How Often Should Men Shampoo Their Hair?


You see almost everywhere the information needed for women when it comes to hair health and hair cleanliness. You hear about the best shampoos recommended for women, and you also hear about how often they should wash their hair. What about men? You don’t see a lot of information on how often men should wash their hair. There should be more because men want to enjoy the feeling of having soft and clean hair the same way as women. That is why we will discuss how often men should shampoo their hair and take care of their hair, so it remains healthy.

What Is The Best Frequency For Men To Shampoo Their Hair Per Week?

If you are a man who has been washing their hair daily, you need to make some significant changes as that is not the recommendation. The ideal thing to do is to shampoo your hair about two to three times a week. No size fits all with this approach. However, men should wash their bodies daily to stay clean, as that is essential for hygiene, especially if they are in settings where they will sweat a lot which depends on their line of work.

Men who do daily intense workouts work in construction or factories or are driving for a living, and other things they do daily that keep them active should shower daily. That is because of how much their sweat contributes to their hygiene. If they don’t wash up often, then that means bacteria will only have a chance to breed as sweat can attract bacteria in areas of the body such as armpits and feet. Therefore, men absolutely should take a shower daily so they can stay clean. However, that does not mean they should shampoo their hair daily. That means on the days men should not wash their hair; they can put on a shower cap to protect their hair from the water as they clean the rest of their bodies.

However, when men are not shampooing their hair, they can also avoid using the shower cap and allow the water to run through their hair. That can help keep the hair soft and provide that fresh feeling too. That is entirely up to you whether you want to do that or not. You can stick to using the shower cap if you prefer on the days when you are not shampooing your hair.

Why Should Men Not Shampoo Their Hair Daily?

If you have been washing your hair daily with shampoo and you struggle with dry hair and skin flaking off from your scalp, that is because the daily shampoo is drying out your hair and scalp. But, unfortunately, that will not help your hair health. The truth is that shampooing your hair every day strips the essential oils that your hair and scalp need, which is known as sebum. Sebum keeps your skin from drying, and when you shampoo your hair daily, you see the effects of the lack of sebum because of having dry hair and a flaky scalp.

If you struggle with oily hair and you don’t feel clean if you don’t wash your hair daily, shampooing daily, even in that case, is not a good idea. However, if you struggle with oily hair, what you can do is shampoo your hair every other day. That will keep your hair clean without stripping the sebum too much. However, you have to remember another thing when it comes to washing your hair frequently. Too much washing can be hard on the hair and not only on the scalp.

However, you do not want to go to the other extreme and wash your hair only once a week, even if you have naturally dry hair. Sebum will still build-up, which can cause yeast to grow, resulting in dandruff, which is the skin of the scalp flaking off because of the fungi overgrowth on it.

What Other Problems Will You Encounter If You Only Wash Your Hair Once A Week?

You know that if you only wash your hair once a week, you will end up with too much sebum and dandruff. However, there is another complication that you will face if you only wash your hair once a week. When the sebum builds up too much, it can trap dihydrotestosterone or DHT, the hormone responsible for male-pattern baldness that can also affect women. That is the last thing you would want to happen – losing your hair because you wash your hair not often enough. That sweet spot of the timing of how often to shampoo your hair is anywhere from two to three days per week. If your hair is naturally greasy, that is when you can wash your hair three times a week. If your hair is naturally dry, then wash your hair twice a week.

Your Hair Type Plays A Significant Role In The Frequency Of Shampooing

You now know that the recommendation to wash your hair if you have naturally oily hair is three times a week and two times a week if you have dry hair. Does the thickness of your hair determine the frequency of washing it weekly? It does, and if you have thin hair, it can become greasy quickly regardless of whether you have dry or oily hair. Therefore, washing your hair every other day is a recommendation to consider. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you can wash your hair every three days unless it is oily. That may take trial and error to find the best shampooing frequency for your hair type.


When you hear about recommendations for the frequency to shampoo your hair weekly, you hear that recommendation given to women. However, men need to know how often to clean their hair and best take care of their hair. Unfortunately, there are not many resources for men to learn about what to do with that. That is why in this article, men can find out the recommendation of how often to wash their hair and other ways to keep their hair soft simply by rinsing it on the days they should not use shampoo. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the frequency of how often men should wash their hair the same way it applies to women.