What Does Blue Shampoo Do To Brown Hair?


If you have brown hair and hear that you should be using blue shampoo, you may wonder why there is such a fuss over it. Now that you are reading this post, that is a sign that this news has piqued your curiosity. The shampoo you may use may be fine for your hair. However, you will want to begin to learn about blue shampoo and why there is such a fuss about it. After reading the post, you may want to grab blue shampoo. You can also talk to your stylist about it, and if your stylist has never mentioned blue shampoo to you, they may not be aware of its benefits. Let’s talk more about blue shampoo and why you should care about it if you are a brunette.

What Is Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoo contains blue pigments that will help to correct the appearance of brunette hair. You may think of it as the hair’s color-correcting makeup. However, the purpose of this shampoo is to neutralize those brassy sections of your hair. Those have been causing your hair to look unnatural and washed out. You may have tried other shampoo that helps color-correct your hair, but if it isn’t necessarily specific for brown hair, it will not likely help you the way blue shampoo can. After one wash, you may not notice too much of a difference in the appearance of your hair. However, once you begin washing your hair multiple times, you will see that the shampoo is helping to restore the actual color of your brown hair.

Can You Use Blue Shampoo On Other Hair Colors?

You can use blue shampoo on dyed hair regardless of the color. For example, the purple shampoo works better on blonde hair. However, blue shampoo indeed works the best on brown hair. You can also use blue shampoo if you have never dyed your hair and it is naturally brown. That means is that yes, it is true that you can be the type that never dyed your hair once in your life, and you can use blue shampoo as long as you are naturally brunette. You will reap the same benefits as someone who dyed their hair brown. However, even your naturally brown-colored hair can become prone to discoloration from sun damage as well as the accumulative effects of other hair treatments conducted over the years.

Keep in mind that there are various types of blue shampoo and some types are better for naturally brunette hair than for dyed brunette hair. Also, no blue shampoo is the same, and the instructions on each one for how to use it will differ by brand. However, if you are a natural brunette and you are tired of how washed out your hair appears, you will want to look into beginning to use a blue shampoo.

Keep in mind; you will want to opt for a sulfate-free blue shampoo because that one causes minor damage. Sulfates can strip the hair shaft, which is why a shampoo free of that is ideal. In addition to one being sulfate-free that contains blue pigments, any shampoo will be a great choice.

How Can Blue Shampoo Color Correct Your Brown Hair?

You will have to go back to the memories of your art class when you learn about how blue hair can color-correct and neutralize brown hair pigments. Brown is a mixture of every color imaginable. However, the tone of brown indicates the color that influences it the most. That means if your hair is dark brown, then the color affecting the tone is red and some orange. Therefore, you have a lot of red pigments in your dark brown hair. If your hair is medium brown, you have a mixture of red and orange influencing that color tone. If your hair is light brown or almost like dark sandy blonde hair, then you have primarily orange tones affecting the color.

When your brunette hair appears brassy, it has a solid but dull orange appearance regardless of tone. That is because the color wheel you learned about in art class shows that orange and blue are at opposite ends. That is why when you add blue to orange. It neutralizes it. Therefore, you do not have to worry about blue shampoo causing your hair to turn blue.

How Often Should You Use Blue Shampoo?

You want to use the shampoo you regularly use for washing your hair most of the time because that is the best shampoo for your hair. Therefore, you do not need to use blue shampoo very often. However, treating brassy hair is ideal once a week whether you colored your brown hair or not. If you feel your hair requires more toning, you can always allow the blue shampoo to sit in your hair for an extra three to ten minutes before you rinse it out in the shower. Once again, you will want to always rely on the instructions of the shampoo brand you plan to use for your hair.

You may wonder what can happen to your hair if you use blue shampoo too often. If you use it more than the recommended use, it can cause your hair to become too dark, which is not what you want to happen. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions on the shampoo. Ensure that you listen to the recommendations from your stylist too.


If you dye your hair often or spend a lot of time in the sun, swimming, or doing other hair treatments, you will damage your hair, and it will become a brassy‘ color. If you are a blonde, that is why there is the recommendation of purple shampoo. However, if you are a brunette, whether natural or not, the best remedy for neutralizing brassy hair is to use blue shampoo. You will also want to ensure that you use a sulfate-free blue shampoo with blue pigments to offset the brassy parts of your hair. Ensure that you follow the instructions of the shampoo and the recommendations by your stylist to maximize your chances of having the best quality brunette hair you can.