Prepare to Freshen Up

It would be great if your hair and makeup would stay as perfect all day as it does the morning of your wedding. That’s not reality, though.

You’ll need to freshen up your hair and makeup a few times throughout the day, so be prepared. Make sure you have all the makeup you need available. Don’t forget hair touch-up supplies too, like extra pins and hairspray.

This brings up another important tip. If you hire a makeup artist, ask them to use your own makeup.

Ask them if there are any items they’ll need that you don’t already have so you can buy them ahead of time. This lets you have all the makeup they use available for refreshing sessions.

5. Choose a Healthy Tan

If you’re like many light-skinned brides, you might want a tan on your wedding day. Still, the best tan in the world isn’t worth getting skin cancer.

Instead of traditional tanning or using tanning beds, opt for an airbrush tan. While there are plenty of stereotypes about looking orange, you’d be surprised how many natural-looking airbrush tans there are available.

It’s all about the tanning formula’s quality and the skill of the professional airbrusher. As with your hair and makeup, do a trial run of your tan to make sure you like the color. An airbrush tan is easy for a professional to tweak.

6. Fortify Your Manicure

Chances are that your hands will never get as much attention as they do around your wedding. Everyone will ask to see your ring, and you’ll have plenty of photos of the ring on your finger too.

For that reason, many brides choose to get a professional manicure before their wedding. The problem with a traditional manicure, though, is that the polish can chip in your wedding preparation frenzy.

For a worry-free mani that will hold up, go for acrylic nails. This will also give you a perfect shape and length regardless of your natural nails.

If you don’t want acrylic nails, choose gel polish instead. The manicurist will cure the gel with ultraviolet light so they’re more resistant to chipping than typical nail polish.

7. Get Ready at Your Venue

When it comes to the day of your wedding, it’s all about keeping your stress level low. Few things are as frustrating as getting a perfect makeover that gets ruined on the way to your venue.

To keep things as stress-free as possible, consider asking your hair stylist and makeup artist to come to your venue. Many facilities like this venue have extra space you can use as a dressing room to get ready. It’s one less opportunity for problems to appear.

Being a Confident Bride

Every bride is different when it comes to her bridal beauty. Some feel their best when they have a full-blast makeover, while others prefer a more natural look. Either way, the important point is that you feel as confident and beautiful as every bride deserves to feel.

The tips above are a great start. For even more wedding beauty tips, check out our beauty tips blog.