5 Gorgeous Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Every woman wants to cast a spell on their wedding day. Finding the perfect look is essential.

Hair and makeup are the keys to completing your stunning gown. With so many styles to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s right for your special day.

Luckily, there are a few 2018 bridal beauty trends that are pure magic.

Here are five wedding hair and makeup trends you need to try.

1. The Low Bun

After Meghan Markle modeled a low bun on her royal wedding day, this hairstyle has become of the best bridal fashion trends.

The low bun is at once subtle, low key, and undeniably beautiful. This style looks great on anyone and pairs well with a veil or headpiece. You can accent the low bun by adding ribbon or a velvet bow.

A bun will also highlight the back of your beautiful gown.

2. Wavy Hair

Another popular wedding hair trend is the wavy, almost-messy look. In general, natural and textured bridal hair is in right now. More and more, brides are turning away from the polished, overly styled looks.

Try a wavy low ponytail or just let your locks cascade down your back. This look is for any woman who wants an authentic style for her big day.

3. Headpieces

The classic headpiece is a staple of wedding looks. This trend has held steady over the years and brides are finding new ways to use statement pieces.

For a ceremony with a casual, earthy atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the floral headpiece. When paired with tousled curls or waves, the flower crown looks fresh and elegant. Try wearing a headpiece with a ponytail or styled bun.

If your dress is fancier or more elaborate, try adding a tiara to complete your hairstyle. A gorgeous tiara made of crystals or other gems look classy and regal.

An eye-catching headpiece will also stand out and make an impression in your wedding photography.

4. Bold Lips

Bold, head-turning lipstick is sweeping the bridal beauty world.

In their 2017 Wedding Report, Pinterest found that berry tone lipstick was one of the most popular wedding styles on their site. Darker and richer shades will take your look to the next level.

Deep red is another tone that looks great with both a matte or glossy finish.

5. All Natural Makeup

Brides-to-be are starting to embrace the all-natural look for their big milestone. From fresh, nude looks to light lip shades, natural can mean many different things. One way to rock this trend is to embrace your skin tone or freckles by using a light, barely-there foundation.

The natural makeup trend is growing as some woman learn that less is often more. Plus, a dewy look is effortless while still being absolutely stunning.

More Wedding Hair and Makeup Looks

No matter which wedding hair and makeup look you go for, you’re sure to look beautiful and magical on your big day.

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